Panic in a hospital: security personnel assures that they found the ghost of a child singing

Paranormal things have been happening in the place for a while. Security personnel even affirm that they often manage to capture it with their cell phones.

This is how this time, while touring the hospital, this security officer came across the ghost of a child singing in the bathroom. The man assured that in the place, due to the wee hours of the morning, it was impossible for there to be a minor.

“I am security personnel and I can confirm that we see and hear all this from 3 am,” said the man about the time when these situations begin to occur.

In the video, the boy is clearly heard, while the man asks him to leave. However, there is no movement of any kind.

Ghosts, finally explained: four scientific theses on spirits

In 1857 the French pedagogue allan kardec He edited The Book of Spirits, the foundational volume of modern spiritualism. According to Kardecy the thousands of his followers, after death our soul survives the body and ascends to a higher level of existence. Although spirits generally remain hidden from the living, they can come into contact with our world in a number of ways.

Spiritualism was enormously popular in the second half of the 19th century, and not only among the popular classes, initially more inclined to believe ghost stories, but also among high society, who attended the sessions with mediums enthralled. At the beginning of the 20th century, and after several cases of fraud were uncovered, such as that of the sisters fox (considered the founders of spiritualism in the United States), the belief in ghosts went into decline. But strange as it may seem, today a large part of the population still believes that ghosts are real.

There are phenomena that can be explained by science that can make us believe that a spirit is visiting us.


Ghost vision can be explained through numerous scientific phenomena. (Corbis)

According to the latest survey on Religious Attitudes and Beliefs conducted by the Sociological Research Center in 2002, 20.2% of Spaniards believe in the existence of spirits. A figure that increases enormously in countries like the United States: according to a survey carried out this year by YouGov for the Huffington Post 45% of Americans believe in ghosts.

Religious issues aside, scientists have demonstrated on countless occasions the inconsistency of spiritualist theories. For them it is clear that ghosts do not exist, but also that there are numerous phenomena perfectly explainable by science that can make us believe that a spirit is visiting us. And these are the most common.

  1. brain failures: In television programs about ghosts, it is common to hear the typical medium who has visited an ancient battlefield and, after spending a couple of nights awake and out in the open, claims to have seen bloody corpses of soldiers. The truth is in most encounters with ghosts they are not limited to appearing incorporeal, they do it with the clothes they were wearing at the time of their death, be it a Soviet jacket or a Victorian dress. And they appear fleetingly, like small flashes. It is as if our eye had a double exposure for a brief moment. The truth is that ghosts never appear when we arrive at the place where they should appear, they appear when we spend hours and hours waiting for them to appear. And there is a reason for this. According to Joe Nickel, folklore researcher and member of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, ghost visions are sometimes an illusion that our brain produces when we are tired and our minds are blank, in a state close to sleep. “It’s an optical illusion,” explains Nickell on NBC News. “The eyelid twitches or an insect flies into our field of vision and, momentarily, we have a mental vision. It’s as if our eye had a double exposure for a brief moment.”
  2. Sleep paralysis: sleep paralysis occurs when we wake up from a dream, but our body does not. We are perfectly aware that we are no longer dreaming, but we are unable to move a single muscle. Although our lives are not in danger, since the respiratory muscles continue to function automatically, the situation generates great anguish, especially considering that often accompanied by hallucinationsin which many people believe they see ghosts. Not surprisingly, most sightings of spirits occur at dawn, when it is more common for us to suffer from this type of sleep disorder.
  3. Carbon monoxide poisoning: in 1921 the ophthalmologist william willmer published research on a haunted house in the American Journal of Ophthalmology. The doctor investigated the events that occurred in the home of the “H” family (of which he does not give the real name). All family members claimed that the house could hear the sounds of slamming doors, the furniture seemed to move, and footsteps could be heard in the empty rooms. The children felt strange presences and one of them claimed to have been attacked by a stranger. The mother came to have a ghostly vision. After a while the family realized that all their plants had died. That’s when they discovered that there was a fault in the oven in the house, which was expelling gas. Willmer discovered that the H family was suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. Exposure to large doses of CO is lethal, but in small doses it can cause hallucinations whose origin is difficult to identify. Carbon monoxide (CO) is odorless and very difficult to detect. Fireplaces, boilers, water heaters or space heaters, and household appliances that burn fuel.
  4. Infrasound: A medical laboratory is an unusual site for ghostly hauntings, but in 1998 Coventry University professorVic Tandy, he came to think that perhaps the believers in the paranormal were right. His companions complained that they felt chills, as if a supernatural presence brushed past them.. The cleaning lady claimed to have seen strange presences at night and Tandy himself had to admit that one night when she was there she just had a hallucination.
  5. In some traditionally haunted places, vibrations of sound frequencies imperceptible to our ears are felt- When Tandy began to doubt her deep skepticism, she experienced a new phenomenon: while she was holding a tool in her hand, it began to vibrate. She then realized that she only moved in the center of the room, never to the sides. And she began to connect the dots. She discovered that they had installed a new fan in the laboratory that generated a frequency of 19Hz, imperceptible to the human ear (which detects sounds from 20hz), but which caused strange vibrations in the center of the room.
  6. In a study published in the Journal of the Society of Psychical Research, which he called The Ghost in the MachineTandy calculated the frequency generated by the fan bouncing off the lab walls, confusing the workers with its vibrations. As soon as the investigator turned off the fan, the ghosts disappeared.. Later Tandy carried out infrasound studies and verified that some traditionally haunted places such as Edinburgh Castle or the basement of Coventry Cathedral also had waves similar to the one in his laboratory.

Panic in a hospital: security personnel assures that they found the ghost of a child singing