Netflix and the terrifying movie that “ruins you”, one of the highest grossing

Today we will introduce you to the terrifying movie of Netflix which became one of the highest grossing, however, this is one of the productions that is advised not to see: “It ruins you.”

The most terrifying movie of recent times also became a success in different countries.

That’s what they called the film Hex after its premiere on March 18 in Taiwan, where it ranked as the highest grossing.

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On July 8 it arrived on Netflix and settled in the overall ranking of foreign-language films, with more than 3 million viewing hours.

Although the rumor spread that there is a “curse” that lingers on those who see it, it still stands among the subscribers of Latinamerica.

Li Ronan travels with her boyfriend and a friend to a small town in Taiwan, where every year they perform a sinister ritual.

The trio, who have a passion for debunking supernatural myths, end up submerged in an incident within the cult.

Thus, the young woman inherits the curse by breaking a religious taboo and, six years later, she must protect her daughter from everything that happens.

For almost two hours, terror and tension remain in the film, however, this increases when it is known that it would be based on real events.

The feature film was directed by Kevin Ko and written with Che-Wei Chang. Along with Hsuan-Yen, it stars Kao Yin-Hsuan, Sean Lin and Ching-Yu Wen.

It was nominated no less than seven times at the Taipei Film Festival, the Taiwanese capital, and stood out as best feature film and better direction.

It had me on edge”, “If you want to be scared, see Maleficio, it is based on true events. Warning: it is terrifying and it scares you so much that they are going to scream”, described another.

Even the official Twitter account of Netflix Latin America published the message that he already saw it and that he would even sleep with the light on because of the fear he felt.

On the other hand, on October 24, Jaula, a Spanish thriller that climbed to second place among the most viewed films, arrived on the streaming platform.

Paula returns from a dinner with her friends when she sees a girl crossing the road alone. Together with her husband, she decides to take her to the authorities, but after several days and discovering that no one went to look for her at the hospital, she is received at her house.

But, the little girl hides a secret: an obsession with a fictitious cage that consists of a square painted on the floor with white chalk and whose reason the family still does not know.

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Netflix and the terrifying movie that “ruins you”, one of the highest grossing