Relive your childhood classics for free with your free Disney+ trial!

How to watch Disney+ for free?

To benefit from the free trial at Disney +, nothing could be simpler. It’s up to you to go to the registration pagethen fill in your details to generate the creating an account. In just a few minutes, you will have the possibility of having access to your favorite content.

To register, it will still be necessary to enter payment details, since if you do not think of canceling your subscription online, the direct debit will be made at the end of the free trial period.

During these 7 daysaccess to the platform will be complete, and you will have the entire Disney + catalog at your disposal.

Your temporary subscription will give you the freedom to roam in the middle of an ocean of movies, series, documentaries and therefore cartoons produced by Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, or National Geographic.

The most beautiful cartoons of your childhood to see again!

Who hasn’t developed a real fascination for cartoons as a child?

Magical stories, wonderful characters or even unforgettable songs… all the elements were there to keep them forever etched in our minds. Over time, it has become more and more complex to access it, as technology advances in audiovisual.

But like Disney + wants to allow you to relive these magical moments, you will have the opportunity to watch your favorite cartoons, without even having to pay.

Whether it’s the classics of waltz disney, Pixaror the latest cartoons, there’s something for everyone!

1) The Lion King (1994): The Story of Life According to Simba

When Mufasa and his wife Sarabi give birth to Simbathe question of the inheritance of the royalty of the animal world does not yet cross their minds.

Of course, unexpected events will upset the destiny of this family which reigns supreme over the African savannah. Indeed, Scar, Mufasa’s brother, has every intention of acceding to the throne, and implements a machiavellian plan to achieve this.

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The Lion King disney

Following the death of his father because of the treachery committed by his brother, Simba sees himself sentenced to exile.

Collected by his two acolytes with a go-getter temperament Timon and Pumbahe recovers before returning to the land of the lions to claim what is rightfully his after the tragic death of Mufasa.

2) Toy Story (1995): to infinity and beyond

To begin with, note that Toy Story is the very first feature film in history to have been made entirely in computer-generated images.

Regarding the scenario of this cartoon designed by the Pixar Studios, we focus on an entire world populated by toys of all kinds. When the young Andy is absent, this full-fledged community leads its existence in complete freedom, with all the same the fear of being replaced at each birthday of this dreamy child.

Toy Story Pixar

Whether it’s Rex, Monsieur Patate, Bayonne or even Zig-zag, everyone fears that their owner will eventually get bored. So when a toy brand new, modern, but above all equipped with multiple gadgets arrives, there is panic on board.

A rivalry will then arise between the self-proclaimed chief of this tribe, woody the cowboyand this newcomer named Buzz Lightyear.

This adventurer from a distant galaxy in any case sows trouble within the home…

3) Ice Age (2002): Sid, Manny and Diego are hilarious

Who has never wanted to know what was going on during ice age ?

Discover this prehistoric period in the company of a somewhat special trio, formed by sid lazy, Manny the mammoth, as well as Diego, the saber-toothed tiger. Beyond the improbability of this friendship on paper, it is above all the escapades of the different characters that make us love Ice Age so much.

The Ice Age disney

And to say that all of this is solely the fault of scratchan overly greedy squirrel that caused a fission of the pack ice.

While Manny is grumpy, lonely and notably bereaved at the start, his meeting with Sid will push him to open up to others. A relationship of trust is established between them, the latter having been reinforced by their common mission: protect a human baby from the claws of Soto.

Even though they have absolutely nothing in common, they end up becoming friends and then seeing each other as a real family.

4) Nemo (2003): the fearless clownfish

It is in the middle of the tropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef that the two most famous clownfish in history live peacefully: Marin and his only son. Nemo.

A little too protective, the father tends to show fearful in all circumstances with her child, even at the risk of being suffocating.

It is moreover because of his behavior that the cravings for travel the ocean as a whole felt by Nemo will be accentuated. So once he finds himself left to fend for himself following a drop in vigilance from his teacher during a school outing, there is panic.

The world of Nemo disney

Marin sets off in search of his son, living in the process of hallucinating experiences, while Nemo ends his race in a dentist’s aquarium. It is thanks to the unwavering support of the fish with a flickering memory named Dory that this father finds the strength to face the multiple dangers lurking in the water, in order to bring his child home.

5) The Incredibles (2004): Family

We all have lasting memories of the many adventures in which The Incredibles took us.

The past of the parents of this family to supernatural powers ended up catching up with them, when Bob and Hélène have to put on their superhero costumes again following a summons to a distant island to carry out a top secret mission.

A blessing for this couple who nevertheless put everything in place with the aim of raising their 3 children in a normal living environment. Except that when the opportunity to get back into action presents itself, they can’t resist the temptation.

The problem is that they hadn’t expected the rest of the family to join them there, since their son Arrow as well as their daughter Violet want to help them at all costs, even if it means disobeying them.

6) Ratatouille (2007): the rodent turned chef

Rémy is the name of this rat whose ambition is to become a great leader. Cooking has always been an all-consuming passion, despite all the rest of his family pushing him to go the traditional route for a rodent.

Ready to do anything to live from his passion, Ratatouille ended up seizing his chance in an inopportune way in a major restaurant, popularized by a big name in gastronomy: Auguste Gusteau.

Ratatouille Pixar

Once camouflaged under the toque of the talentless clerk Linguinihe then finds a mischievous trick with his complicity in order to make delicious dishes.

His destiny changes the day when a famous food critic comes to test the dishes of the establishment, moment chosen by our rat adventurer to surpass himself.

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Relive your childhood classics for free with your free Disney+ trial!