New year, new ritual

In an Asturias where the Natural Paradise is becoming a Scrub Paradise due to the abandonment of the agricultural activity of the villages, where it becomes fashionable to kiss at Christmas and New Year’s Eve under a bouquet of mistletoe (hereinafter arfueyu), nothing comes bad for some economies that are dedicated to cutting this parasite from the trees and selling it as a plant with supernatural powers (who was going to tell our countrymen who saw the arfueyu as the worst curse in a pumarada).

It seems that this thing about the bouquet of arfueyu and the kiss comes to us, just like Halloween, Santa Claus, Coca Cola and round neck t-shirts, from American movies, propagators of a copy and paste culture passed through photoshop (photo workshop) of Hollywood, but Halloween was already celebrated in Europe with other names, Santa Claus is an intrusive and commercial American figure in the Christmas tradition copied from the European Saint Nicholas, Cola Coca or kola nut is a product invented in a town in Valencia before the American drink and round-necked t-shirts were already worn by knights in the Middle Ages to avoid friction from the seams and armor. And with regard to the arfueyu, the Greeks and other ancient peoples already took advantage of it as a medicinal plant, highly appreciated for promoting fertility (perhaps its ability to reproduce on the branches of other trees gave them the clue), and they gave it as gifts to the just Married. The Romans in the month of December, during the Saturnalia, offered arfueyu to Saturn, god of agriculture to protect the crops.

The arfueyu is also the golden branch of The Aeneid, which the oracle of the Sibyl of Cumae asks of Aeneas as a gift to Proserpina, wife of Pluto, god of the Underworld, so that Charon can open the entrance to Averno, and the title Chosen by James G. Frazer to title his extensive and magisterial work “The Golden Branch”.

A plant that does not take root in the ground, that when all deciduous trees lose their leaves, it remains green and bears fruit, it is not surprising that it aroused a certain curiosity worthy of being studied. This is what those “all-in-one” priests did: doctors, geographers, philosophers, fortune tellers, astrologers…, connoisseurs and custodians of knowledge and empirical evidence, and they awarded him the magical power to drive away the evil one, the gift of fertility and the healing of Many sicknesses.

The druids, whose name means “oak-men” or “knowers of trees and plants”, were the priests and initiates who practiced and preserved this knowledge and the religion of the oak, lost between the Greeks and Romans, venerated the oak as god of the forest and wisdom, and they did not esteem anything as sacred as the arfueyu and the oak in which it grew; arfueyu that with a series of rites they cut with a golden sickle on the winter solstice for their medicinal uses and rites, ceremonies that they only performed in oak groves (carbayeres).

Well, in Lugás, the place where the sanctuary is located, it was surrounded by caxigals (oak oaks), and oak trees can still be seen surrounding the church, remains of the old carbayera. The place name Caxide (oak oak), also tells us about an ancient presence of these trees, and the stories that come to us say that this was an ancient sacred space (Christianized it still is today), and a meeting place for the Lugones Argenticaenos, the brightest of the tribe of the lugons (probably a “sacred forest” as a temple, similar to the Drynemetum where the Galatians met in assembly), and where the Maliayeses “luggonum et asturum” went to celebrate their rites and meetings of government and administration, to honor their ancestors and venerate the god Lugh, the most multifaceted and widespread god in pre-Christian Europe. The place name Cermuño, a village near Lugás, may also be associated with Cernunnos, god of the forest and fertility, which all adds up.

Perhaps this is the miracle that our village needs: large oak plantations, with clear arfueyu, that will displace eucalyptus, laboratories that extract the miraculous potion and a good marketing network that sends it all over the world. The miraculous drink would generate strength and energy, as it does in Asterix and Obelix, the advertising image of the magical concoction of the arfueyu, which cleanses all that is bad and produces solidity and strength, something like Mister Proper and Zumosol’s cousin together. It would be the panacea for happiness and the remedy for any health problem. A drop at breakfast and work will become a pleasant activity, stress will end, women will never have headaches again and happiness at home will be increased with the arrival of a child, or failing that, a dog . Society would ultimately be much happier.

Lugás would become “ground zero”, the most important place of pilgrimage, the epicenter where the most powerful core of Arfueyu energy is concentrated. Under the oaks of Lugás, people will go to charge themselves with vigor and dynamism, there will also be weddings, reconciliations and requests from brides and grooms (in complicated or difficult-to-solve cases, Santina is by your side who can always lend a hand).

The good praxis for the benefit of the arfueyu to work indicates that it is to give it away, place it under the entrance door to the house to preserve from the bad that can enter the home and attract good omens. For better information to the user-buyer, with each bouquet, plant or bottle of the concoction a certificate of origin and correct way of use will be sold, as well as how to act in case of possible claims, you have to be serious.

Of course, the rite of the kiss can not only be carried out at home, but also in offices, Congress of Deputies and public buildings, any place where there is a door is good to hang the ramina de arfueyu, but none can exceed the one that is carried out under the Lugás carbayos, where the primary is, the golden mother branch of all the arfueyos, with much more effective and direct effects as it is less manipulated and contaminated by exploitation processes.

It’s just an idea, but if it comes to fruition we’re covered and the village starts to live again.

Currently, for it to work, it is not specified how the kiss should be given so that the final result is more effective, if it should be on the cheek, in the mouth, with a screw or with the tongue, I suppose these are things that will have to be Go trying through the traditional error-proof system, these things take time but are usually very satisfactory.

And if last night of New Year’s Eve they have not carried out the ritual of the kiss under the arfueyu, don’t worry, this morning you can always console yourself by watching the ski jumping championship on TV and the Radetzky march of the New Year’s concert in Vienna. Happy New Year.

New year, new ritual