Netflix: The 3 psychological horror movies that will make you sleep with the lights on; suitable only for adults

Within Netflix There are movies assigned for all types of audiences, we know that there is children’s content, educational content for teenagers and exclusive content only for people of legal age. This is the case of various films that have been consolidated as productions exclusively for adults, this because they are productions that contain a high level of disturbance and terror.

If you are one of the people who enjoy getting to know the stories within the scariest movies that also present narratives that have to do with fear psychologicalthe tapes that we recommend below could undoubtedly meet your expectations at the start of the month.

Three psychological horror movies on Netflix

It is a film created by the director Iain Softly, in production and distribution by Universal Pictures. Also known by its title in English as “The Skeleton Key”, this voodoo horror title is considered one of the most heinous on the platform since it uses as a resource of terror psychological to cause an impact on those who see it.

It follows the story of a skeptical young nurse who gets a job where her only duty is to take full time care of Ben, an elderly man who suffered a stroke while in the attic of a large house.

Because of a bad move destinythe nurse must go up to the attic to understand Ben’s behavior more, however, from that raw moment and what the woman sees up there, the health worker will begin to rethink her skepticism, because now her perception of the world has changed since his life is at risk after terrible and unbearable supernatural events begin to happen to him.

“Midsommar” is a tape that was released in 2019 but only on March 19, 2022 it reached the streaming platform, and just a few days after its arrival on the platform it has already conquered audiences.

After his successful debut with the film “Hereditary”, now the director Ari Aster decided to make a psychological horror film that is out of the ordinary with the peculiarity that everything happens in broad daylight.

This film that recently reached the catalog of Netflix tells the adventure of a couple who enjoy the summer festival that is celebrated every 90 years in this Swedish village, where everything goes well until the protagonists are invited to participate in the festive rituals.

From this moment on, everything will turn dark despite the fact that there is sunlight, this is due to the fact that they will begin to dialogue their ideas with nature, which will be distressing and dissonant for the minds of the protagonists, until the viewer is immersed in a horror loop despite the fact that the film takes place with daytime scenes.

It is “The Woman in the Window”, a production that premiered last May 2021 on the streaming platform and is an adaptation of the novel by AJ Finn. She is a movie which has a stellar cast, since its protagonists are Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, Anthony Mackie, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Julianne Moore.

Amy Adams plays Anna, a woman who suffers from agoraphobia and spends the day secluded in her house in New York with his cat and mixing his medicine with wine. After suffering a crisis when in Halloween the neighborhood kids knock on her door asking for candy, Anna befriends Jane Russellmother of one of the neighborhood families.

Anna begins to observe them through the window and that is how she discovers that at Jane Things are not going well. Because of her health problems, Anna is unable to convince anyone of what is happening. That’s where the real action begins.



The horror movie on Netflix that will make you bite your nails and shake; suitable for risky adults only: Trailer

Netflix: The 3 psychological horror movies that will make you sleep with the lights on; suitable only for adults