Message for the first World Day against Abortion

You will not kill with abortion

the fruit of the womb

and you will not make the child already born perish.

Didache ApostolorumV, 2

One of the major achievements of Christianity in the social sphere has been the eradication of the horrible crime of abortion and abandonment of babies, which in the pagan world was tolerated or even accepted.
Respect for life, in the Catholic vision, derives in fact from its perfect correspondence to the natural law, to which is added the awareness that the human being is created to glorify God and, by obeying His Commandments, to achieve eternal bliss in Heaven. .
Killing the child with abortion therefore constitutes a very serious violation of the Fifth Commandment of the Decalogue, made even more hateful by the fact that the victim is innocent, defenseless and massacred (since it is a massacre) with the consent of the one who should instead protect her with all their strength. Christian society has therefore eliminated a widespread crime, demonstrating how the respect and protection of life from conception to natural death is an inviolable principle.

Modern society – starting with the French Revolution – has rebelled not only against the doctrinal and moral truths of the Magisterium, but having expelled God from society to affirm itself as “secular” and therefore intrinsically anti-clerical and anti-Christian, it has broken the transcendent bond between the positive law and the Natural Law. The first Principle which informs the laws of peoples and nations having ceased to exist, nothing could prevent individuals and societies from adopting norms contrary to the law of nature, legitimizing abortion and divorce as the free exercise of a faculty, without any criminal and moral consequence.
The system of government that derives its authority from the consent of the mass rather than from God, to which all authority belongs – omnis potestas to Deo – it should only be considered contrary to the bonum commonbecause in allowing the exercise of a false concept of freedom and in not recognizing the Lordship of Christ over individuals and societies, it actually stands against the end that legitimizes it.

But as always happens when one acts for evil, even the proponents of abortion themselves had to somehow “make this horrible crime digestible”, trying to justify it with examples that almost never occur, and which would still remain unacceptable: the raped woman from the brute, the girl seduced by the vicious old man and all the theoretical cases useful to open the “Overton window”.
Decades of massacres against innocent creatures – in Italy alone over six million children cry vengeance to Heaven! – have shown that the justifications put forward for introducing abortion into civil legislation were pretexts, while in reality we painfully note that infanticide is almost always motivated by cynicism, selfishness, ignorance. Cynicism, due to the carelessness with which recourse to the killing of a person for one’s own personal gain is accepted as conceivable; selfishness, because the abortioner decides that his own will prevail over the rights of another human being; ignorance, because hardly any mother knows what torments the fetus is really subjected to in order to expel it from the womb and how traumatized she comes out of it.

Cynicism, selfishness and ignorance are summed up in a lack of moral sense, aggravated by the now renouncing attitude with which the Catholic Hierarchy faces this execrable crime, almost as if it were forced to do so.

At the time of John Paul II such a desistence would have been unthinkable, because, although the Polish Pope was influenced by heterodox philosophies, he was still an implacable and proud champion of the law of nature. We must recognize that the current ecclesiastical team headed by Jorge Mario Bergoglio goes far beyond the confusion of heresy in the theological and moral sphere of financial and sexual scandals, reaching the point of becoming the most zealous promoter of the neo-Malthusian agenda and of the so-called “conquests “Of modern society such as divorce, abortion, euthanasia, contraception, sodomy and LGBTQ + ideology, gender theory and the interruption of the hormonal development of minors.

The recent, raving statements by the president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, during a television program have rightly scandalized the faithful and the laity themselves, who should be able to look to the Church as a garrison of Good and a beacon of Truth. In Paglia’s words one can sense the banality of evil, the cynical desire not to be a stumbling block, not to want to place oneself as a sign of contradiction in a world that has returned to the age of barbarism and paganism, the servile obedience of the Bergoglian Sanhedrin to the ‘civil authority, the stupid courtesy of those who hope – pleasing the powerful – to gain some space in the forming New World Order, based on the delusional principles of neo-Malthusianism which consider the human being as a parasite of the planet to be exterminated. Paglia shows himself as a grigio travet who, exactly as in the psychopandemic narrative, does not even try to understand the inconsistency of what he is asked to say and ratify, limiting himself to uncritically accepting the new Bergoglian course, the globalist ideology, the transhumanism, the Great Reset, the green new deal, the 2030 Agenda.
As for Bergoglio and his multicolored caravanserai, it seems that the rare utterances with a strong media impact against abortion are part of that script which he must conform to every now and then in order not to appear for what he is.

