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Murder, She Wrote is one of the most iconic mystery TV shows of all time. Indeed, the historical thriller series ran for 12 seasons, spanning from 1984 to 1996. Angela Lansbury, who played professional black writer as super detective Jessica Fletcher, appeared in all 264 episodes of the series, winning four Golden Globes in the process.

But with such a sheer volume of episodes, it’s fair to wonder which ones fans liked the most. After sifting through the data, it seems Seasons 3, 5, and 7 got the most love. Here’s Murder, She Wrote: 10 Best Episodes (According to IMDB).

Updated November 8, 2022 by Amanda Bruce: When mystery fans are asked about their favorite fictional detectives, names like Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew top the list, as does Jessica Fletcher. Jessica still considers herself a writer first and a detective second, but her observational skills and actress Angela Lansbury’s charm have cemented her in the minds of TV fans as a puzzle solver. skilful. After Lansbury’s death in 2022, if fans want to revisit one of his most beloved roles, all 12 seasons of Murder, She Wrote are available to stream on Peacock, including episodes IMDb users have rated. as the best of the group.

15/15 “Sticks and Pebbles” S2E10 – 8.1

The longtime sheriff of Cabot Cove (and Jessica’s good friend) decides to retire, but of course he does so just in time for his replacement to have a murder investigation or two.

The murder investigation coincides with the potential development of 400 condos. Murder, She Wrote has many storylines that deal with conserving Cabot Cove’s beaches and protecting the small town from too many tourists. This is one of the few episodes to combine this story well with its murder mystery.

14/15 “The Witch’s Curse” S8E12 – 8.1

Jessica Fletcher always maintains a logical mind even when solving seemingly impossible mysteries. That’s why she initially doesn’t believe the rumors that a newcomer to Cabot Cove is a witch in this episode (which also features a play about a woman falsely accused of witchcraft). However, as strange things continue to happen, even Mrs. Fletcher begins to have second thoughts.

“The Witch’s Curse” is one of the few truly chilling episodes of Murder, She Wrote to delve into the supernatural side of the mysteries (although it obviously still includes a logical explanation for everything).

13/15 “City Father” S6E11 – 8.1

While many episodes of Murder, She Wrote aren’t set in Mrs. Fletcher’s hometown of Cabot Cove, many of the best ones do, including this one. It really shows how much small-town gossip can help in one of Jessica’s investigations.

This time, a woman comes to town claiming that the re-elected mayor left her after he promised to marry her. When she eventually dies, not only do the townspeople want Jessica to run for mayor, but there is a lot of gossip in town as to what happened.

12/15 “Keeping the Homemade Fries Hot S2E14 – 8.1

The episode initially portrays competition between restaurants as the potential cause for murder, as multiple customers at one location get food poisoning before one person dies. The weapon is canned strawberry strawberries, but the competition is not the reason at all.

As often happens in the series, it turns out that the motive for the murder is completely different from what Jessica initially believes. It ultimately turns out that the poisoning is revenge for a case – something else that happens fairly regularly on the show. The episode provides a prime example of a typical plot made more entertaining by the friendship between Jessica and Amos as they hunt down the truth.

11/15 “The Return of Preston Giles” S7.E7 – 8.1

Fans were thrilled to see the return of Jessica’s first nemesis. In the episode, the first man Jessica put behind bars, Preston Giles, is mysteriously freed from a double murder charge after just six years. Giles, Jessica’s former publisher, returns to work at her old publishing house, where a rival publisher is suddenly murdered.

As Jessica snoops around, she determines if Giles committed his third murder or is framed by a criminal mastermind. A great encore episode.

10/15 “Mr. Penroy’s Vacation” S5E03 – 8.2

The incumbent, Mr Penroy, gets on board with a pair of elderly sisters – then ends up dying. While others in town might think the Appletree sisters are responsible, Jessica Fletcher doesn’t believe it and sets out to prove it.

The episode bears many similarities to what is arguably the best episode of Murder, She Wrote’s first season, “Murder Takes The Bus.” While the Season 1 episode takes place almost entirely in a restaurant with a bus stopped during a storm, this episode takes place around Cabot Cove instead. Both, however, feature the revelation of someone involved in a major theft in the past, and how it catches up with them long after they think part of their lives are behind them.

9/15 “Sins of Castle Cove” S5.E17 – 8.2

Trouble in Heaven arises when Jessica’s former mentee, Sybil Reed, writes a vengeful exposé titled “The Sins of Castle Cove.” When the people of Cabot Cove learn that the story is wrongly based on their tight-knit community, they go wild in protest. Soon, the murderous plot in Miriam’s novel becomes a nightmarish reality.

