The cinema of 2023: Spielberg’s childhood, the return of Erice and the Östlund controversy

With the Oscars just around the corner, January and February usually arrive loaded with the big quality Hollywood releases. The United States industry will give its awards on March 13 and until then we will see a display of films by its most renowned directors such as the classics Steven Spielberg either sam mendes or the mighty Damian Chazelle. Coincidences of life, each one in its own way presents films that pay homage to cinema itself.

Chazelle returns to photograph Los Angeles after the, the land (2016) in its new title, Babylonset in the city of stars in the 1920s. It will open fire on January 20 with a cast headed by Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt in a film that reflects the dawn of a flourishing film industry in which great fortunes were made, others went bankrupt and everyone danced in a debauchery that the society of the time began to censor in the 1930s.

Spielberg won the Toronto Audience Award in September for The Fabelmans, enthusiastically received by critics and top favorite for the Oscars. In the film, the veteran director of ET either Catch Me If You Can sample his own childhood in an Arizona town marked by the contrast between her artist mother (Michelle Williams) and his computer father (Paul Dano). In the film, the director paints his own “portrait of the adolescent artist” in the manner of Joyce to show the birth of his passion for cinema and his deep commitment to his art.

After his success directing James Bond films, Sam Mendes also looks back on the empire of lightin which he also pays homage to the seventh art, although in this case not as an artistic practice but as a spectacle to be seen in theaters. Olivia Colman gives life to a woman with a traumatic past who finds in theaters the place of magic that denies her life. The illusion of her will be reborn in her when she falls in love with a man of African origin, something frowned upon in provincial England in the 80s.

The jewels of auteur cinema

British cinema has a true devotion to bronte sisters. In recent times we have seen new versions of his most famous novels such as jane eyre (Cary Fukunaga, 2011), from Charlotte, and wuthering heights (Andrea Arnold, 2012), by Emily. Now it comes in the form of a biopic Emilyabout the latter, a great figure of romanticism par excellence, talented and rebellious, who died prematurely at the age of 30. Directed by Frances O’Connor, the interpretation of Emma MacKey I could give him an Oscar. It opens on January 13.

There is expectation to see the last palm d’or, The triangle of sadnessdirected by the Swedish “enfant terrible” Ruben Östlund (already winner of the same award for the acid the square). Next February 17 comes this new hooligan comedy set on a luxury cruise ship in which employees are forbidden to deny any appetite for their wealthy crew members where old millionaires mix with young people influencers. Vomiting and eschatology for a film that puts the elites to shame. It arrives on February 17.

[Ruben Östlund gana su segunda Palma de Oro en Cannes con la sátira ‘Triangle of Sadness’]

Maximum expectation also to see the new Korean Park Chan Wook, Decision to Leave, after ripping off cheers in Cannes. A tribute to film noir, it tells of a detective’s attraction to the main suspect in a murder case he is investigating. We will be able to see it from next January 20.

And from the convulsed Iran a title takes off that has maximum cinematographic and political relevance as holy spiderfrom Ali Abbasi, about a reporter who, at the beginning of the millennium, investigates some femicides in the holy city of Mashaad that take place without the police having much interest in solving them. It was a hit at Cannes and it’s coming soon, on January 13.

Awarded in Venice, the French Saint Omerdocumentary filmmaker’s fiction debut Alice Diopis a courtroom drama about a mother of African descent who leaves her baby abandoned on a beach, causing his death, but he hopes that his own judgment will clarify the reasons for such an act. It will arrive on March 3. And the 17th of that same month will be the great day of The Kings of the worldwinner of the last Golden Shell in San Sebastian. Directed by Laura Morais a stinging electric shock starring young people who live in misery and go in search of an inheritance in a sensual and violent Colombia.

[Alice Diop gana en Sevilla con la película de una madre que provocó la muerte de su bebé]

The independent cinema of the United States also has strong dishes. high praise for brendan fraser for his work in The whale (The Whale), in which he plays an obese man traumatized by his past. He is a favorite for the Oscar for best leading actor. Behind the camera, a director as bold and original as Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream).

