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Fans of The Vampire Diaries have dipped their toes into Vampire Academy (directed by TVD showrunners Julie Plec and Marguerite MacIntyre) and found bloody fun in the new series. TVD still remains a hugely popular TV show, but it’s given all of its main characters plenty of plot armor over the course of eight seasons.

Younger Brother Salvatore was a character who was given a lot of breathing room from life-threatening consequences, and there were times when he definitely should have died on the show. His main character status was the only thing keeping him alive.

Elijah defeated

Stefan’s final death in The Vampire Diaries was heartbreaking, but it should have happened much sooner when he and Damon confronted Elijah on their own. Saving Elena gave them a solid motive but didn’t explain how two vampires less than two centuries old could take on an Original.

Elijah was known to easily take on entire armies and other Originals, so it’s safe to say that it was the plot armor that saved Stefan from being fried.

Was killed by Julian

Many thought it was the end when Stefan had his heart ripped out by his mother’s boyfriend, Julian, but Bonnie on the other side made sure he was back. Other vampires had left permanently in the same way, but they had no return.

Stefan’s character died and came back to life because he was vital to the plot. There was no certainty that every heart-ripped vampire would be sent back with the Other Side’s collapse, but it was a no-brainer with Stefan.

Came face to face with Silas

The Vampire Diaries lookalikes have steadily increased in number, but when Stefan’s first face, Silas, came face to face with him, it looked like Silas would try to kill his shadow.

Stefan was completely unprepared for the ambush, and Silas was an extremely powerful and immortal wizard who had gorged himself on blood. His decision to drown Stefan made little sense when he would, logically, have killed him to take his place.

Stole the coffins of the originals

There are things people get wrong about the Mikaelson siblings, but their mutual defense is rarely wrong. Klaus may have put his siblings in coffins, but Stefan stealing them should have meant the end of the young vampire.

Klaus killed people for a lot less, and putting his family in danger was something he fought fiercely for. It was Stefan’s plot armor that let him out unscathed.

Become human again

Receiving the cure from Bonnie brought Stefan back to human age and also brought back people like Dorian for revenge once he was vulnerable. On top of his compulsions fading and people lining up to grab him, Dorian shot Stefan directly.

At this point, Stefan most likely could have died. He was hated and attacked, and the police were inundated with claims from victims. The plot armor, however, kept him safe despite this.

Was chased by Rayna

Rayna Cruz intended to kill her former victims and she was controlled by her supernatural hunting instincts. She couldn’t hold back, so when she spared Stefan and couldn’t catch up to him, it seemed too convenient.

Stefan made saves and took help from Klaus, but the Huntress was unable to touch him for a moment. Young Salvatore should have been dead with Rayna’s precision and resolute pursuit.

I tried to kill Finn

Again, Stefan toyed with and got involved in the murder of an original brother, and was spared by Klaus and Elijah. These two were very keen on protecting their own, and Elijah even said that those who touched them rarely lived to tell the tale.

Still, Stefan managed to drug and trick Finn, who was himself a millennial Original, and had him killed. It was strange that Stefan suffered no consequences.

Confronted with Cade

Cade was an all-powerful psychic in his heyday, who later became King of Hell. He held an enormous amount of power and influence, and he was also a ruthless dictator.

Thus, the fight between Cade and Stefan was off-suit. Cade should have been able to take Stefan down with a snap of his fingers, but Stefan was able to overwhelm and kill an unkillable being.

Trapped in a human body in the snow

When the destruction of Phoenix Stone scattered Stefan’s soul into a human body, it seemed like it was time to say goodbye. The body could not contain a vampire, and the biting cold was fatal for a human.

The way Damon found his brother in an unknown body and a vicious storm was unrealistic, and Stefan could very well have perished in that human body in the snow rather than be found at the last moment.

Enzo spared him

Enzo hated Stefan for a long time, mainly because he had been a bad brother to Damon Salvatore. He even engaged in mortal combat with him and made Stefan kill him to prove a point.

Therefore, it was strange that when Enzo returned, he stopped hating Stefan or trying to kill him. Enzo was old and strong and could have put his grudge on at any time.

The Vampire Diaries: 10 Times Stefan Should Have Died And Only Survived Because Of Plot Armor | Pretty Reel