Suddenly, Miriam Harwood of Cabot Cove is beaten to death with a frying pan. Jessica investigates two prime suspects: Noah Harwood, Miriam’s sleazy husband, and local butcher, Tim Mulligan. Wait, do butchers use frying pans?

8/15 “If It’s Thursday, It Must Be Beverly” S4.E7 – 8.3

This title is a play on the 1969 film If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Belgium. Jessica is tasked with helping night deputy Jonathan Martin, whose pill-taking wife was found dead from a bullet fired by Jonathan’s spare gun. Was it suicide or something more nefarious?

Despite his running ways that seem to give him a motive, Jonathan has an airtight alibi for the night his wife died. As Jessica investigates, she uses stolen mail and suspicious lottery tickets to uncover the truth.

7/15 “The Days Are Shortening” S3.E21 – 8.3

The Season 3 finale of Murder, She Wrote is among the series’ most beloved episodes. Not only does Jessica literally find herself in the line of fire, but she also ties the corresponding bullet to an unsolved shooting that has imprisoned a man for 30 years.

The man in question is Sam Wilson, an accountant accused of murdering his boss, Richard Jarvis. Jarvis paid Sam $10,000 to pretend to kill him and make it look like a suicide. When Sam’s wife approaches Jessica to solve the crime, she links the murder weapon that killed Jarvis to that of her attacker.

6/15 “Mirror, mirror on the wall: part 2” S5.E22 – 8.4

The final two episodes of Season 5 are still among Murder, She Wrote’s most beloved chapters. Part 2 picks up the story of rival writer Eudora McVeigh, who arrives at Jessica’s doorstep with a hidden agenda.

When local doctor (and one of Murder’s most recurring characters) Seth Hazlitt is poisoned with an apple that Eudora gives Jessica, Jessica still maintains her friend’s innocence. However, once it is discovered that Eudora’s husband Hank is having an affair with her agent Liza Caspar, Jessica reevaluates the situation.

5/15 “Mirror, mirror on the wall: part 1” S5.E21 – 8.4

As mentioned earlier, viewers couldn’t seem to get enough of the Season 5 two-part finale, “Mirror, Mirror On The Wall.” Hey, with two action-packed hours of murder, intrigue and a tangle of deception, who can blame them

The episode begins with the arrival of Eudora McVeigh, whose friendly demeanor is a cunning front for her attempt to outgrow Jessica’s role in Cabot Cove. While Jessica finally solves the convoluted case at the end of Part 2, viewers preferred Part 1. Part 1 happens to have more IMDb ratings than Part 2, although they both have in average the same grade after all.

4/15 “The Corpse Flew First Class” S3.E12 – 8.4

In this much-loved episode of Murder, She Wrote, Jessica’s first-class flight to London is interrupted by a deadly distraction. On board with an actress named Sonny Greer, Jessica is asked to investigate when Sonny’s lover and driver Leon is poisoned to death.

The reason ? Apparently to steal a $2 million diamond necklace Leon had in his luggage. Working with a detective from Scotland Yard, Jessica unravels the mystery but struggles to accept the suspect’s murder confession.

3/15 “Who Killed JB Fletcher? » S7.E14 – 8.4

“Who killed JB Fletcher? is Murder, She Wrote’s highest-rated episode to date. Why? This could pit Jessica against her most formidable enemy: her own impostor.

Indeed, the episode begins with Marge Allen being arrested for falsifying her identity as Jessica Fletcher. But when Marge dies in a car accident, Jessica senses something fishy. She goes on to solve a trio of enigmatic murders, including that of Simon and Lis McCauley, a married couple who own a kennel. Three murders solved in episode almost #1!

2/15 “Trial by mistake” S2.E13 – 8.5

From 12 angry men to 1 savvy woman. Inspired by Sidney Lumet’s classic court drama, “Trial By Error” places Jessica as the forewoman of a jury. The case she presides over involves the death of Cliff Anderson, whose adulterous wife was caught having an affair with a man named Mark Reynolds.

Jessica deliberates whether Anderson’s murder was premeditated or committed in self-defense by Reynolds. Over time, she convinces her fellow jurors of the convoluted truth, one by one.

1/15 “Murder Takes the Bus” S1.E19 – 8.6

Given that Jessica is a clever mix of Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot, it makes sense to riff on the classic Agatha Christie tale, Murder on the Orient Express. But a deadly bus ride instead of a deadly locomotive?

Absolutely. When Jessica decides to attend a sheriff’s convention in Portland, bus travel during a stormy night takes a terrifying turn. After a bank robber is found stabbed to death with a screwdriver, Jessica narrows the suspects down to a few passengers before finally identifying the culprit.

Murder, She Wrote: 15 Best Episodes (According To IMDb) | Pretty Reel