Now you can buy the Rhode Island haunted house that inspired the movie “The Conjuring” starring actress Vera Ann Farmiga

Real estate properties are linked to stories that forever mark their commercial value and influence the fame that accompanies them forever, many have been protagonists of famous stars and others have achieved inspire or be part of famous movies such as the haunted house that was the inspiration for the filming of the movie “The Conjuring” starring actress Vera Ann Farmiga and located in Rhode Island where the actress also lived Taylor Swift.

The house located in Burrillville in the state of Rhode Island north of NY is for sale for the amount of 1.2 million $, a figure reached thanks to the fame of the construction by followers of pop culture and horror films. Was built in 1826 and she maintains a country style which is perfect for enjoying direct contact with nature and a story full of supernatural and inexplicable events.

The haunted house that inspired “The Conjuring” by actress Vera Ann Farmiga

The address 1677 Round Top Road which inspired the creation of the horror film “The Conjuring” where the winner of an Oscar and a Golden Globe Vera Ann Farmiga had an outstanding participation as the main protagonist of this macabre and terrifying story. The film was filmed in 2013 based on the stories of residents of the country mansion, which is said to have been haunted in the 19th century by Bathsheba Sherman.

The haunted home is located on an extension of land of 3.24 hectares and the habitable construction occupies about 280 square metersdistributed in 16 rooms or living spaces, of which 3 are bedrooms and maintaining an absolutely country estate style, surrounded by exuberant nature that simply increases the mysticism that surrounds this supposedly possessed property.

An incredible fascination for this farmhouse in Rhode Island

The events up to now have not stopped happening and the chilling stories are mixed with the memories of many residents and visitors to the place, who in addition to being influenced by the media (books, movies, brochures, news) have made this real estate property a true phenomenon house within the world of the paranormal and inexplicable terrifying situations.

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The house was acquired in 2019 by the couple made up of Cory and Jennifer Heinzen who are investigators of paranormal events and who have declared that the house has not disappointed them thanks to the countless and frequent spooky events that happen in and around it; predominantly knocks, noises, footsteps and doors opening or closing for no apparent normal reason, as well as disembodied voices.

The mansion enjoys excellent popularity within the world of the paranormal and The economic benefit of this situation has not been long in coming, because guided events are taking place with tours and live broadcasts so that the general public can enjoy and participate in this type of terrifying fun, so to speak.

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The property since the premiere of the film has enjoyed a lot of media attention and Now that it has been put up for sale again, many are surely eager to take a new look at it. to this famous and haunted house, with the full purpose of achieving a personal proof or sample of everything that is said to happen within its walls and around this gloomy country home in Burrillville.

Now you can buy the Rhode Island haunted house that inspired the movie “The Conjuring” starring actress Vera Ann Farmiga