Netflix, what to see in November 2022

As was easily predictable, autumn comes alive and November turns out to be an incredibly rich month for Netflix users, who are spoiled for choice for what to see.

Thirty days that bridge the gap between October and December, between Halloween masks and Christmas decorations, which nonetheless offer an impressive number of interesting new series and films.

In the chaos of releases, with our November 2022 guide, we recommend 6 TV series and 6 films. We will take into account not only what has already been released during the month, but also the previous month… in the latter case, it will be productions that have been ignored or passed on the back burner, or simply released in the last days of October. Obviously we will try to recommend a bit of everything and for all tastes, so that we can help you as much as possible on what to see!

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The Manifest 4: Part I

Two years after Grace’s brutal murder turns their lives upside down, the Stone family is in chaos as a devastated Ben continues to mourn his wife and searches for his kidnapped daughter, Eden. Consumed by his grief, Ben has given up his role as co-captain of the lifeboat, leaving Michaela to command it alone, an almost impossible feat: meanwhile a mysterious passenger arrives with a package for Cal, changing everything the protagonists think they know about Flight 828.

Here comes the first part of the last season of manifest, the science fiction series created by Jeff Rake, “saved” from the cancellation that took place at the end of the third season by NBC. A great way to start our list of what to see in November.

Manifest 4: Part I is already available from November 4 on Netflix.

The Crown 5

With a new decade upon us, the royal family is faced with perhaps their biggest challenge yet: proving they’re still relevant in 1990s Britain. While a media war breaks out between Diana and Charles, the very foundations of the monarchy begin to show signs of breaking down.

Space also awaited fifth season of The Crown, the series focused on the life of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and the British royal family.

The Crown 5 is already available on Netflix since November 9th.


Some passengers who set off for the New World with the hope of a better future find themselves in a nightmare when their ship comes across an abandoned vessel on the high seas.

The new series from the creators of the acclaimed dark about to arrive. Skyrocketing expectations for a new complex, articulated and well-scripted plot as for the previous German phenomenon. What to see in November? Probably this series will occupy a very promising role.

1899 will arrive on Netflix on November 18th.


Starring Jenna Ortega in the lead role alongside Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzman, Gwendoline Christie, Christina Ricci and others, is an investigative and supernatural mystery following Wednesday Addams’ years at Nevermore Academy. Get ready to snap your fingers.

Coming out of Tim Burton’s imagination, the series missed the appointment with Halloween but is preparing to arrive on Netflix as one of the most anticipated productions of the end of the year.

Wednesday will be available on Netflix from November 23rd.

Warrior Nun 2

Ava and the OCS Sisters of Battle must find a way to defeat the angel Adriel, who seeks to turn her following into the planet’s dominant religion.

The series based on the comic book saga is back after more than two years Warrior Nun Areala by Ben Dunn, with a second season that promises to increase the action and fantasy component.

Warrior Nun 2 is already available on Netflix since November 10th.

Inside Man

An American death row inmate with a penchant for solving mysteries helps a young British journalist search for a friend who has suddenly disappeared.

Created by Steven Moffat (Doctor Who, Sherlock), the production stars Stanley Tucci, David Tennant and Dolly Wells for an engaging thriller mini-series produced by the BBC. Definitely among the best options on what to see and recover in November.

Inside Man is already available on Netflix from October 31st.

Enola Holmes 2

Fresh off the success of her first solved case, Enola Holmes (Millie Bobby Brown) decides to follow in the footsteps of her famous brother Sherlock (Henry Cavill) and opens her own detective agency, discovering that life as a contract detective is not without its problems. Resigned to accept the harsh reality of adult life, the young girl is about to close shop when a penniless match girl offers her her first real assignment: to find her missing sister. But the case is more complex than expected and Enola finds herself in a world full of dangers: from sinister factories and lively London clubs to high society up to 221B Baker Street. Faced with a dangerous plot, Enola enlists the help of her friends and even her brother to get to the bottom of the mystery. The agency is back in motion!

Harry Bradbeer signs the direction, Jack Thorne the screenplay while Harry Bradbeer and Jack Thorne the story. Among new friends and enemies, the cast includes Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, David Thewlis, Louis Partridge, Susan Wokoma, Adeel Akhtar, Sharon Duncan-Brewster and Helena Bonham Carter.

Enola Holmes 2 is already available on Netflix from November 4th.

The Good Nurse

An overworked critical care nurse accepts help from a generous colleague at work and at home, until the sudden death of a patient raises suspicions about him.

Directed by Tobias Lindholm, the film is based on the book of the same name by Charles Graeber, focused on the arrest of the American serial killer Charles Cullen. In the cast we find Eddie Redmayne, Jessica Chastain and Nnamdi Asomugha.

The Good Nurse is already available on Netflix from October 26th.

Stray bullet 2

Following Charras’ death, Lino and Julia take over and form a new unit. Determined to find his brother’s killers, Lino continues his hunt and doesn’t let anyone get in his way.

A daring action directed by Guillaume Pierret and starring Alban Lenoir and Pascale Arbillot. The film is the sequel to one of the most successful French Netflix titles.

Stray bullet 2 is already available from November 10 on Netflix.

The prodigy

Starring Florence Pugh and based on the book by Room writer Emma Donoghue, the feature is the story of a young Irish girl, Anna O’Donnell, whose Catholic family claims she hasn’t eaten anything since her 11th birthday… four months earlier .

After the success at the Toronto Film Festival, Donoghue’s story halfway between a miracle and a lie arrives on Netflix, with an exceptional Florence Pugh in the role of nurse Lib Wright.

The prodigy is available on Netflix starting November 16th.

Slumberland – In the world of dreams

A little girl (Marlow Barkley) discovers a secret map of the world of dreams and learns with the help of an eccentric outlaw (Jason Momoa) to travel in the dream dimension avoiding nightmares, in the hope of reuniting with her missing father.

Based on the comic Little Nemo in Slumberland by Winsor McCay, the film is directed by director Francis Lawrence, known for Constantine, I’m legend, Like water for elephants, Red Sparrow and three films in the saga of Hunger Games (The fire girl, Mockingjay – Part 1 & 2).

Slumberland – In the world of dreams will arrive on Netflix on November 18th.

Monica, O My Darling

When a passionate fling takes an unexpected turn, a brilliant roboticist participates in a murderous plot… but not even death is what it seems.

Directed by Vasan Bala and inspired by the Japanese novel Burutasu No Shinzou by Keigo Higashino, the film is a Hindi production in the neo-noir genre with elements of crime and comedy. A particular proposal to conclude our list of suggestions on what to see this month with originality.

Monica, O My Darling is available on Netflix from November 10th.

Netflix, what to see in November 2022