The Addams Family returns to television with Tim Burton

Since they appeared as a comic strip in the magazine The New Yorker In 1938 by the hand of its creator, the cartoonist Charles Addams, Morticia, Homer, Wednesday, Pericles, Uncle Fetido, Largo, Grandma and Thing became part of popular culture. The impact was even greater when in 1964 they landed on television, in a program on ABC that crossed borders with a cast led by John Astin, and in which Carolyn Jones and Jackie Coogan also participated.

Although only two seasons and 64 episodes were made, by the time Barry Sonnenfeld brought them back in a Paramount blockbuster, with Raúl Juliá, Anjelica Huston, Christina Ricci and Christopher Lloyd in the main roles, the shadow of that series had not dissipated. The truth is that the Addams family have always maintained their presence through sequels, series and animated films and even a new television foray in 1998.

Fiction gives a twist to the story to put the axis in a teenager as typical as unusual

Even though many don’t know it, Tim Burton He always dreamed of putting his own spin on the franchise and seriously considered a stop-motion animated film that never came to fruition and whose development process concluded with the animated film released in theaters in 2019. Burton has finally been able to give himself taste with Wednesday the new Netflix series that opens on the 23rd and that gives a twist to the story of this peculiar family to put the axis in the Addams daughter, now turned into a teenager as typical as unusual, incarnated with precision by Jenna Ortega.

Written by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, two veteran screenwriters who were in smallville Y Charlie’s Angels among other, Wednesday tells what happens when the girl with a serious face, pale skin and unmistakable clothing is sent by her parents (Luis Guzmán and Catherine Zeta-Jones), to a boarding school called Nevermore Academy, created as a refuge for different students, including that there is no lack of werewolves or vampires. Although Largo (George Burcea), Thing (Victor Dorobantu) and Uncle Foul (Fred Armisen) also appear, the accent is placed on school life and the typical conflicts of adolescents, always with a supernatural touch.

Born in California to parents of distant Mexican and Puerto Rican descent, Ortega became popular as a child actress working for the Disney Channel in Between brothers and rose to stardom as a teenager thanks to his participation in horror films. When Burton invited her to audition for the role, Jenna did not miss the opportunity: “I had never played a character that had been played by other actresses,” she revealed during the New York Comic-Con and added: “We have never seen Wednesday as a teenager, which is a significant change. I was honored that someone with Tim Burton’s legacy and career had noticed me. Also, I don’t know many iconic characters who are also Latino, like Miércoles. It was something I couldn’t let go.”

Also participating in the series is the very tall Gwendoline Christie, as the school principal, and Christina Ricci herself, who played the first movie Wednesday when she was 10 years old and has chosen to return to the universe that gave her fame when she has already turned 42.

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The Addams Family returns to television with Tim Burton