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20-26 January 2023


Friday 20 January at 6pm


MAO – inauguration of the new installation in the t-space X MAO

The song of the goat is an installation work conceived by GianMarco Porru for the spaces of the MAO in Turin, following an invitation from t-space for the creation of an unpublished work in dialogue with the museum’s collection. The work extends a series of reflections already present in the artist’s work and expands a Mediterranean mythology through a reflection on the presence of a certain religious syncretism between the various geographical areas present – ​​and otherwise – within the museum’s collections.

The song of the goat is the fantastic reconstruction and a three-dimensional visualization of a narration that engages in the process of religious interpretation: the reception of influences and, in some cases, the assimilation and reinterpretation of the pantheon of each ethnic and cultural component present in a given geographical area. In some cases the different versions of “creed” have amalgamated, in other cases the pagan version has survived. From the pagan version it is evident how deeply rooted the cult of water was and how much of the rituals were intended to propitiate the divinity responsible for storms.

As usual, in the t-space, visitors will also be able to help themselves to a cup of yellow tea, selected for the occasion by Claudia Carità (The Tea Torino).

Free admission.


Saturday 21 January at 11am and 3pm


Palazzo Madama – the concert on Saturday with the orchestra of the Liceo Classico Musicale Cavour

As part of the project Four schools for a Queenconceived by the Educational Services of Palazzo Madama on the occasion of the exhibition Margherita of Savoy, Queen of Italythe classes of the music section of the C. Cavour high school in Turin offer a series of concerts that will immerse the audience in the music most loved by Queen Margherita, a great lover of music since her youth: throughout her life she practiced this art and promoted Italy the knowledge of chamber and symphonic music, and of Beethoven in particular, as evidenced by this sentence of his: “I have a cult for Beethoven, he is so great and always new, I really feel like I’m staying with Dante and Shakespeare!”.

The program will feature plays from European music, in a excursus ranging from the Baroque to the nineteenth century.

Last date

28 January 2023 at 3 pm

info: all concerts will be held on the first floor of the museum, in the Sala Feste

Free entry

Booking: ; 0114429629


Sunday 22nd January at 3pm


GAM – activities for families (children aged 6 and over)

GAM offers families an activity in which everyone, children and parents, will be involved in a themed workshop, an opportunity to work with the same technique, each according to their own aptitudes.

The visit itinerary will lead the participants to discover works in which the form is reduced to a simple line, curved or broken, closed or open: a sort of thread that stretches and thins, creating paths full of meaning. In the Educational Area, parents and children will work in dedicated spaces to create original filiform sculptures, re-enactments of artists such as Fausto Melotti and Alexander Calder.

At the end of the activity the families will be able to combine their works in the recomposition of a single installation.

Cost: €7 per participant

Additional cost: reduced admission ticket for adults; free for Museum Pass holders

Information and reservations: 011 5211788 –


Monday 23 January at 5pm


Palazzo Madama – botanical conference with Edoardo Santoro, curator of the Medieval Botanical Garden of Palazzo Madama

Lemons and oranges, grapefruit and tangerines are just some of the fruits belonging to the citrus family which has hundreds of species all over the world. They have been cultivated for centuries in Italy, even though they originate from geographically very distant areas from ours. In addition to the food and herbal uses (for example of bergamot, chinotto, lime and citron), we will discover its ornamental use, which began in Roman times and is still in vogue today in many Mediterranean environments.

The appointment is part of the cycle of conferences Plants in the history of the gardenaimed at deepening the historical and botanical, medicinal and food aspects of plants that over the centuries have played a fundamental role in the ornamental and vegetable garden, in parks and public gardens.

Upcoming events

Monday 20 February 2023 at 5pm: Pome fruit – pear and apple

Monday 20 March 2023 at 5 pm: Rose

Cost: €15

Reservation required: t. 011.4429629 (from Mon. to Fri. 09.30 – 13.00; 14.00 – 16.00)


For organizational reasons, payment of the fee must be made by bank transfer. Payment at the ticket office is not permitted.


Tuesday 24 January at 18.30

DIASPORAS NOW: RIEKO WHITFIELD + MICAELA TOBIN (WHITE BOY SCREAM). Conversations and alternative narratives on migrant identities, intersectional backgrounds, decolonization, self-empowerment, mutual care and support.

