Patrick Dempsey revealed the reasons behind his departure from the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy featured Patrick Dempsey as Dr. Derek Shepherd. For over a decade, fans have known him as the iconic McDreamy, a character who stole the hearts of all. His departure has been one of the most devastating so far, as has the actor’s, who explained why he had to leave the medical drama.

Grey’s Anatomy it is the longest running medical drama of all time on television. The series premiered in 2005 through the transmission chain abc and it currently airs on Thursdays with season 19, an installment that represents a new era for the successful series, with new main characters in its cast and marked by the departure of its main protagonist, Meredith Gray (ellen pompeo).

Patrick Dempsey left Grey’s Anatomy at the start of season 11

Throughout its on-screen career, Grey’s Anatomy has featured an immense number of characters. While the vast majority fell by the wayside, two decades later they are still remembered by the millions of fans who have watched the show since its inception. They got into the memories of the viewers and will surely continue to do so over the years.

One of those beloved characters from Grey’s Anatomy is Derek Shepherd, also known as McDreamy, one of the most iconic of the medical drama who has been paired with Meredith Gray since the first season. They maintained a loving relationship for many years, one of the most remembered story arcs of the ABC series.

Since Grey’s Anatomy first aired, McDreamy has been played by Patrick Dempsey. The star stayed on the show for more than 10 years, earning praise from specialized critics and stole the hearts of viewers. When she arrived on the show, his artistic career was wide and therefore his fame was still in the making and it was the medical drama that really changed his life forever.

Patrick Dempsey’s career in film and television dates back to the 1980s and 1990s. But he hadn’t yet landed the role that would change the course of his career until he began playing “McDreamy” in 2005. A role that many It surely seemed easy to them, but according to the actor’s own words, the fact of being immersed in fame is something very complex that ended up affecting his life.

Unsustainable fame during his stint on Grey’s Anatomy was one of the things that influenced Patrick Dempsey’s departure from the medical drama

Patrick Dempsey would act on the show for the next 10 years, until his character was killed off in 2015, at the start of the eleventh installment. The fans were devastated, but the loyal viewers never forgot his character. 2020 saw him make a brief return in season 17, when he supernaturally appeared to Meredith in a dream sequence.

In a 2022 interview with Fatherly, Patrick Dempsey discussed the complicated nature of fame, especially during his stint on Grey’s Anatomy. While it gave his career a major boost, unfortunately It feels like living in a gilded cage, the actor said. It was partly because of this overwhelming pressure from the public and the media that led Dempsey to feel that starring in the show was “untenable”.

“You realize that going into a situation like that is going to be with you for the rest of your career and… it will allow you to transcend to attract a new audience,” Dempsey revealed. “It has opened so many doors around the world. It gave me the opportunity to do things that I couldn’t have done. You have to take the good with the bad.”

“Well, you live in a gilded cage,” Dempsey said. “You know you’re being photographed as soon as you walk out.” “I think it was a frustration towards the end,” she admitted.

Patrick Dempsey revealed the reasons behind his departure from the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy