The hottest TV series of 2022, where sex is the protagonist

Sometimes you watch TV shows for the story, sometimes to distract yourself while scrolling TikTok and sometimes, instead, you watch them for the high erotic content. While it’s true that most movies and TV shows have quality sex scenes, it’s also true that not all streaming products can give you what you need: the rising tension, the underlying passion and the sex that leaves you wanting the next episode. In this regard, 2022 has certainly been able to satisfy you with some of the most exciting series ever.

Sure, 2021 was the year of Bridgerton. But do you know what 2022 produced? The White Lotusthe new episodes of Elite and some sexy, informative and inspiring reality shows. Whether you want a TV show about young vampires, or you’re looking for a guide to kinks and design, or you want a TV show about Vikings strangely super erotic, Hollywood has it all this year.

So we can say with absolute certainty that the great peculiarity of this year’s serial offer was the variety. There really is something for all tastes: sexy series to watch with your partner, to watch when you want a strong plot, but also products to binge watch when you are alone or with your vibrator. Read on to discover the sexiest TV shows of 2022, all made with your pleasure in mind.

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In case you have been away from the internet in recent months, you might have missed this year’s serial phenomenon: the second season of The White Lotus, available in Italy on Sky, is all about sexual intrigue in the splendid setting of a large Sicilian resort. As usual for the show, it’s a detective story based on a group of super-rich Americans who spend their vacations in a luxury destination. At the beginning of the show someone’s death is announced but until the end no one knows who the victim is, let alone the possible culprit. But the great attraction of this season was certainly the high erotic rate, between beautiful protagonists and hot scenes galore.

This Hulu series, which you can watch on Disney+, takes a while to fuel, but the toxic and exciting relationship between Lucy (Grace Van Patten) and Stephen (Jackson White) is magnetic. Fans lost their minds after the announcement of a second season and it is probably useful that the two protagonists continue to tease us with a very realistic love story.

By now you should know that Bridgerton is one of the sexiest shows ever, available on Netflix. Sultry looks and bare breasts in virtually every scene. Torrid sex accompanied by Taylor Swift instrumental covers. It really doesn’t get any better. While season two, which dropped in March, isn’t quite as graphic as season one, what it lacks in nudity it makes up for in simmering tension that will keep you hooked to the screen.

The Spanish series Elite, from Netflix, continues to win fans old and new, and the fifth season is no exception. The series plays with your wildest desires, with its gripping storyline and killer sexual encounters: sex in a limousine, on a boat, mutual masturbation, bathtub for two, intercourse in the pool and orgies. Start with Season 1 and follow the entire series for nonstop erotic content.

This hilarious series has been around for a few years and if you haven’t seen it yet, give it a shot. Workin’ Moms, on Netflix, is not only about working women trying to juggle all the commitments, but there is also lots and lots of sex and more sincere sex, which therefore can also be slow or lazy at times. The real strength of this show is the honest and familiar way it deals with even the most sensitive erotic issues.

The teen series based on old Archie comics will conclude next season, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying all that season six has to offer: hookups, on-again, off-again supernatural oddities that fans have come to love. What makes the last season of Riverdale, on Netflix, so interesting is the way couples are consolidating. Get ready for some healthy heart-pounding.


Conversations with Friends

If you have loved Normal People and you are a fan of Sally Rooney, Conversations with Friends it is definitely for you. Based on the novel of the same name, the 2022 miniseries follows two friends, who are also exes, as they form a relationship with an elderly married couple. Of course, things get complicated and it will be your pleasure to find out how. Not only are there nearly ten really hot scenes, but the desire cuts across and makes the series extremely erotic from start to finish.

Attention, here’s why you should watch it without ifs and buts: almost all the guys look like Thor, there are many different accents and one hotter than the other, and a lot of hardcore sex. The plot is also very interesting, so you will be attracted by several aspects: you have no more excuses.

When Too hot to handle debuted in 2020, it practically broke Netflix. Who wouldn’t want to see a group of extremely sexy people trying not to have sex with each other in order to win a cash prize by staying on a deserted island? It’s the reality show of reality shows. The fourth season came out in 2022 and has nothing to envy to the previous ones.

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The hottest TV series of 2022, where sex is the protagonist