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With Smile releasing on September 30, audiences are hoping they will leave theaters with a big smile on their face after seeing how excited they were. Not only has the viral marketing campaign been trending around the world, but early reviews have also been overwhelmingly positive reviews (via Comic Book Room).

While there’s no doubt that the writing is sure to scare audiences, the film’s success will likely hinge on the stellar cast – many of whom may be familiar to the eager-eyed audience member.

Sosie Bacon – 13 Reasons Why (2017-2018)

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Kevin Bacon’s daughter, Sosie Bacon appears in Smile as Dr. Rose Cotter. However, some other fans may know her best for her work as Skye Miller on the hit series 13 Reasons Why (a show that follows a teenager named Clay Jensen, who tries to come to terms with the death of his best friend , Hannah Baker, after she committed suicide).

The gritty teen horror and drama genres are different, but share similarities (like Skye and Rose hiding a few secrets). There’s an intensity to both of these roles that Bacon will no doubt handle with skill.

Jessie T. Usher – The Boys (2019–present)

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Jessie appears as Trevor, but is perhaps best known for the role of A-Train/Reggie Franklin on Amazon Prime’s hit show The Boys. It follows Hughie, a man who has lost his girlfriend to a “superhero” and joins a company that swears to destroy them.

A darkly comedic condemnation of superheroes and idols in general, The Boys proves Usher’s worth as a comedic and dramatic actor. These two characters are worlds apart; Trevor is, according to the trailers, ready to help Rose, while A-Train, great or not, is responsible for the death of Hughie’s girlfriend.

Kyle Gallner – A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

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A veteran of the horror genre, Gallner appears as Joel in Smile, but is most recognizable as Quentin Smith in the Nightmare On Elm Street remake. The film follows a group of teenagers hunted down in their dreams by Freddy Krueger, a sadistic killer and truly terrifying horror villain.

As previously stated, horror isn’t new to Gallner, whose work as sleep-deprived Quentin makes it one of the film’s strongest aspects. Again, Gallner plays a character named Joel, one of those trying to survive an evil no one really understands, and he’s sure to lend gravity and weight to the role.

Caitlin Stasey – Tomorrow When The War Began (2010)

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Caitlin Stasey appears as Laura Weaver in Smile, but is best known as Ellie Linton in the movie Tomorrow, When The War Began. The plot follows a motley crew of teenagers, who come together out of necessity when their country is invaded and their families are taken.

These are leagues apart in the genre. While Smile is horror and Laura Weaver’s character sets the plot in motion, Ellie Linton’s character takes place in a YA-like universe, where death strikes our main characters, and so they must come together or meet their demise. From the trailers, Stasey is set to deliver a great performance.

Robin Weigert – Synecdoche, New York (2008)

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Weigert appears as Dr. Madeline Northcott, but is perhaps best known for her work as Adult Olive in Charlie Kaufman’s Synecdoche, New York. The film follows a theater manager who struggles with his play, as well as his relationships, as he works hard for his job and his marriage.

The characters of Dr. Madeline Northcott and Olive couldn’t be further apart. Northcott is a type of psychologist, trying to help Dr. Rose Cotter with what’s bothering her; Olive, on the other hand, is a deeply troubled young woman, having made one bad decision after another, which demonstrates her range as an actor.

Kal Penn – Harold and Kumar go to the White Castle (2004)

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Kal Penn appears in Smile as Dr. Morgan Desai, but is widely known as Kumar from Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle. A stoner comedy, the most hilarious of the subgenres, the film follows two friends desperate to sate their hunger by stopping at White Castle.

Ironically, going from medically induced Kumar to medical student, Kal Penn will show a side of his game that most viewers won’t know. While the audience knows they can be absolutely hysterical, showing that they can pull off a dramatic performance will be very impressive.

Judy Reyes – Scrubs (2001-2009)

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Reyes appears as Victoria Munoz, but is perhaps best known for the role of nurse Carla Espinosa on the show Scrubs. The series is set at Sacred Heart Hospital, where hospital intern John Dorian learns the ways of friendship, love, and life from those around him.

Filled with memorable characters, Scrubs gives viewers plenty of time to appreciate Reyes’ skills as an actor. Carla Espinosa’s character is confident, opinionated and full of vigor. She loves giving advice, but hates being proven wrong. Although little is known about her character in Smile, fans can rest easy knowing that she will deliver a solid performance.

Rob Morgan – Muddy (2017)

Available to stream Netflix

Morgan is slated to appear as Robert Talley on Smile, but he may be better known to the public as Hap Jackson on Mudbound. The film follows two men who return home after World War II, to fight racism and the transition from wartime life to American life.

Morgan’s brilliant performance in Mudbound shows off his abilities as an actor, and the weight he can bring to a movie like this is endless. While audiences aren’t too sure about his role in Smile after seeing him only as a prisoner, his intensity and power in this brief preview hold great promise.

Kevin Keppy – The Quest (2022)

Available to stream on Disney+

Kevin Keppy appears as Nightmare Mom in the film, but is perhaps best known for the dual role of The Serpent King/The Witch in The Quest. The show, an immersive experience, follows 8 real-life teenagers as they must save a fictional kingdom by fulfilling an ancient prophecy.

An actor with the most distinct appearance, Keppy is able to demonstrate his abilities as a character actor in these roles. For those who have seen the series, Keppy’s appearances are very memorable, and his ability to transform into the characters he plays is impressive. he is ready to scare in Smile.

Gillian Zinser – 90210 (2009-2012)

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Gillian Zinser plays Holly in Smile, but her appearances on 90210 as Ivy Sullivan are perhaps what she’s best known for. The show follows a family from Kansas who moves to Beverly Hills and tries to care for their two children, who turn into “perfect” citizens of Beverly Hills…

Zinser is already an established talent in Hollywood, and the role in Smile allows him to branch out into the horror genre. Her character in 90210, a tomboyish surfer, lives in a huge house and is very sensitive to how people think of her; she hates being underestimated. She is sure to impress in Smile.

Smile: 10 movies and TV shows where you’ve already seen the cast | Pretty Reel