MAO – sound ritual + talk within the exhibition Buddha10

The term diaspora is used in relation to art to speak of emigrant artists of first or subsequent generations, who take up and use their own different cultural experiences and identities, often creating alternative narratives in their works in contrast to consolidated ideas and structures. Never before has it been more important for artists to tell their stories on their own terms, so let’s listen!

On this very special afternoon we will welcome two guests: Rieko Whitfield, a London-based Japanese-American artist, writer and musician, one of the founders of Diasporas Now, a diasporic solidarity platform dealing with contemporary discourses on migrant identities; and Micaela Tobin, a first-generation Filipino-American soprano and sound artist based in Los Angeles.

The two artists will present two of their most recent works: two films/musical works that start from speculative mythologies to remove centrality from the historical trajectories of Eurocentric colonialism.

Part sonic ritual, part diasporic storytelling, Micaela Tobin’s “BAKUNAWA: Opera of the Seven Moons” is an immersive, experimental work based on Tobin’s critically acclaimed album of the same name, reclaiming the pre-colonial mythology of the Philippines after centuries of violent cultural erasure.

Telling the story of Bakunawa, a serpent-like dragon from Philippine mythology, Tobin takes his voice beyond the imperial walls of the opera house and onto the California coast facing the Pacific Ocean – creating a sonic bridge to the islands of the Philippines in an act of healing.

“Regenesis: An Opera Tentacular” by Rieko Whitman is a story about the cycles of life, death, the importance of community set in a post-apocalyptic world and told in a non-linear way through the impersonation of supernatural avatars. The three-act narrative is inspired by Izanami, the Shinto goddess of creation and destruction, who burns to death to give life to the world. “Regenesis” stages a speculative mythology evoking supernatural beings who heal the suffering body of the earth, through the use of collective care methods and at the same time creating alternative prototypes of sustainable futures.

The screening of the two musical works will be followed by a talk on diasporic themes in which the two artists will intervene, moderated by Ilaria Benini, editor of the Asia series of Add editore, and explorer of the contemporary Asian cultural scene.

*The meeting is held in English


Wednesday 25 January at 18.30

CHINABOT: JPN KASAI & NEO GEODESIA. An evening with Chinabot, a collective that wants to change the discussion on Asian music. Khmer songs, karaoke samples, Japanese popular music, juke and metal drums.

MAO – concert + talk in the context of the Buddha10 exhibition

Since its launch, London-based label collective Chinabot has broadened and demystified the public perception of Asian experimental music scenes by releasing bizarre, unpredictable and innovative works by artists from various regions of Asia. Each release is stylistically diverse and meaningfully conceptualized through local cultural references, immersive listening experiences that are better suited for avant-garde theater than clubbing.

The label works to give space to the various uniqueness of the Asian continent in terms of cultures, traditions and genres (both musical and identity) and to give space to artists from developing countries of Asia. This includes as part of his modus operandi an effort to broaden knowledge of the continent beyond the Japanese and Chinese scenes, which have long represented the creative output of Asia on the world stage, and the representation of themes of current affairs and Asian politics. Much of Chinabot’s output is in fact thematic, focusing on governments, geopolitics and the environment in an attempt to stimulate discussion and shed light on underrepresented issues with artists whose works span topics such as national unrest, decolonization, feminism, gender fluidity and cyborg futurism .

For this special evening we will host a selection of video clips by Chinabot artists and a talk with Saphy Vong, founder of the label, and Giulia Mengozzi, assistant curator at the PAV Parco Arte Vivente, part of ALMARE, a collective dedicated to contemporary practices that use sound as a means of expression, and of AWI – Art Workers Italia.

Following the streaming concert from Kyoto by JPN Kasai, who combines Japanese popular music Ondo and Minyo with juke and minimal footwork, and a live performance by Vong himself who mixes samples of Khmer songs, karaoke and metal drums under the pseudonym of Neo Geodesy.

*The meeting is held in English

Cost for the two events on 24 and 25 January: 15 € | reduced students 10 €.

Info and reservations:

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