The new film by Pablo Aragüés from Zaragoza arrives in theaters this Friday

The new film by the director from Zaragoza Pablo Aragüés, ‘To enter to live’It hits theaters this Friday. At the moment, his third fiction feature film after the ‘thriller’ el camino’ (2013) and the autobiographical-inspired drama ‘Novatos’ (2015), can be seen in Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza, although in the coming weeks it could arrive also to other cities. In the Aragonese capital it will premiere in the Palafox cinemas and in Aragonia. The latter will host this Friday at 6:00 p.m. a special pass and a presentation of the film by the director himself and the Aragonese actress Luisa Gavasa, who is part of the cast of the film.

‘To enter to live’ was exhibited for the first time at the Tarazona Film Festival last August and the sensations were more than positive. The same ones he is collecting at foreign festivals. In fact, the film recently received the Audience Award at the Tallgrass Festival held in Wichita, Kansas. “Nearly 200 films were presented and only two or three were Spanish-speaking, so we are very satisfied,” highlights Aragüés, who points out that the feature film has also been awarded at other competitions in Boston and Los Angeles and has been selected at several Spanish festivals .

His new feature film, shot in Zaragoza, Cariñena and Bujaraloz in autumn 2021, tells the story of Ana and Maxi, a couple in their thirties who manage to find the house of their dreams. So much so that it even grants them all their wishes, until they discover that the thing has a trick. The comedy starts at that point a turn towards the fantastic genre with supernatural and horror overtones. “We wanted to do something like this more lightly and facing a shoot with the minimum: two people and a house,” explains Aragüés, a great fan of fantastic cinema.

Thus, his new film resonates with classics such as ‘The seed of the devil’ (Roman Polanski) or ‘Poltergeist’ (Tobe Hooper), while Aragüés himself names other more recent films such as ‘Palm Springs’, by Max Barbakow. “We wanted to make a comedy, but not one to use to be able to mix it with other genres,” emphasizes the man from Zaragoza, who recalls that he had already shot several comedy shorts but no film of this genre.

The actress from Zaragoza Luisa Gavasa is part of the cast of the film.

To enter to live, which deals with a topic as costumbrista as that of finding a house to end up addressing a supernatural issue, is starring Bárbara Goenaga and Gorka Otxoa. The distribution is completed with some luxury sidekicks: Kira Miró and the Zaragozans Luisa Gavasa and Jorge Usón.

The filming, with a mostly Aragonese team, took place above all in a flat on Gascón de Gotor street of the Aragonese capital, but also in Bujaraloz and in the restaurant Entreviñedos de Cariñena.

Aragüés hopes that his new film will work on streaming platforms at least as well as ‘Novatos’ did, the feature film in which he addressed the issue of hazing in the Residence Halls. “With ‘To enter to live’ our idea from the beginning was to make a small movie very thought out for the platforms, so next year I trust that it will be able to be seen in some”, he indicates.

His next feature film

The Aragonese director Pablo Aragüés had to stop the filming of ‘1,200 souls’ in 2017, the fantastic ‘thriller’ that he began recording that year in the Huesca Pyrenees. The cast of the film was going to be led by nothing more and nothing less than the actor Jean Reno, but in the end the project did not come to fruition. Far from being discouraged, the filmmaker from Zaragoza has decided to resume the film and next year the shooting will be reactivated in the Pyrenees.

“We have changed its title and now it is going to be called ‘Ancestral’, and although the universe in which the film takes place is the same, the story is going to be different”, explains Aragüés, who points out that the feature film will feature the support of Aragon TV. ‘Ancestral’ will tell the story of a girl who returns to her family’s town in search of her origins “and comes across a supernatural theme.” The movie it will be shot in the three Aragonese provinces and will feature an all-female cast, although the director prefers not to reveal who will star in the film. “This project is being like climbing a mountain. Perhaps that is why I consider it my most personal work,” he concludes.

The new film by Pablo Aragüés from Zaragoza arrives in theaters this Friday