The movies to watch on Netflix this 2023 that you cannot miss for the world

The movies to watch on netflix this 2023 There are not as many as in previous years, where more than 60 titles were easily exceeded, but without a doubt some months well loaded with premieres.

The company has presented the first to the last film that will hit the platform from this month of January (some can already be seen) until December 31, and of course, the number of proposals can be a bit overwhelming. Thus, we have selected the movies to watch on Netflix yes or yes this 2023 among the more than 50 on the list.

Does it mean you can ignore the rest? Not much less, but when they come out you can save them for later. These, however, you will want to write down so as not to miss them on their opening day.

Foreign films

Of course we have to talk about the great productions of the company. This year the long-awaited sequel to Tyler Rakewith Chris Hemsworth, or a new story starring Millie Bobby Brown call damsel, perfect for the whole family. But we also find films that, at first glance, seem to have everything to be mentioned as possible candidates for next year’s Oscars.

The Killer

Directed by David Fincher and starring Michael Fassbender and Tildan Swinton. Do you need more? It is an adaptation of the Matz comic and illustrated by Luc Jacamon. It tells the story of a murderer who, after making a serious mistake, must face his bosses and himself.


I know will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival and it will bring us the story of an investigative journalist who finds a terrifying pattern: that of young people who reported sexual assaults to the police but instead of finding justice, they were accused of false denunciation and, in some cases, even imprisoned.

Pain Hustlers – October 27

Emily Blunt, Chris EvansAndy Garcia and Catherine O’Hara star in this film about a woman in a bad economic situation who accepts a job in a start up pharmaceutical and is involved in organized crime. It is a true story about a company whose only product for sale was a highly addictive pain reliever and the methods they used to get everyone to buy it.


is the history of Bayard Rustin, advisor to Martin Luther King Jr. activist for human rights, racial equality and world democracy, openly gay and what was it erasure of the movement itself for the rights he helped create.

Rebel Moon – December 22

The Star Warsby Zac Snyder comes this year. A peaceful colony in the confines of the galaxy is threatened by the tyrant Regent Balisarius and it will be a young woman with a mysterious past who is in charge of recruiting allies to defend herself.


Bradley Cooper he becomes the orchestra conductor leonard bernstein to tell the complex love story between him and Felicia Montealegre Cohn Bernstein over 30 years.

Lift – August 25

This tape has the participation of the Spanish Ursula Corberó and is about a group of robbers that you will have to steal during a flight to prevent a terrorist attack.

Leave the World Behind – December 8

Julia Roberts, Mahershala Ali and Ethan Hawke come together in this film about two families who, while on vacation, find out about the arrival of a mysterious blackout, which will force them to fight to survive to the crisis and how the world will be.

The movies to watch on Netflix this 2023 that you cannot miss for the world