On Wednesday, Gwendoline Christie and Colleen Atwood reveal the show’s neo

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  • On Wednesday, Gwendoline Christie and Colleen Atwood reveal the show’s neo-Gothic fashion secrets

A look at Oscar-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood’s fashion inspirations for Tim Burton’s remake of Wednesday.


Tim Burton’s Wednesday continues to captivate audiences and attract a cult following, with the show returning to its No. 1 spot five weeks after its debut. Much of the success and critical acclaim for the reimagining of this classic tale goes to creators and showrunners Al Gough and Miles Millar who breathed new life into the ‘wacky and wacky’ supernatural comedy-horror starring Jenny Ortega. as the titular character. The couple fused new lore with well-known Charles Addams characters, creating a coming-of-age story centered around the sardonic teenager in the Addams Family on Wednesday.

The new series reads like a modern fusion that revisits the roots of the quirky family and pays homage to the various iterations of the Addams Family before them. Their signature aristocratic gothic look – a distinct marker of each adaptation – was resurrected and enhanced by seasoned costume designer Colleen Atwood. In an exclusive interview with The Wrap, Atwood gave insight into the making of Wednesday’s signature neo-Gothic fashion.

Atwood is a longtime and consistent collaborator with Burton, having worked on numerous projects such as Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Naturally, she was tapped to craft a wardrobe for the delightfully macabre series. The series’ updated fashion became a mainstay that connected Wednesday’s modernization with styling distinctly reminiscent of its distant predecessors. The process was handled with pinpoint precision, in a way that reimagined famous people and found roots for new ones.

“She starts like Wednesday in an American school, with her typical Wednesday dress where she stood out among all the children and their hipster, American colors, then she goes to Nevermore, and the second she gets [there], she gets the uniform which is her special uniform,” Atwood said of Wednesday’s style. “So immediately you’re in a whole new world with her. Her casual, casual clothes became a big part of the story – running around, doing things – so we could incorporate contemporary fashion.

For the new additions, Atwood worked with the cast to synthesize the character’s recognizable style. Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” – which depicts a woman wearing a high-necked three-piece suit and a bun – became the inspiration for fashion personality and character of Nevermore director Larissa Weems. Played by Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones), she praised the legendary designer for her ability to “carve out a character” using obscure but timely references as well as actors’ best assets. Christie compared Atwood’s work to “witchcraft” because of her ability to transform the body. Together, the pair collaborated on the principal’s character design, establishing Larissa’s intrinsic duality that appears through her fashion.

“We have a wristband covered in eyes, so I liked the idea of ​​those who are active and always watching,” Christie explained. “And so, no matter where she was, Larissa had a 360 degree view of what was going on. But also, Larissa very often wears a Gemini necklace, which of course is duality and the twins and so we have that duality captured in the necklace that she wears by Schiaparelli, so Larissa’s shape shifting and double meanings lurk always in plain sight.

Tim Burton turned down several Addams Family remakes before signing on for Wednesday

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Smallville creators Al Gough and Miles Millar have crafted a hit series that continues to break streaming records and has dedicated fans on the edge of their seats for Wednesday’s renewal. The duo built the idea for the two-time Golden Globe-nominated series from a six-word pitch concept in 2019, and Tim Burton has always been their “first choice” to direct their creation. With Burton’s affinity for spellbinding Gothic masterpieces, his involvement seemed inevitable. However, the expert author has previously passed on projects from the Addams Family, including the 1991 film of the same name which was later directed by Barry Sonnenfeld.

Burton’s decision to come on board was largely due to the story Gough and Millar crafted in their four preliminary scripts that made their way to Burton’s office by 2020. According to Gough, the acclaimed director ” committed himself on the spot” by reading them, sealing his involvement and his entry as a director on television. Speaking about the series to Empire, he detailed his attraction to this Wednesday adaptation by mentioning that he and the titular character share similar worldviews.

“When I read that [script]he says, “it just spoke to me about how I felt at school and how you feel about your parents, how you feel as a person. It gave the Addams Family a different kind of reality. It was an interesting combination.

On Wednesday, Gwendoline Christie and Colleen Atwood reveal the show’s neo-Gothic fashion secrets | Pretty Reel