It should be said that, like everything promoted by contemporary society, even the promotion of abortion – fraudulently defined as “termination of pregnancy” or “reproductive health” – is not immune from heavy conflicts of interest, since around this new market the economic interests of abortion clinics, pharmaceutical companies, research laboratories and cosmetic manufacturers move. Thus, to the intrinsic evil of the killing of an innocent, is added the unscrupulous and profitable trade in aborted fetuses, destined to produce drugs, vaccines, creams. We know for example, by the same admission of the producers of the so-called vaccine against Covid, that in order to produce the gene serum, new abortions are continually provoked to “refresh” the original abortive cell lines, also coming from abortions.
The flattening of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to the diktats of BigPharma and its emissaries in governments and drug agencies mercilessly reveals the complicit attitude of the Hierarchy, rewarded with sponsorships and funding for providing Pfizer and Moderna with the august testimonial of the experimental gene serum.

Celebrating today the first World Day against Abortion is a courageous choice, because it stands as the antithetical to a horizontal and utilitarian vision of life and the destiny of man. A vision to which the Vatican leaders are not strangers, always fearful of appearing antiquated, always eager to show themselves à la pageto the point of making transhumanism its own, in which the fusion between man and machine should represent, in the delusional mind of its creators, the revenge of man against God, of the creature against the Creator, of the murderer from the beginning on the Lord of Life.

Your battle is ontologically destined for victory: the culture of death and sin is destined for defeat and for the eternal sentence of condemnation on the part of Christ the Redeemer.
But if victory is certain, your action must be no less determined, your social and political commitment no less courageous. As citizens and members of a community, you have the right and the duty to make known the horror of this crime, its unprecedented cruelty, its cynical exploitation for ideological and economic interests. You have the right and the duty to remind mothers that that baby is not an annoying setback, nor a lump of cells, nor a producer of carbon dioxide; but that he is a creature of God, destined to be loved and in turn to love and give glory to his Creator; that that helpless little one deserves at least that chancewhich was not denied to the mother: to come to the light.

Do not be intimidated by those who accuse you of wanting to overpopulate the planet with “useless eaters” (as they say in Davos), of wanting to force a woman to be a mother by force, of wanting to impose your ideas on those who do not share them! Do not be deceived by those who object that the right to have an abortion does not imply the obligation to do so to those who do not want: it is a sophism, in which the life of a creature is abandoned to the choice of the individual, while no one can claim the right to life and of death on your child. Because that child is not an idea, it is not a concept that can be taken into account or ignored, but a human being, who will be given a name, who will have a life, relationships, a future; who in Baptism will rediscover friendship with God and will be able to love and serve him in order to then have part with him in eternity.

May the Most Holy Virgin, whose Nativity we are celebrating today and who in visiting her cousin Elizabeth felt the Baptist leap in her womb, implore Heaven for the graces necessary for the completion of your war on abortion, so that the Nations understand the horror of this. crime and their rulers forbid it as soon as possible. The world will not be able to know peace, as long as it will sacrifice its defenseless children to the Moloch of the one thought.

May this be your true consolation, in the certainty of receiving that eternal and incorruptible reward, before which all your efforts, your sacrifices, your dedication acquire supernatural meaning and value.

I heartily bless you.

+ Carlo Maria, Archbishop

September 8, 2022

In Nativitate BMV

Message for the first World Day against Abortion – 8 September 2022