The five series and the five movies that everyone has to watch on Netflix (if you haven’t already)

Some time ago Netflix launched an interesting website ( that allows you to find out what the most watched titles have been on the platform during the previous week and since the beginning of time (or at least since the platform was created ). This page counts the hours of life that users from around the world have invested in their movies and in their own Netflix original productions. And it is that in last week’s list there are the most interesting titles, both in movies and series for all tastes.

This is the Top 5 Netflix Spain series that everyone is watching

1. Woman Scented Coffee – Season One

With seven weeks in the Top 10, this telenovela follows the story of Gaviota, who, like every year, returns to Hacienda Casablanca with his mother to pick the coffee from the second harvest of the year. But this time they go with the hope that it will be the last, since from now on they will own their own land.

woman-fragranced coffee Netflix

2. The queen of flow – Second season

That remains at the top for 13 consecutive weeks, where the premise of the fiction was to learn about the difficult life of Yeimy Montoya, a Colombian singer and songwriter who was unjustly imprisoned. Seventeen years later, when she gets out of prison, she only seeks revenge on the men who brought her down and murdered her family.

The queen of flow 2 Netflix

3. We’re Dead – Season One

With three consecutive weeks in the Top. In Lee Byeong-chan’s lab, a student suffers a seemingly harmless bite. Then, an epidemic spreads, leaving the school awash in blood.

We are dead Netflix

4. The queen of flow – First season

With 13 weeks in the Top 10, as well as its second season. The series tells the story of Yeimy Montoya, a young and talented composer who is serving an unjust sentence in a New York prison. This happens after being deceived by the man she is in love with, Charly, who also steals her songs and becomes a star thanks to them.

the queen of flow Netflix

5. Inventing Anna – Miniseries

It opens with its first week on the list. Bold businesswoman or fraud artist? A reporter goes in to investigate Anna Delvey, who convinced the entire New York elite that she was a German heiress.

Inventing Anna Netflix

This is the Top 5 Netflix Spain movies that you should also see

1. Through my window

With two weeks in the Top since its premiere on the platform. It tells the story of Raquel, who has been in love with her neighbor Ares for a long time, and she secretly watches him without daring to speak to him. Will she get him to fall in love with her?

through my window Netflix

2. The Tinder scammer

With two weeks on the list. He posed as a tycoon with a wonderful life of luxury and seduced women online to steal millions of dollars. Now some victims plan revenge.

The Netflix Scammer Netflix

3. Skyscraper: Rescue From Above

Enter the Top since its premiere on July 13, 2018. Will, former leader of the FBI Hostage Rescue Team and a veteran of the Marines, will end up being hired as head of security for such an imposing building. A skyscraper equipped with all the latest technologies to avoid any emergency in its 100-story height.

Skyscrapers, Rescue in the heights Netflix

4. The privilege

With a week on the list. A wealthy teenager and his friends, students at an elite high school, uncover a sinister conspiracy while investigating a series of supernatural events. A horror movie from the creators of ‘Ruby, the last time traveller’ with Max Schimmelpfennig and Lea van Acken.

The privilege Netflix

5. At my height 2

With a week in the Top, following the great success of the first film. After Jodi Kreyman gained popularity, her communication problems start to cause rifts with those around her and she now really needs to ‘stand her ground’.

at my height Netflix

The five series and the five movies that everyone has to watch on Netflix (if you haven’t already)