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Mike Flanagan has been hailed as the modern master of horror. Deliver scary jumps, unnerving slashers and haunting stories. There are a lot of scary moments to choose from, which made it difficult to narrow down those moments. Primarily finding his home on Netflix, Mike Flanagan is responsible for the majority of the best scares found on the streaming platform. With movies like Hush and Gerald’s Game, plus original series like Midnight Mass and The Haunting of Hill House. Here are the scariest moments from Mike Flanagan’s movies and TV shows.

6/6 The man reveals his face – Hush


The reveal doesn’t have to be scary, it’s not a jump scare or gruesome imagery that Flanagan usually delivers. The reveal pretty much terrified us for Maddie’s (Katie Siegel) fate. With Maddie being deaf, audiences are already filled with an unsettling sense of tension and dread for her character. But when Maddie tells the man trying to kill her (Josh Gallagher Jr.) that she’s deaf, hoping he’ll leave her alone, the man instead takes off his mask, suggesting the man is there. to stay, and that this suspenseful cat-and-mouse chase will end with the death of one of them.

5/6 Baseball Boy’s Death – Doctor Sleep

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Doctor Sleep, adapted from the book written by horror legend Stephen King, delivered unique scares and horrifying imagery. But nothing will be left to you except the death of the baseball player (Jacob Tremblay). Rose the Hat (Rebecca Ferguson) and her tribe of Shine Vampires feed and gain their powers by killing children. Early in the movie, we see an equally haunting scene, but it feels like a nice walk in the park compared to the baseball boy’s gruesome death.

Held in a somewhat ritualistic circle, the baseball boy lies in the middle with tears in his eyes, as well as truly haunting screams. That’s what makes the scene so hard to watch, Jacob Tremblay delivers a performance that’s way too good, to the point that this scene seems almost too real, and even Stephen King said this scene was too much. However, when the vampires start feeding on the boy, that’s when his screams get louder and more painful, resulting in a terrifying and haunting scene.

4/6 The shocking twists – Oculus

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Oculus is definitely one of the most underrated horror movies of the 2010s, mostly due to the twist that no one saw coming. The supernatural mirror seen in the film is responsible for many flashbacks and hallucinations, rendering the characters and audience oblivious to what is actually real and what isn’t. For example, Kaylie (Karen Gillan) bites into a light bulb that we and Kaylie are led to believe is an apple. As the characters attempt to destroy the mirror, the mirror decides to fire a switcheroo. Tim Russel (Brenton Thwaites) finally presses the button to send the heavy anchor flying towards the mirror to destroy it.

However, we quickly learn that Tim has just killed his sister, who has been standing in front of the mirror the whole time, unbeknownst to Tim and the audience. A moment reflecting his childhood, Tim is arrested again as the video footage just shows Tim blatantly murdering his sister. This scene is so incredibly shocking that your jaw will no doubt be dropped to the ground for the rest of the movie.

3/6 Demon Reveal – Ouija board: the origin of evil

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It’s very rare for a prequel to be better than the original, but out of nowhere came Mike Flanagan’s terrifying Ouija: Origin of Evil, delivering an interesting story and disturbing visuals and spooky jumps. None are scarier than the first reveal of the dark figure known as Ghoul Marcus. This demonic entity has a ghastly design, with glowing orange eyes, a lean physique and long limbs, which also has a sewn-on mouth.

Yes, this design is pretty scary, but revealing it only makes him a more gruesome antagonist and makes it the scariest scene in the movie. The whole scene is brilliantly constructed to make the audience uncomfortable, with Doris Zander (Lulu Wilson) asking the Ouija board, “What happened to her neck?” But, as we all know, playing with a Ouija board is a big no-no. She begins to see chilling images, as she peers through the Ouija board clipboard, all before the haunting revelation of Ghoul Marcus before he horrifically begins possessing Doris Zander.

2/6 Non-Stop Jump Alerts – The Midnight Club


Flanagan’s latest Netflix series may not be the scariest series he’s created, but this jump scare, or should we say, many jump scares, is downright terrifying and hilarious. even earned a Guinness World Record. Flanagan won the world record for having the most scary jumps in a single television episode ever, with a total of 21. Mike Flanagan decided a scary jump wasn’t scary enough, so instead he throws 21 scary jumps at the audience in record time. , non-stop succession. Mostly a macabre screaming girl, but also a brilliant and successful jump scare, using a black cat. While not all of these jump scares are successful, you will most likely jump out of your skin for the majority of them.

1/6 Jump Scare in Car – The Haunting of Hill House


This scene from The Haunting of Hill House has become synonymous with the show and is easily one of the scariest and most unexpected scares on television. This tense scene between Theodora (Kate Siegel) and Shirley (Elizabeth Reeser) is hauntingly interrupted, as a screaming Nell appears between them as they drive, causing them to crash. This jump scare is completely unexpected and is easily one of the scariest moments on the show and any Mike Flanagan project.

The Scariest Moments From Mike Flanagan Movies And Shows, Ranked | Pretty Reel