M3GAN is an interesting critique of Artificial Intelligence full of horror, humor, and dance

This week opens in Mexico the new movie blumhouse titled M3GAN. Directed by gerard johnstonetakes the Mexican box office by storm.

james wan is becoming a byword for originality in the horror genre, his latest nightmare on the screen Evil one of 2021 it received generally good reviews and was included in that year’s best-of lists. The dumbbell she made with Aleka Cooper and Ingrid Bisu in the writing surprised by the originality that in a certain way reminded the spirit of SAW by including large plot twists within an independent production full of good ideas and great tributes to other films of the genre. For M3GAN, wan got back together with aleka to write the history of Cady (Violet McGraw), a girl of 9 years who loses his parents in a tragic car accident. She is left in the care of her aunt gem (allison williams), a brilliant robotics engineer who works for a smart toy company. As the care of her granddaughter comes as a surprise to her, she decides to use a company prototype, an android with the body of a girl, so that through her powerful Artificial intelligence state-of-the-art technology take charge of taking care of the little one. However, and as expected, the doll takes the mission very seriously with fatal consequences for those around her. Cady.

accompanying Violet McGraw and Allison Williamsfamiliar faces of the horror genre come together Ronny Chieng (Shang Shi and the legend of the 10 rings), Brian Jordan Alvarez (Will & Grace), Y Jen Van Epps (cowboy bebop).

As we said, the film is in command of gerard johnstone who we know for the cool Housebound of 2014, a rural horror film that was acclaimed by specialized critics. Here he does a good job directing the actors, who deliver compelling performances, even though they lack depth. The emotional part like the loss of the parents of Cady little is exploited and the antagonists border on the simple and cartoonish.

The one that gets a special mention that is incredible and at the same time macabre to see is the same M3GANa character who is part CGIpart actress (amie donald) and part animatronic. This combination of techniques and elements allow it to be used for different camera shots, but when we get to see the robot in full body, Ami’s cool physical performance is totally convincing because of the way she moves robotically. the same producer james wan stated that giving life to M3GAN it’s almost a closely guarded trade secret.

Under the production of the new house of james wan call Atomic Monster Y blumhouse from Jason Bluman effective entertainment film based on horrifying but simple premises is guaranteed: M3GAN has more points of contact with works of technological / science fiction themes such as Terminator, Robocop, Artificial Intelligence which with haunted doll/supernatural themes like Annabelle either chucky.

(from left) Cady (Violet McGraw), M3GAN and Gemma (Allison Williams) in M3GAN, directed by Gerard Johnstone.

It is in this sense that the film is a great critique of modernity, without going philosophically, but in a similar way to 2001: A Space Odyssey: the antagonist is neither more nor hands than one Artificial intelligenceY In a time like the one we live in now, in which the AI they are becoming more and more omnipresent in all areas of life, it is that criticism is effective.

Director gerard johnstone, aware of the scope and universality of the theme, opts for a lighter atmosphere that borders on black humor. Although it has moments of gore and violence, these are not the ones that abound, but the same macabre-fun duality that we saw in the videos that were shared by millions on the platform TikTok.

M3GAN, after all, he is a robot that becomes self-aware and wants to break free from human authority. This premise, which is certainly not very innovative, allows you to raise the question about the ethics of technology and the ease with which humans blindly trust it. but also also questions technology companies that take advantage of this human weakness to become millionaires. These approaches are what make the tape move away from simple horror movies. wanwith its twisted fang, evenly combines these existential questions with a story full of jump scareblack comedy and references to the aforementioned science fiction films, with which it manages to cover the quota for the occasional viewer and the one most riveted on these issues.

In conclusion, M3GAN It is a great horror film that involves all these themes: criticism of modernity, the ethics of technology, large corporations and paternity. through an effective, macabre and very well designed doll that joins the group of terrifying toys that we have in horror movies such as chucky Y Annabelle and of which, hopefully, we will have more episodes in the future.

wan He once again shows why he is one of the greats of horror cinema by bringing us another great film of the genre, with a super simple but fun and effective story.

The first pleasant surprise 2023.

M3GAN is an interesting critique of Artificial Intelligence full of horror, humor, and dance