Pierpaolo Spollon is once again the protagonist in Che Dio help us 7

Pierpaolo Spollon, 33, plays the psychiatrist Emiliano Stiffi in God help us 7.

The psychiatrist Emiliano Stiffi returns, together with Sister Angela, Azzurra Leonardi and most of the cast of God help uswhose seventh season will be broadcast on Rai 1 from 12 January. Yet Pierpaolo Spollon, the 33-year-old actor who plays him, says that “I never realized I had talent”. Maccome, he who has conquered the hearts of fans of TV series Doc – In your hands in the role of the resident Riccardo Bonvegna do you say “don’t think you’re good”? Oh yeah, he admits to style, «simply at a certain point I realized I could play it with the others. I think growing up is this: always finding mistakes in your work, but with the awareness of being able to correct them». Already a young chef in BlancaSpollon is also in the cast of The Red Door 3yellow with supernatural veins with Lino Guanciale and Gabriella Pession, broadcast for another three evenings on Wednesday evenings on Rai 2.

In the cast of God help us 7 Francesca Chillemi also returns as Azzurra Leonardi.

When did the idea of ​​pursuing this career come about?

Since I was a child I was a movie buff. I watched them on videotape – then DVD – and I had such a lofty and celestial conception of cinema that I never thought I could be part of that world. Furthermore, my parents – my dad was a retired commissioner, and my mom is a civilian employee of the army – hoped that I would become a doctor, but I was never the model student they dreamed of. Around the age of ten, however, the turning point: I saw The Last of the Mohicans with the actor who later became my myth, Daniel Day-Lewis. At that moment all my mirror neurons were activated, empathy exploded in me, I burst into tears watching the last scenes of the film. My mother, who I think is the most empathic person I know, explained to me that mine was not an out of place reaction: movies have this effect, crying is normal. For the first time I thought: “Wow, I’d like to commit to something like this one day…”.

He shows up in the third scientific high school, as a repeater: I participate in an audition for the film The right distance by Carlo Mazzacurati. I don’t get the part, but I am noticed by the director Alex Infascelli who introduces me to the world of entertainment by choosing me for the TV miniseries In the name of evil. It was 2009, and thus my career as an actor began, between cinema, TV and theatre. A path that I never take for granted, indeed. I am sure that to try to improve it is always necessary to think of something unattainable and for me Daniel Day-Lewis still represents this today. Then I scrutinize other fantastic and unattainable artists, such as Paul Dano and Joaquin Phoenix, who in my opinion draw a line to follow.

Acting aside, he will certainly have a secret dream…

Here I am! Prove myself as a director. I know I’ll make it, I’m firmly convinced of it because it will be a natural evolution of the road I’m on. I wish I could make others relive what I felt thanks to Michael Mann, director of The Last of the Mohicans. And, still speaking of emotions, I want to say that in everyday life I feel I have a “mission”: to feel good with others and work hard to make the people around me feel good. And this since I was a child, thanks to my mother Gianna who taught me important values. I bring thoughtful lightness and sympathy as a dowry that help me in socializing and to be attentive above all to those who live in a disadvantaged condition.

Pierpaolo Spollon is once again the protagonist in Che Dio help us 7 – Style