Swing Rendezvous: The review


- Release date : 01/11/2023
- Original title : Swing Rendezvous
- Film length: 1:30 a.m.
- Director: Grome Barry
- Screenwriter: Grome Barry
- Performers: Grome Barry, Tatiana Eva-Marie, Estban, Nomie Zeitoun, Anna Bosc-Molinaro, Edwige Morgen, Vinny Raniolo, Haleigh Ciel, Neil Moskowitz


Swing Rendezvous is an astonishing romantic comedy set between France and the United States.

Director Grome Barry’s screenplay revolves around a young man who falls hopelessly in love with a young woman he has interviewed. He will then follow her. In order to seduce her, he will try to find a mythical song which, it seems, can make a person fall in love. He will then fly to the USA and discover the underground jazz scene.

The film has very nice passages and moments of great truth. However, some sequences are much murkier, notably the way the main character pursues and observes the woman he loves without informing her of his feelings. Nevertheless, these somewhat annoying elements gradually turn into comedy and are exploited in a less worrying way at the end of the story.

The great asset of the feature film is its soundtrack. The latter is truly magnificent and remains in the memory for a long time. Between the various melodies and this famous song that we are waiting for, the atmospheres are diversified and the music plays a really fundamental role in the plot.

The work often takes place in places where groups play. We really have to salute the quality of the various musicians performing.

Grome Barry is a very good man ready to do anything to get his hands on the score of his dreams. Tatiana Eva-Marie is a wonderful singer who will help her carry out her quest well. The latter offers remarkable singing numbers that are particularly captivating. Anna Bosc-Molinaro is likeable as a woman of all desires. And Estban and Nomie Zeitoun form an explosive duo of best friends ready to do anything to help their boyfriend.

The film plays on both Parisian and New York clichés. There are a number of romantic places and places that are not necessarily completely representative of the cities where the main character lives.

The magic gradually sets in and the love story takes off to offer a very beautiful reflection on the feeling of love, relationships, and true love. Indeed, by regularly tending his feature film towards comedy, Grome Barry outlines all the procrastination of a universal feeling that is not so simple as that to capture without falling into cliché.

Swing Rendezvous is a good film allowing both to have fun and to be touched by a very complicated romance. If the scenario has a certain classicism and the realization is neat, in addition to actors who are convincing, it is especially the soundtrack which completely enchants and offers a much greater dimension to a love story that does not leave anyone indifferent.

Pleasant and cheerful.


Thodore, a shy young Parisian, discovers the existence of a song with supernatural powers, an old jazz standard from the 1920s that acts like an elixir of love on the person who hears it. Wishing to charm Amandine, whom he believes to be the woman of his life, Thodore goes in search of the score. His investigation takes him to New York, where he meets musicians from the Swing community who will help him in his adventure.



- Photography : Edward Bally
- Assembly : Camille Guyot
- Music : John Mirabassi
- Producers: Grome Barry, Xu Feng, Laurent Garin for Fabulous NYC, John Collins Films, Moby Dick Films, Tom Collins Films & Co
- Distributer : Epicenter Movies




Swing Rendezvous

Swing Rendezvous: The review