New titles for Sitges 2022

More Asia, Begos, Eisener and information on ‘[REC]’

The 55th edition of the Sitges Festival approaches the speed of TRON’s computer circuits and offers a new programming advance. Action and animation from the Asian continent; highly anticipated new titles from already cult horror directors, and the best documentaries of the season can be seen from October 6 to 16 in the first fantastic genre festival in the world.

Three titles arrive from South Korea that are a pure festival of the genre. A Man of Reasonby Jeong Woo-seong, a polar-style thriller; Project Wolf Huntingby Kim Hong-sun, with generous doses of adrenaline and violence, and Alienoidby Choi Dong-hoon, which combines science fiction and martial arts with androids.

Japanese anime, as usual, will have a relevant role in the Festival. Dozens of Norths, the visually fascinating proposal of Koji Yamamura; Yasuhiro Yoshiura’s animated musical, Sing a Bit of HarmonyY Blue Thermal, by Masaki Tachibana, about a university aviation club. And direct from Indonesia will land at the Festival the supernatural horror of Satan’s Slaves: Communionsequel to Satan’s Slaves presented by Joko Anwan, also director of the terrifying Impetigore.

Sitges 2022 will feature the latest films by filmmakers who are already cult within the genre. Canadian Jason Eisener (Hobo With a Shotgun) will carry the nostalgic spirit of the 80s with Kids vs. Aliens; you can also enjoy the new gore entertainment by Joe Begos (Bliss), Christmas Bloody Christmasand the Mexican Isaac Ezban (The incident) will return to Sitges with The evil eyewith terror and witchcraft.

This year’s fantastic harvest is extensive and of a high level, and Sitges programs many of the titles most anticipated by fans, such as dead streama geeky horror satire directed by Joseph Winter and Vanessa Winter; fail, the 2,000-foot survival thriller directed by Scott Mann; the skillful and unsettling psychological thriller Watcher, by Chloe Okuno; the mysterious and full of secrets We ceremoniesby Simon Rieth, and the comedy about the creation of artificial life brian and charlesby Jim Archer.

Two new confirmations of Spanish cinema join the Festival’s program. The second season of stories not to sleep, a reboot of the Spanish series created by Chicho Ibáñez Serrador, will see the light of day in Sitges. The new chapters are directed by Alice Waddington (The nightmare), Jaume Balaguero (The television), Nacho Vigalondo (The alarm) and Salvador Calvo (the transplant), and once again have a luxury cast. In 2007, [REC] by Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza marked a before and after in horror cinema. Now, fifteen years later, the main protagonists analyze the keys to the film in the documentary [REC] terror without pausedirected by Diego López-Fernández.

In the field of documentaries, there are also 1982: Greatest Geek Year Everby Roger Lay Jr., which takes a journey through 1982 pop culture hits, movies, television, music and video games, and The Valley of the Concavenatorby Víctor Matellano, about the species of dinosaur found in Cuenca.

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New titles for Sitges 2022