The Wonder (Netflix): the event film with Florence Pugh is inspired by real events

In recent years, the streaming giant American Netflix reiterates even more its desire to offer more original creations that are more independent and that are closer to auteur cinema. With the new film The Wonder, Netflix has succeeded in making these auteur films accessible, without neglecting the creative aspect with the abundance of costumes and sets to immerse yourself as close as possible to reality.

The Wonder, the mystical drama bingewatcher emergency

The film The Wonder marks the comeback of the actress Florence pugh on the small screen. This movie made by Sebastian Lelio is directly inspired by the eponymous novel byEmma donog. In the leading role, we find the new rising star of Hollywood Florence pugh who embodies the role of an English nurse to XIXth century. She is sent to Midland Irish to watch over an 11-year-old girl who claims she hasn’t eaten for over four months. If some are convinced that it is a divine miracle, the nurse will struggle at all costs to shed light on this story. This is not the first time that actress Florence pugh take on roles in period films. Since she had already played the role of a murderess in the film Young Lady released in 2016 or his role in the film Daughters of Dr. March released 2019.

The Wonder, a film inspired by real events

If the plot of the film is as captivating as it is mysterious, well, it’s not for nothing. The fiction was largely inspired by a real story, that of the Fasting Girls” which means in French “girls on an empty stomach”. In the 19thth century, of numerous cases of young girls who pretended to live without food multiplied. Between fascination and miracle religious, many gave them supernatural powers.

The story of Sarah Jacob is the most famous and clearly inspired the film. This young girl from Wales claimed to have eaten nothing for almost two years. Having become famous very quickly, the doctors decided to look into her case. After two weeks of hospitalization and despite the warning from the nursing staff to feed this child as soon as possible, her parents categorically refused. A few days later, Sarah died. Faced with the scandal of this case, the girl’s parents were convicted of manslaughter. After the success of the film Murders without orders or the series The taste of lifeNetflix reiterates its desire to base its original creations on stories inspired by real events.

The Wonder (Netflix): the event film with Florence Pugh is inspired by real events