Swing rendezvous

Summary : Théodore, a shy young Parisian, discovers the existence of a song with supernatural powers, an old jazz standard from the 1920s that acts like an elixir of love on the person who hears it. Wishing to charm Amandine, whom he believes to be the woman of his life, Théodore goes in search of the score. His investigation leads him to New York, where he meets musicians from the Swing community who will help him in his adventure.

Critical : Gérome Barry is a complete artist. He produces films, directs short films. This time, he engages in a feature film where he himself is an actor. He embodies a haggard and melancholy thirty-year-old who succumbs to love thanks to the magical powers of a lost jazz page: “The Sound of Love”. Swing date is a film that definitely does not take itself seriously. The actor-director embodies a debonair and whimsical character who languishes in a Parisian existence, yet far from the cramped apartments or difficult neighborhoods that many Ile-de-France residents suffer.

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The problem of French cinema often remains the script. Many directors persist in writing their own films themselves, which, in this case, really harms the interest of the story. Yet this vicarious love story in a jazzy, whimsical New York is brimming with ingenuity. The soundtrack accompanies this antihero and brings to the story a dimension full of grace and delicacy. But the dialogues often borrowed from stereotypes, the Parisian archetypes which litter the film end up weighing on the interest of the intrigue.

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We recognize in the general atmosphere of the film the tenderness of a certain Jacques Tati, the timeless shift so present in the work of Jacques Demy or the bourgeois phlegmatism inherited from Woody Allen. The entire New York part is the most successful, managing to extract images of frank poetry and drawing the spectator into the fascinating timbres of a saxophone or a jazz singer. But the story is each time overtaken by misunderstandings that are not and resonate as real scriptwriting blunders. Even the actors seem to suffer from the dialogues and get lost in tones of voice that ring false.

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Swing date does not lack originality and gaiety. In any case, if we were not seduced by the story, certainly Gérome Barry is an artist to follow.

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Swing rendezvous – Gérome Barry – review