Mummified remains » Galicia

We no longer miss Great Britain in Europe. There are no reasons for it, despite the current prime minister, Rishi Sunak, so picturesque he with his excessive tan; Or so his compatriots believe. But we should reconsider admitting them back into the aging European Union, somewhat lonely since the Brexit; much to her chagrin, the old lady still craves the scent of tea given off by perfidious Albion. In addition, there is culture and considering it one of the cradles of civilization would help to support it. Well there you have it, still teaching. Now it turns out that British museums recommend avoiding using the term mummy to refer to mummies; they must be called “mummified remains” or “mummified person”. According to the distinguished English scholars, the term mummy has colonialist reminiscences or is associated with a fictional monster. Oh, if Wittgenstein raised his head!

You have to shut up.

That Wittgenstein whom, in reality, nobody understood after the complicated reading of his well-known work of 1921 the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicusuntil the end is reached, as in intrigue novels, and very dignified in his proposition seven he states that «what you can’t talk about, it’s best to keep quiet”. It is obvious that she was alluding to mummies.

Even so, we are going to see if we clarify ourselves in this matter of the “humanization” of the terms; a mummy and a mummified remains are not the same. What is mummified is a corpse, no longer a person, with what we better call “mummified corpses”. Before mummifying, it will be necessary to die. Remains is, at least, pejorative, as it hurts and that is how the trend should dictate woke. And, in addition, it could even be sexist because since it only alludes to the neuter, it should therefore be distinguished between corpses, corpses and corpses. for that Boris Karloff, filmic incarnation of the resurrected blindfold, so that he doesn’t feel alluded to, so let’s award him the adjective of not cinematographic. In the opinion of Jo Anderson, spokesperson for Newcastle’s Greater North Hancock Museum, the change is justified because “legends about the curse of the mummies and films that portray them as monsters with supernatural powers can undermine their humanity.” ”.

The result will end up being very satisfactory, thus satisfying everyone who is a gerund, being able to appear in María Moliner’s dictionary as follows: “Mummy: Name. It is said of the term already in disuse that referred, long ago, to non-film mummified corpses. The terms mummified remains or mummified person should also be used instead. Instead of using one word, well, we will use four and two modifications of the genre, pure taste for periphrasis, this being the problem, that in Great Britain they continue to believe that they are rich thanks to the echo of a more than extinct empire and that is why they spend in saliva and ink to the delight of museum poster makers. And that they say that when there is nothing interesting to say, it is best to shut up.


Colleagues, you have to change the terms. None of the “Law of yes is yes”, better “Law of yes is yes and if we don’t get angry”, and that Canalready detached from Izquierda Unida, becomes “We can today, tomorrow we’ll see.” citizens, with just one word, well how sad; that they change it to “Citizens, better in the plural, which in the singular has a very bad rhyme.” And what to say about the Independence movement; Well, nothing, nothing, “Independent, let the current take me.” They are not going to get rid, no, the big parties. The PSOE to turn to “But We Always Get Seats, despite everything” and that the PP becomes “Well, it seems that I even have a chance.” We don’t even talk about some other supposed party, more tilted if possible, that, even having a dictionary name, for unnecessary information increases by loudmouths, they are enough by themselves.

And of course, the question is forced: really, these English, don’t they have something better to deal with? Being the only G-7 country that has not yet recovered the pre-pandemic economic level, also the only one of the large nations with negative growth, an average reduction in wages of 4.3% in an inflationary environment of 9.3% , and a loss in the labor market of more than 460,000 workers from the European Union, the truth, the truth, yes, although it gives a lot to talk about, perhaps it would be best to keep quiet. Or admit the mistake and abjure Brexit.

But the English, there you have them, stubborn in their haughty mistake; Because they no longer have, they don’t even have a philosopher of their own that they had to resort to Wittgenstein, a German himself although from Vienna. Of course, from a family of possible ones, which was why they allowed him to spend time in Great Britain in the pre-Brexit period. We better not talk about the Parthenon or Rosetta Stone metopas. Let’s shut up then.

Mummified remains » Galicia