The Duffer Brothers Share New Details About Stranger Things 5

With some time to go, the Duffer Brothers shared some exciting new details about the ideas that are going to influence Stranger Things 5, the final season.

Stranger Things 4 was one of the events of the year for television. Specifically we talked about what this season meant to Netflix. The fourth season was released in two parts, on different dates. This decision was unprecedented for the history of the series, however it was a formula that turned out very well for the fans. The anxiety and uncertainty about what happened in the finale kept the series trending for weeks. Now, a few months after the end, fans are preparing for the arrival of the fifth and final season.

Six years have passed since the premiere of Stranger Things on Netflix. The series from its inception became a worldwide phenomenon and catapulted its rising stars to fame. It currently has four seasons and the fifth is expected to premiere in 2024. Stranger Things has delighted its own and strangers, adults and children, since it has known how to work all its elements. The mix of nostalgia, horror, suspense and science fiction was perfect for one of the most successful shows in recent years.

Stranger Things 5: The Duffer Brothers anticipate what we will see in the series finale

Although the wait is getting a bit long, The Duffer Brothers wanted to leave us some small clues about what Stranger Things 5 ​​will be like. More specifically, they talked about the ideas that will influence the fifth season. This was some of what was revealed during the WGFestival 2022. The fifth season will connect with the past seasons in ways we did not imagine:

The success of Season 1 drove us crazy and we knew then that we needed to build a bigger world, that this was going to continue. That meant the buildup to season two involved a blackboard of every idea the writers room could think of. But it was too much. Five times more ideas than we needed or 10 times more. For Season 5 we will be taking a lot of ideas from Season 2. A lot of our grand finale will come out of everything we thought we would see in Season 2.

ross duffer

Recall that the second season explores Will Byers’ connection to the Upside Down. It also lets us see something of Eleven’s past in the Hawkins Laboratory. However, the Duffer Brothers are unclear as to what ideas they might select from season 2. They still spoke in depth about the writing process for Stranger Things 5, which differs from their previous approaches. Because of the COVID hiatus they were able to structure Season 5 before Season 4 was released. Once they received feedback from ST4, they went back to the original plan for the future of Stranger Things:

We reread the document. We were like: ‘that’s great, that’s great, that could be better, that could be better.’ Even the ending is a bit different now. Many of the ideas are the same but the things that happen in between are very different.

Matt Duffer

What the final season of Stranger Things means for the cast and staff

At an event in Los Angeles, the Duffer brothers revealed that they submitted the first script a couple of weeks ago and are working on the second. As they say, everything is going smoothly. They also indicate that much of what we will see in the final season began to be revealed in the fourth. Especially in terms of the characters, there is talk of closing their arcs and giving them a point of balance, especially since we have seen them grow.

Matt Duffer said that very few people know the ending. However, the entire season was presented in a meeting with Netflix. According to Matt, executives would not stop crying and that the only times he saw them cry like this was in budget meetings.

Netflix: Stranger Things 5 ​​will cause a huge impact on fans

Shawn Levy, the executive producer emphasized that these were different tears: “As a witness and having been in that room for two hours and having read that first script, I’m afraid of spoiling anything, but I will say that the thing about the Duffer Brothers is that even though the show became so famous and the characters so iconic, there’s so much about the eighties, the supernatural and the genre, it’s all about these people, these characters. The fifth season is already taking care of these stories of these characters because that has always been the soul of Stranger Things”

To finish, the Duffer Brothers indicate that the fifth season will have a little of each season. What they will try is to go back a bit to the beginning. It may have the tone of season one, but in scale, it aligns with season 4.

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The Duffer Brothers Share New Details About Stranger Things 5