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For the Cinema lovers It has never been so easy to have access to a wide catalog of movies as it is now after the emergence of streaming platforms, such as Hulu, although this implies an inconvenience: among such a variety of titles and genres that characterize the new millennium, It is not easy to find the next production to enjoy.

However, with these new challenges in mind, Hulu offers its subscribers a list with your most popular moviesso it’s easier to choose what to watch.

Different genres, all with exciting stories to spend many hours in front of the screen instead of wondering how to download a video from Facebook, these are the most popular productions to watch these days of Hulu United States:

1. Elvis

The film explores the life and music of Elvis Presley (Butler) through the prism of his relationship with Colonel Tom Parker (Hanks), his enigmatic manager. The story delves into the complex dynamic that existed between Presley and Parker spanning more than 20 years, from Presley’s rise to fame to unprecedented stardom, against the backdrop of the cultural revolution and America’s loss of innocence. . And at the center of that journey is Priscilla Presley (Olivia DeJonge), one of the most important and influential people in Elvis’s life.

two. What a son-in-law!

Once Rebeca has graduated, she chooses to go to California to go to college. There she meets new people. At Thanksgiving, she returns to her parents’ house, taking with her a very quirky roommate. Rebeca’s family and boyfriend are waiting at the airport… and the problems begin.

3. disconnected

Dan and Jeanine Dewerson are a married couple whose only spark in their bedroom comes from the wall socket. His daughter’s best friend is her iPad. Dan can’t take it anymore and plans a quiet, relaxing weekend in a remote mountain town. No kids, no phones, no social media, just fresh, clean air and lots of romance. But what starts out as the perfect weekend quickly turns disastrous with supernatural encounters, weird and strong groceries, grumpy locals, and an annoying one-eyed dog.

Four. Divergent

“Divergent” is the story of a society that is divided into five categories: Candor, Abnegation, Dauntless, Amity, and Erudite. All members of this society have to choose at an early age, sixteen, which side they think they belong to, based on their most outstanding personal virtues. In this dilemma is the protagonist, Beatrice, who surprises all her relatives and friends with the decision that she makes of her. Beatrice, later renamed Tris, has to find the right place for her, but she’s not like the rest of her. She keeps a secret that could be definitive to maintain the social order described and also to save her own life.

5. Why did I get married too?

Four couples find themselves once again on their annual retreat fighting to save their marriage as each battles through financial, physical, mental and emotional struggles.

6. The Divergent Series: Insurgent

Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) are now fugitives who are being hunted by Jeanine (Kate Winslet), the leader of the scholars. Tris must find out what her family sacrificed to protect while the scholars will do anything to stop them. Haunted by the choices of her past but desperate to protect those she loves, Tris, along with Four, will face one challenge after another to unlock the truth of her past and the future of her world. Sequel to “Divergent” (2014).

7. Predator: The Prey

Set 300 years ago on the Comanche Nation. Naru is a fierce and highly skilled young warrior who grew up in the shadow of some of the most legendary hunters to roam the Great Plains. When danger threatens her camp, she sets out to protect the people from it. The prey she stalks and ultimately confronts turns out to be an evolved alien predator with a technically advanced arsenal, leading to a cruel and terrifying showdown between the two adversaries.

8. Virgin at 40

Andy Stitzer, 40, has done little in his life. He has a mediocre job stamping bills in an appliance store, a nice apartment with a collection of comics, good friends… But there is one thing that he has not yet achieved and that most at his age have. Andy has never had sex.

9. moon fall

The world faces the possibility of extinction as an unknown force pushes the moon out of its orbit toward Earth. A team of astronauts takes on a mission to prevent the apocalypse.

10. Risky lies

Special Agent Harry Tasker leads a double life. Harry speaks six languages, knows and masters all forms of counterintelligence, and works as an international spy for Omega, a top-secret government agency tasked with neutralizing nuclear terrorism. For reasons of national security, Harry hides his true profession from his wife Helen, who is beginning to get bored with the gray, mundane man she believes is selling computers. Harry, who has the resources and courage to save the country from him, may not be able to save his marriage. But when Helen discovers the true profession of her husband, excited by her news, she decides to help him put an end to a fundamentalist command that is planning a bloody attack.

*Some titles may be repeated in the ranking because they are different episodes or seasons, and they may not have a description because the platform does not provide them.

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Hulu’s role

Hulu has also positioned itself in the streaming war. (REUTERS/Hulu)

Hulu It is a video on demand subscription service that allows users to enjoy series and movies that was created in October 2017, however, in early 2021 it was acquired by The Walt Disney + company.

It currently works on United States and Japanwhile in other regions such as Latin America the service comes through Star+.

It was in 2010 when Hulu launched its subscription systemalthough at that time it did so through the name Hulu Plus, which had content from newscorporation Y NBCUniversal. Later in 2017, the company launched its Hulu With Live TV service.

The major streaming companies compete to be number one. (Illustration: Anayeli Tapia)

In 2019 the company already had 28 million subscribers; It was then that in March of that same year ; while AT&T (now owner of WarnerMedia) sold its 10% shares and Comcast will give 33% of its shares to Disney in 2024, so Hulu will now operate alongside Disney+ and ESPN+, where it will only focus on streaming content made out of studies and for the family.

Unlike other platforms, Hulu allows its users to access series and programs from 75 channels, including local news and sports. Your service includes Disney Channel, ESPN, CBS, NBC, Fox, Discovery Channel, TLC, Motor Trend, Animal Planet, MTV, Comedy Central, VH1, NickToonsamong others.

Hulu also has original contentwhere titles such as The Handmaid’s Tale or the docuseries Wu-Tang: An American Saga and more.


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