Stranger Things: Explanation of the parallels between Vecna ​​and Freddy Krueger

Stranger Things Vecna ​​shows striking similarities to one of the most infamous serial killers in the horror genre: Freddy Krueger

Aside from the immediately obvious similarities between Vecna ​​and Freddy Kruger’s A Nightmare on Elm Streetlike the burned and decayed face, the razor-sharp claws and the fact that they both pursue their victims in their dreams, Stranger Things took much more inspiration from Krueger than what emerges. Qthese are all brilliant examples of how the showrunners of Stranger Things they were inspired by the dream invader of Elm Street to create Vecna ​​/ Henry / Uno.

Wicked in life and in death:

Stranger Things 4. 21 Laps Entertainment

Although Vecna ​​and Freddy Krueger are both supernatural undead beings, they didn’t start out that way. Both men have a past. Both were born with evil in their hearts. Vecna ​​started as a boy named Henry (played by Jamie Campbell Bower). Henry was a “misunderstood boy,” so his parents thought, but they could never have imagined the truly horrifying nature of their offspring.

In the fourth season of Stranger Things, we learn that he was the one who persecuted his family using his psychic powers. Using his powers, he kills his mother and sister, leaving his father framed for the murder. He tries to kill Eleven, who manages to overwhelm him. That’s where Henry undergoes his transformation and becomes, as described by Screen Rant, the undead dark wizard known to D&D fans as Vecna.

Let’s take a look at Freddy Krueger’s backstory. First of all, he was a child killer. He would take the Elm Street children to his own boiler room and then assault, torture and sexually kill them. Krueger was eventually arrested for his crimes but was released due to a legal loophole. The parents of the victims decide to get justice for themselves, finding Krueger in his lair and burning him alive. From now on he receives the visit of dream demons who offer him the possibility to invade and kill people in their dreams, provided that his victims are afraid of him. So, both Vecna ​​and Freddy were “rotten inside” before they got supernatural abilities.

Vecna ​​and Freddy “stalk” their victims:

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Both Vecna ​​and Krueger seem to take great pleasure in tormenting their victims with visions and other forms of supernatural oppression. Both invade the minds of their victims. Here, however, we begin to see some differences between the two. Vecna ​​can essentially invade anyone’s mind at will. She just has to go through a process of oppression to utter terror, eventually killing them in the most gruesome way: the victim rises into the air and their bones start breaking – arms, legs and jaws. The victim’s eyes appear to bend inward.

On the other hand, Freddy Krueger has to wait for his victims to fall asleep to torment them. He chases them, causing them to end up in his traps (typically in his boiler room). Then he uses his razor claws to give the victim an agonizing death. Both of these monsters like “play with their food before eating it “. As disgusting as the metaphor is, it rings true for both undead psychotic serial killers.

Both are undead:

Stranger Things: Explanation of the parallels between Vecna ​​and Freddy Krueger