Survivors, Tonight on Rai 1 the Fifth Episode: the shipwrecked have water at their throats

The Fifth and Penultimate Episode of Survivors, the Lost-style fiction with Lino Guanciale, is broadcast tonight on Rai 1 at 21.15.

The pace is getting faster and faster Survivorsfiction with Pillow linen broadcast on Mondays Prime Evening on Rai 1. We arrived at Fifth Stake and the knots begin to come home to roost. In other words, the terrible secrets that the crew of the sailboat Aurora tried by every means to hide are likely to be revealed, however Luca, Nino, Lorenzo and the others try to sidetrack the policewoman Anita.

Directed by Carmine Elijah, the series consists of 12 episodes and each episode contains two. We still don’t know when the season finale will air, but something tells us that the castaways left on board after the storm will bring out their blackest soul, like a herd of captive beasts.

Survivors: Where were we?

In the Fourth installment Of Survivors, the small group that returned home was disconcerted by the writing “Assassins” that someone made in front of each one’s homes. The castaways met secretly, convinced, at first, that it was the architect Léa, who is innocent and has decided to leave Genoa with his sister to start a new life. Thanks to a flashback we discovered that between Lorenzo And Léa there had been something before the arrival of Armando is that Lorenzo he is still in love with the girl. on board theArianna, Armando he asked Léa to marry him. The marriage was celebrated by Lucabut soon after Armando began to cough and have a fever. In the present, however, Léa she sneaked up to the house of Armando to get some things, while her sister was waiting for her downstairs in the car. Unfortunately Léa she threw herself (or was thrown) from the terrace and, falling on the roof of her sister’s car, died. The survivors learned the sad news and became the culprit of the inscriptions for them Anitawhich he discovered, on a book that Armando kept with him on board, that the captain did not lose his life in the sinking. The policewoman challenged Lucawho replied that his friend died due to a bad disease. Sylvie was shocked by the news, which however is nothing compared to the confession, by Lucaof treason with Martha, from which the man discovered that he was expecting a child. As for Ninowent to a party and said a Maya, and in front of everyone, to be in love with her. The boy of Maya he got enraged and punched a Nino. We finally found out how he died Armando. Also ill with tuberculosis, he was shot dead by Lorenzoin cahoots with Gabriel.

Survivors: Advances of the Fifth Episode

There Fifth installment Of Survivors is divided into two episodes: Hope And Victims.


Sylvieinitially very upset by the betrayal of Lucashe realizes that her husband, deep down, did what she did with Albert. The woman decides to give her marriage another chance, but she asks Luca to promise her that he will always tell her the truth. The man agrees, but soon after someone begins to threaten the survivors, who must defend themselves without anyone noticing.


Survivors roam the city extremely carefully and Lucato be more relaxed, he takes his wife and daughters back to the mountains. Tano, for its part, seems ready to face reality. In fact, he says goodbye to his son Simon and seems ready to take on his responsibilities as father and husband.

The appointment with the Fifth installment Of Survivors and for This evening at 21.15 on Rai 1.

Survivors, Tonight on Rai 1 the Fifth Episode: the shipwrecked have water at their throats