‘The Ring: Resurrection’, ‘Hellraiser’ and other movies about cursed objects

Made of different materials, whether physical or even digital, many cursed objects have established evil in horror movies. Here we review some of the most disturbing.

We all live, Madonna would say, in a material world. We desire and hoard belongings (as Andy does with his toys in toy story) to give them an emotional value. Nevertheless, many of the owners are unaware that some of their objects already have a previous charge, often negative like the devil doll in chucky of Don Mancini or the sinister notebook in Scary stories to tell in the dark by André Øvredal.

It goes without saying that we prefer our possessions demon-free, but in horror movies cursed items are a staple. The simple introduction of an ominous soundtrack and slow camera tracking can make everyday things scary. like the typewriter that begins to show the psychological instability of Jack Nicholson in The glow.

The cube in ‘Hellraiser’

Film Futures

Clive Barker’s classic (recently reinterpreted by David Bruckner in 2022’s Hellraiser) remains one of the best sci-fi horror tales thanks to its terrifying use of practical effects. After Frank manages to solve an ancient puzzle box (known as Lemarchand’s Box), the chains are untied to torture him. Demons from another dimension, known as Cenobites, are released and go in search of carnal experiences.

The TV in ‘Poltergeist’

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

The image of the little blonde girl with blue eyes stretching out her hand towards the static screen of the family television is a horror movie classic and belongs to Poltergeistdirected by Tobe Hooper and written by Steven Spielberg. Those spiteful spirits found a portal to the Freeling house through an empty channel on the television, unleashing all hell.

The VHS tape in ‘The Hoop’


The idea behind the Japanese franchise that inspired Gore Verbinski in The Ring, the American remake starring Naomi Watts, is simple: watch the cursed videotape and die seven days later. Haunted by a mentally unstable girl who has the power to burn images onto surfaces (and into people’s minds), the tape leads viewers to supernatural symptoms and then to an early death.

The book in ‘Evil Dead’

Renaissance Pictures

Wrapped in human flesh with words written in blood, Sam Raimi introduces the Necronomicon in his film evil dead. It is a dark book linked to the demon Kandarian, an ancient and powerful source of evil. It is a tome of prophecies, funeral spells, and demon resurrection passages compiled by a race of beings known as the Dark Ones. But the book eventually found its way into the hands of mankind.

The digital novel in ‘The Ring: Resurrection’

Norio Tsuruta

In The Hoop: Resurrection, A mysterious online novel causes quite a stir on a college campus. Students die after reading the last secret chapter, which is custom written for each recipient and details the method by which each reader will die. Two students begin to investigate the origins of the story and track the author to a secret lair where a sordid story with all the victims begins to be revealed.

‘The Ring: Resurrection’, ‘Hellraiser’ and other movies about cursed objects