Luis Mandoki does not flee from terror and premieres the film ‘Presencias’

Mexico City. With an imprint on Hollywood and national cinema, louis mandoki He returns to the screen trying himself in another league, that of terror, with a story that he filmed in times of the covid-19 pandemic and in which, for the first time, almost his entire family collaborates with him.

presencesstarring Alberto Ammann, Yalitza Aparicio and Daniel Mandoki, will arrive at the Cineteca Nacional from September 6 to 13 and on September 7 it can be seen on the platform ViX+.

work with your family

“It has always been my challenge to look for new forms, and when I met Rodrigo de Pedro, the director of Videocine, he challenged me, and said: ‘Why don’t you make a horror movie?’ And I liked the challenge and said : “Well, if I find a good story,” he tells Mandoki.

Faithful to his way of conceiving solid professional teams, the director of Gaby: A true story He says that he dedicated himself, first, to reading scripts until he found one that interested him because of its plot, which he transformed from the script with his wife Olivia Bond.

“She was mad at me that I brought her into the genre. When the first treatment was over and I read it, I said, ‘You know what? I’m not going to sleep with you anymore,'” the filmmaker said.

Starting from there, he recruited his daughter Camille, a composer who produced an original score that was strengthened by the work of Sergio Díaz, who was the sound editor of the multi-award-winning Roma.

“I never work with close people, but in this case, with Camille, who is young, a composer, and years ago I had heard a score she had made for a horror short film and I loved it, I proposed it to her and she told me: ‘I’ll think about it’.

“And the process with her was very intense, I am very demanding, so, even if she is your daughter, well, you have to… but she was always with proposals and we worked very closely because I had very clear ideas of where the issue was going. “he confessed Mandoki.

Later, he cast his son Daniel, whom he always saw in the shoes of the brother of the protagonist of the story.

‘Presences’, a tour de force

Watching the horror series on Netflix Marianne, liked the photography of Philip Lozano, who agreed to join the project. He also invited the editor Pablo Barbieri, of the multi-award winning piece wild taleswho, he acknowledged, disliked him very much when he told him that his ending was useless.

Mandokiwho built a praiseworthy reputation after directing stars like Susan Sarandon, Paul Newman, Kevin Costner or Andy García in blockbuster films before any other Mexican, says that, despite the confusion caused by Barbieri’s point of view, he decided to film another final, although in Videocine they were satisfied with the version that he delivered.

Outside the keys of the genre, presences is a “tour de force” with a twist in which a famous actor (Ammann) goes to great lengths to discover how his wife was murdered after meeting at her rest home in a mysterious town.

Supernatural situations and secrets kept between the family for many years corner the protagonist, his brother (Daniel Mandoki) and a young woman interested in helping them (Yalitza Aparicio) in a search with dramatic knots that tense even the viewer.

The currency is still in the air, but louis mandoki, at 68, is clear about learning. “During filming and later, in post-production, she thought: Honestly, shooting a drama is much easier. This genre requires a lot of vision.

“You have to prepare the camera movements, the atmospheres, the lights, the rhythms very well, you can’t leave anything to improvisation. All the time I lived with tension because I said: If this doesn’t work, the film won’t work.” “, the filmmaker pointed out.

Luis Mandoki does not flee from terror and premieres the film ‘Presencias’