Something different for this Christmas: 5 streaming horror and suspense movies

December 25 is considered the ‘national day of reheated‘ and the ‘national day of rest’, the one where the city is practically deserted because everyone stays at home to enjoy that there is no work, there is no school and it is almost New Year.

But staying at home is not synonymous with boredom; in fact, there are many plans that you can put together at homeas a movie marathon.

We know that the theme of the season is Christmas ribbons, love and peacebut how about some of horror and suspense? It’s never a bad time to see something of this genre.

Horror movies that will keep you on the edge of your seat

If you are one of those who enjoy watching those movies that keep you on the edge of your seat and that leave you intrigued and wrapped under the covers, you will surely like these options.

Black Phone (2022)

A kidnapping and a murderer are the protagonists of this film about Finney Shaw, a 13-year-old teenager who is kidnapped by a man who locks him in a basement without the possibility of being heard despite the fact that he utters the loudest scream .

Inside the place where he is cloistered, a broken phone with no line begins to ring with the voices of his kidnapper’s previous victims, who express their wish that Shaw not have the same fate as them: death.

The movie you can see it from Amazon Prime Videohowever, is not included in the subscription; You will have to buy or rent it.

The Black Swan (2010)

It is not the classic horror movie where there are murderers or paranormal figures scaring the protagonists of the film, it is more of a suspense tape; terror is infused through the mind. Psychological terror, wow.

A dancer who is part of an important ballet company in New York begins to give in to the stress caused by her personal relationships and the demands she is constantly subjected to, which do not allow her to differentiate reality from fiction.

If you feel like seeing this film, you can do it through Star Plus and Apple TV.

The Babadook (2014)

Returning to horror tapes involving death, the previous murder of a man left a woman a widow and living alone with her young son.

Things get complicated for her, because in addition to not being able to get over the death of her husband, she has to deal with an “imaginary monster” that began to torment her son. However, she later realizes that there is actually an evil presence in her home.

Netflixone of the platforms of streaming More popular, is the one that hosts this tape.

Barbarian (2022)

Supernatural entities and presences take over this film that takes place in the city of Detroit, United States, where a young woman goes to a work appointment several kilometers from her home, so she decides to rent a house to spend the night.

However, upon arrival he discovers that there is another person occupying the place and he has no choice but to share the house with this mysterious person, who accompanies him to discover that something is not right in the accommodation rented by both.

Did you fancy seeing it? It is available with your subscription to Disney+.

let me out (2017)

A love story “crosses over” in this film that touches on issues such as racism and slavery, where a young Afro-descendant has a Caucasian girl as a partner, and after a long time, they decide to go to the house of the parents of the young to meet them.

Little by little, the young man named Chris begins to realize that some things are not right in that house, especially because of the two family employees who are also African American. Things start to get worse and ‘twenty falls’ in some situations.

Were you intrigued to know the outcome of this tape? It is available to watch from Amazon Prime Video.

Something different for this Christmas: 5 streaming horror and suspense movies