The Absolute Best New Christmas Movies of 2022 E! News UK

A bunch of new Christmas movies and TV shows fall from the bottom every year. While most evoke the Christmas cheer you’re looking for, they’re not necessarily attention-grabbing tales.

Luckily, a handful fills the docket for the new Christmas movie that deserves to be added to your crowded watchlist. Let’s review the best of 2022.

The best new Christmas movies (and shows) of 2022


Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell make an odd couple in this reimagining of – you guessed it – A Christmas Carol. Ferrell is the ghost of the Christmas present, but instead of showing Reynolds’ Scrooge the error of his ways, it’s Present who must re-examine his own past, present, and future. Expect big musical numbers and the joy you’ve been looking for with this handy bite of Christmas candy. The film is also getting a limited release in theaters starting November 11.

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Also known as A Christmas Story 3, this trio arrives a decade after the previous film in the Parker family franchise. It all started in 1983 with the classic holiday comedy A Christmas Story, after Ralphie remembered his family Christmas. This follow-up, 30 years later and set in the mid-’70s, sees an adult Ralphie return to his old home in Indiana, where his mother convinces him to rekindle a magical Christmas of yore.

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While not strictly a Christmas movie, Disenchanted is a no-brainer to watch during the silly season. It uses the genius idea of ​​turning the pure and loving Giselle into an evil stepmother – technically, she became a stepmother in 2007’s Enchanted. This sequel brings back Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden and Idina Menzel, and adds Maya Rudolph.

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Violent Night (out now in theaters)

Not all Christmas tales are bloodless. This dark comedic action flick stars David Harbor as an action hero, Santa Claus, who steps in to save the day when a group of mercenaries raid the estate of a wealthy family.


Yes, it’s another adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, but this one stands out for its star-studded voice cast, including Jessie Buckley, Olivia Colman, Luke Evans and Jonathan Pryce. Netflix says it’s a “supernatural, time-traveling musical adaptation.” A good one for kids, that’s for sure.


It’s lively, it’s for the whole family and it’s surprisingly good. Guillermo del Toro rarely disappoints and his interpretation of Pinocchio is no exception. More than just a children’s story, del Toro unfolds a moving gothic fairy tale that’s rooted in what it means to be alive. With significant deviations from the story we all know, and memorable new creature designs, including skeletal bunnies and an ethereal wood sprite, this version of Pinocchio is perfect for Christmas. Warning: you will shed a tear at least once.

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If you haven’t seen previous episodes of this comedy gem on Netflix, this might be a good place to start. The semi-improvised show sees celebrities join Will Arnett’s incompetent detective Terry Seattle in a murder investigation – but those guests haven’t seen the script. It’s up to them to follow the clues and name the murderer in the end. Jason Bateman and Maya Rudolph are in for the Christmas special – a nice treat for the holidays.


How about a Christmas TV show set closer to the north? This Norwegian limited series follows a group of people stranded at Oslo airport, with the clock counting down to Christmas. Will they arrive in time? Will they forge unlikely friendships in this difficult time? Don’t answer these rhetorical questions, just watch all six episodes.

What better way to spend Christmas than arguing over a thriller. Daniel Craig is back as Benoit Blanc in Rian Johnson’s sequel to groundbreaking Knives Out. This time, Craig’s detective tackles a new case overseas with an equally star-studded cast, including Edward Norton, Janelle Monáe and Kate Hudson.


This rare pure sci-fi adventure from Disney is coming to Disney Plus just in time for Christmas. Strange World follows a family of explorers who travel through a world crawling with monsters. There, they investigate the cause of a dying plant, while massaging some family differences along the way.

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Netflix’s Christmas Day deal doesn’t take place over Christmas, but it has everything you could ask for in a Christmas movie. Matilda the Musical by Roald Dahl is based on Tim Minchin’s hit musical. Fill your living room with barnstorming tunes and the classic tale of a young girl (Alisha Weir) using her magical imagination to outsmart an evil headmistress (Emma Thompson). The film will also have a limited release in theaters starting December 9.

The Absolute Best New Christmas Movies of 2022 E! News UK