The Vampire Diaries: Why the plot of this character was disappointing according to fans

The Vampire Diaries was one of the most successful supernatural dramas on television. The CW series created by Julie Plec developed extraordinary plot arcs for each of its characters. However, the plot of one of them in particular was disappointing according to fans.

The Vampire Diaresthe horror-thriller drama that premiered on the CW broadcast network THe in 2009, ran for 8 seasons until its conclusion in 2017. The series followed the story of Stefan (paul wesley) and Damon Salvatore (ian somerhalder), two brothers turned vampires who fell in love with the same woman, Elena Gilberth (Nina Dobrev).

The plot of a character from The Vampire Diaries was disappointing according to fans

The success of The Vampire Diaries was such that it served as the inspiration for its creator Julie Plec to develop two derivative series. The Originals Y legaciestwo shows with the same tone that aired on The CW until their fifth and fourth seasons respectively, keeping this fascinating universe on the air for 13 consecutive years.

The series not only owed its success to the dark plot in which Stefan and Damon Salvatore loved and hated each other throughout the 8 seasons, but also to the interpretive quality of each of the characters that were part of the narrative. Most of them became viewer favorites and received story arcs that were key in the development of the story.

Fans of The Vampire Diaries watched the show as the characters evolved and presented satisfying closures. However, the viewers’ favorite that was played by Kat Graham during the 8 seasons, he did not receive the same treatment, according to them. Despite the fact that her role as Bonnie Bennett is smaller than that of Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev, fans of the series continue to remember her as a strong but very underused character.

It turns out that some fans of The Vampire Diaries are convinced that Bonnie Bennet was not given the importance she deserved in the plot of The CW supernatural drama. According to viewers and some specialist critics, the role of Kat Graham did not plunge into the same depth as the Salvatore brothers and their love triangle with Elena Gilbert, since the directors were racist.

Kat Graham’s Character Was Underused In The Vampire Diaries According To Fans

During a discussion on Reddit, fans said Bonnie Bennet was a victim of racism on The Vampire Diaries. They remembered that their ancestor in the series, Emily Bennet (played by Bianca Lawson and Kat Graham), powerful though she was, was a servant to Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev) in Mystic Falls in 1864, displaying the same subservient attitude slaves had during that time in Virginia, viewers said.

On the same forum, fans of The Vampire Diaries complained that Bonnie was always relegated to the “best friend” role, only stepping in when others needed help.. This was what really caused disappointment in terms of his story.

“The racism against Bonnie is 100% true,” wrote one Reddit user. “I love and adore Kat Graham, and she was messed with so much on the show. With all the times we had to put up with Caroline singing, but not Bonnie. Bonnie was pushed to the back until they needed her witchy abilities to survive. , and then it’s immediately pushed again.”

“Her and Damon becoming friends was really sweet, and I loved that storyline, and then it seemed like she was pushed aside…. It really upset me. I thought we’d see more of Bonnie as a person, not just a tool to survive”.

The Vampire Diaries: Why the plot of this character was disappointing according to fans