The unknown film about Pinocchio that every horror fan has to see

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  • “Pinocchio’s Revenge” is a slasher with all the ingredients of movies like “Chucky”

Guillermo del Toro’s adaptation of “Pinocchio” of the classic novel by Carlo Collodi is one of the most popular films on Netflix today. Of course, it is not the only adaptation that exists. Perhaps the most famous of them is the 1940 Disney animated classic, which to this day continues to steal the hearts of thousands of people around the world.

However, the story of Pinocchio has also been revised under other styles and concepts, such is the case of a 1996 film belonging to the horror genre. The title of this production is “Pinocchio’s Revenge”, a slasher with all the ingredients of films like “Chucky, the devilish doll”.

What is “The Revenge of Pinocchio” about?

A lawyer mistakenly gives her daughter, Zoe, a wooden puppet belonging to a deceased serial killer. The toy becomes Zoe’s favorite object, and her only friend, but the puppet begins to act in an increasingly strange and violent way.

The Kevin S. Tenney-directed film tells a harrowing story of parenthood, guilt, and societal pressures based on the original Pinocchio narrative, but with a disturbingly bittersweet twist.

“Pinocchio’s Revenge” goes beyond a simple killer doll movie like “Child’s Play” or “Annabelle”, but it also manages to evolve and subvert the classic myth of Pinocchio at the same time.

A sad story about attachment, guilt and dark secrets

Its title could lead us to think that it is a cheap production in economics and history, however, it manages to sustain itself solidly until it reveals the secrets that the family that is the protagonist of the story harbors.

It’s not a film that will go down in history as one of the great horror gems, however, if you want to take a different angle on Carlo Collodi’s classic, it can certainly offer you a moment of welcome and dark entertainment.

The first hour of the film addresses a legal plot. But gradually, the story turns towards something supernatural and disturbing that will make you pay more attention to the tape. Above all, it is Zoe’s relationship with the doll, the biggest intrigue of this film, but also her complex relationship with her mother, which adds great drama to the story.

Zoe feels an unhealthy attachment to the Pinocchio doll and everyone around her who hurts her seems to meet a rather bloody end, perhaps at the hands of the wooden puppet.

We watch Zoe navigate obstacles that damage her youthful innocence, such as her parents’ separation and her mother’s job in the dating world.

The film also addresses issues such as morality, and the nature of evil, something that the other Pinocchio films also have.

The gloomy and sad end of the tape is something rarely seen in films of devilish or supernatural dolls. Perhaps the strongest part of “Pinocchio’s Revenge” is the conclusion, a real blow that can disconcert the most experienced horror movie viewer.

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