Married at first sight: how to register for the next season?

The Season 6 of Married at First Sight in full swing, but the production of the show is already preparing the next edition. The season 7 should be released logically in the spring of 2023, and if you want to participate, it is not yet too late. You just need you register for casting.

Find love with Married at First Sight

Over the years, Married at first sight has made it possible to form many couples, with a very high compatibility rate. Some didn’t work at all, unfortunately. But others Married at first sight couples are still together today. This is particularly the case of Laure and Matthieu from MAPRmore in love than ever, and who have had a baby. Inevitably, it makes you dream.

So, if you are tired of dating sites, go to the M6 ​​casting site and try your luck. The page announces the color with three criteria to be met to get started:

  • You are single, divorced, separated, with or without children and are looking for THE great love;
  • You have a sincere and authentic approach;
  • You live in the following departments: 11 / 12 / 30 / 34 / 66 / 81 / Île-de-France.

This year, there is also a great first in the cast of Married at First Sight since the latter is open to LGBT peoplewhereas the previous editions remained based on a very heteronormative vision of the couple.

What is the cast of Married at First Sight asking for?

To participate in the casting, you will first need complete your profile. Surname, first name, age, nationality, profession… But also answer a certain number of questions such as “Have you ever been on a TV show?“, or “What other types of shows would you like to participate in?“.

You will also need to upload photos of yourself, say how long you have been single, and explain your motivations for Participate in Married at First Sight. Finally, you will have to shoot a short presentation video in which you can talk about yourself and why you want to participate in this experience.

Once your application completed and sent, it will take some patience. The production and the experts will study the different profiles, and will choose those which seem to them the most interesting for the show. It is therefore important to fill in each box by giving as much detail as possible, in particular concerning the information that allows you to stand out. A special talent, a celebrity in your entourage… It’s up to you.

Please note: not everyone will be contacted. If you do not receive any news within a few months, it is quite simply that your profile has not been retained.

So, ready to try your luck to find love ?

Married at first sight: how to register for the next season?