Y cate blanchett could win his third Oscar for tar, in which she plays Lydia Tár, a world-famous conductor and composer debased by her success who suffers a serious personal crisis. She directs the prestigious Todd Fieldactor and director famous for In the room (2001). Finally, after The father (2020), hit drama about senile dementia with Anthony Hopkinsarrives The son (2022) by the same director, Florian Zeller. we will see Hugh Jackman suffer from the mental disorder of their partner’s adolescent son.

Erice, Bayonne and the Fesser Champions

No less than 40 years have passed since Victor Erice he shot his last fiction film, that masterpiece titled The South (1983) and more than 30 since his last feature film, the documentary the quince sun (1992), portrait of the painter antonio lopez. As an event, it is worth celebrating that the filming of Close the eyesstarring José Coronado, Manolo Solo and Ana Torrent.

Set in the world of cinema, the plot begins when a television program revives the mystery of the disappearance of actor Julio Arenas. The police concluded that he had died in an accident aboard a ship although his body was never found. The television broadcast of the last scenes that the actor shot revived in the director of that film the memory of that film that could never end due to the mysterious disappearance of his star. Erice himself has defined it as a “nostalgic drama”. Most likely it will premiere at the Cannes festival next May.

[Víctor Erice ya rueda ‘Cerrar los ojos’, su regreso al largometraje 30 años después]

On January 13 we will be able to see the second film of the controversial and risky Edward Casanovas behind the shock of skins (2017). In piety, awarded at Locarno, the young filmmaker and actor recreates a very particular world in shades of pink with studied compositions of the plane that are reminiscent of ancient religious painting. It tells the story of a mother, Angela Molinawith his son sick with cancer, manel llunell. According to the director, it deals with “toxicity” and the destructive capacity of some relationships.

And on February 3, another classic returns as Carlos Saura with the walls speakin which the master carries out an evolution of the art engraved on stone from the Paleolithic to contemporary graffiti.

[Carlos Saura: “Soy muy pesimista con la humanidad y optimista conmigo mismo”]

With no confirmed release date, we will probably have to wait until after the summer to see long-awaited productions such as the return of Juan Antonio Bayona to the epic blockbuster with The Snow Society in which he recreates the tragedy of the Chilean rugby team that crashed its plane in Los Andes in 1972 and survived the most extreme conditions imaginable resorting to practices such as cannibalism.

Also no release date championexsequel to hit movie 2018 Javier Fesser about a basketball team made up of people with intellectual disabilities. With the same cast, the director has promised “tenderness and lots of action.”

sister deatha horror film set in a convent where supernatural phenomena occur, will surely be a new success for its director, the master of homeland terror Paco Plaza. Y Daniel Calparsoro collaborate with again Luis Tosar in the explosive All the names of God. account in the form of thriller the tragedy of a man who, after being kidnapped by jihadists, is abandoned in the middle of Madrid’s Gran Vía wearing an explosive vest. We will see them in the fall.

Indiana Jones and Mission Impossible

This 2023 great action movie classics return. The big star will be Indiana Joneswho returns with his fifth adventure, titled the dial of fate. It will be released worldwide on June 30 with Harrison Ford as protagonist. Directed by James Mangold (director of the saga about Wolverine), it is known that the action takes place in 1969 and that on this occasion “Indy” will have to face, once again, his hated Nazis, some of whom now work for the United States government in its space program.

Tom Cruise has a tailwind after the enormous success of Top Gun Maverick last year, which was the highest-grossing film in the world. The star gets back into the skin of Ethan Hunkthe secret agent, in Mission Impossible: Deadly Judgment. Part 1, which opens on July 14. seventh film of the popular action sagaNot many details are known except that Christopher McQuarrie gets behind the camera again and according to Cruise it will be the most spectacular. The sequel is already planned for 2024.

July 21 will be the time for one of the most anticipated titles of the year, oppenheimerin which Christopher Nolan reflects the course of the famous “manhattan project” which gave rise to the atomic bomb led by the famous scientist of the same title. And at the end of July, great expectation for Barbievery free version of the famous doll with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling whose first images have unleashed delirium in the networks.

The cinema of 2023: Spielberg’s childhood, the return of Erice and the Östlund controversy