Team War: four families and a crown at stake

The great attraction of any fight is knowing who is going to win. Knowing the answer to that question produces all the excitement and all the profits, through box office, broadcast rights, et cetera. The problem with action movies and series is that no matter how many or what kind of enemies you face, the hero always prevails.

They can be monstrously strong rivals, supernatural or divine and it doesn’t matter, the hero, be it Jean Claude Van Damme, Donnie Yen, Scott Adkins or Ralph Macchio in his eternal role of Daniel La Russo, comes out with his arm raised.

Combate Global and TelevisaUnivision, a leading media conglomerate in Spanish-language productions, have brought together four prestigious mixed martial arts academies to compete against each other in a serial that is broadcast by ViX+, the content streaming platform in Spanish.

The prize for the winning gym is 50 thousand dollars; however, the financial reward is the least important and the personal glory takes second place. The fighters face each other to take their dojo to the top, to ensure the prosperity of the gym that has trained them.

“Are you excited about shows like Cobra Kai? Imagine the emotion you will feel with a real competition: four top-level academies fighting for a prize of one million pesos and much more than that, the honor of their teachers and the combat culture that has formed them”, said Campbell McLaren, CEO of Global Combat.

To the delight of action fans, in this Team War there is no script or choreography, there is no Tony Jaa or Iko Uwais who is guaranteed victory. The only sure thing is the dates in the cage in the final stretch of each episode; on the ring, intelligence, strength and the will to succeed are the main actors.

collision forces

What do the chaos of Mexico City, the glamor of Miami, the Catalan pride of Barcelona and the multiculturalism of Los Angeles have in common? These four cities, so different from each other, have managed to become hotbeds of successful exponents of mixed martial arts.

Bonebreakers, under the baton of Raúl Salas, is more than just the combat academy that represents Mexico in this fair; It is the materialization of the warrior spirit of the Mexicans, capable of disciplining their berserker way and overcoming difficult conditions, dangerous environments, to compete and succeed in a fair fight.

The Miami gym, Goat Shed Academy, run by Asim Zaidi, embodies one of the most enviable habits of athlete training in North America: whenever you compete, aim to become a legend, to be the best of all time. To that essence, that mentality of steel surrounded by glamour, we must add the nuances of Caribbean and South American influences of its fighters.

If something distinguishes the Catalans, it is a DNA of struggle and resistance. Uppercut Training Center, an academy founded in Barcelona by Oriol Gaset and Ramón Maneiro, has a history as brief as it is intense: it was born in times of a pandemic, it survived the virus, it grew stronger and now it is determined to show that Olympus belongs to Europeans .

Los Angeles has an MMA classic at Saekson’s Academy, one who emerged from a raging river of cultures and knows the importance of building a legacy. Under the direction of Julio Trana and Junior, this academy has made work the basis of its success and celebrating victory as a regular ceremony, like mass in other temples.

“My inspiration for this series came from visiting camps like Bonebreakers and Goat Shed. Their cultures and the philosophy of their owners and main trainers, such as Raúl Salas and Asim Zaidi, are very different; they still produce great fighters. Within my travels in the world of MMA, I have trained in various gyms over the last two decades and have experienced these kinds of different cultures, or versions of them, and find it fascinating how each of them educates and guides their students of a different way,” explains Mike Afromowitz, creator and executive producer of the series.

The banquet

Combate Global, the Hispanic MMA sports franchise, and TelevisaUnivision have prepared six episodes of this team war. As in the plot of fictions such as Best of the Best or the fourth season of Cobra Kai, in Exclusive Global Combat it is not enough to be the best fighter, it is not enough to win your fight, it is not just about adding one more victory to the individual record. If the team does not win, personal triumphs are of little use; everyone loses, the contestant, the gym, the coach, the other teammates who fought and the allies who stayed in reserve waiting for their chance to defend the honor of the dojo. In the same way, the defeat of one is not final as long as the rest of the team does their homework to finish with their fists raised.

That’s an appeal of this series: when a fighter wins, they get points for their cause, for their own. The gym with the highest score at the end of the six episodes takes all.

The contenders fight for something more than themselves, theirs is the mission to prove that their academy, in which they learned a particular way of living, thinking and executing mixed martial arts, is the best.

Another strong point of this production is that it shows us that in terms of forging good fighters there is nothing written.

Action that is lived

A chaotic metropolis, a paradise of order, a city with a historical identity and another that reinvents itself, practically every day, through cultural exchanges, all four are capable of producing champions. Witnessing this collision of gyms is also looking at the lives of these coaches, their students and environments where physical and mental preparation, as well as the will to succeed, play a determining role in standing out.

Exclusive Global Combat is action that is lived, with this series you discover that the best action plot keeps you throughout the broadcast wondering who will win.

Imagine that your favorite team is winning. Will he be able to keep his lead? Will the others be able to overcome adversity? That’s excitement, entertainment, catharsis.

The six episodes of this team war will be available on @ViX+ as part of its extensive catalog of content in Spanish. This video-on-demand platform offers a one-week free trial to new subscribers.

The war between Combate Global and TelevisaUnivision teams sets the tone for what should be an action serial where the script is written with bare hands.

Team War: four families and a crown at stake