These are the 5 new channels that arrive at Movistar Plus +

Now, with the latest renewal of these channels, they come to Movistar television a total of 5 new channels Clicwhich serve as a launch pad to encompass content that Movistar broadcasts on its many other channels.

The Clic channels of September 2022 in Movistar

The Movistar Plus+ Clic channels are spaces that group content on different topics to offer quick access to those who prefer a specific type of content. In order to enjoy these channels, it is necessary to have contracted the cinema package and to have the Movistar Plus+ UHD decoder, since these Clic channels are located between dials 200 and 209.

The main Click Channel, located in the dial 200, is dedicated to the San Sebastián International Film Festivalwhich will be held from September 16 to 24, 2022. On this San Sebastian Clic Festival channel you will find the best-known and award-winning films of the film festival, including those that have won the Golden Shell.

In addition to this shuttle channel that presides over the Clic channels, there will be five new Clic channels that Movistar Plus+ will offer starting today. The channels that have changed and disappeared since August are Clic Aventuras: Holiday Cinema (on dial 200), Clic En Familia: Holiday Cinema (dial 201), Clic Animación: Holiday Cinema (dial 202), Clic Premio Donostia and more. (dial 206) and Click Michael Caine (dial 209).

Instead, the new channels that appear on the Movistar grid are respectively Clic Festival de San Sebastián, Clic Compañeros en Acción, Clic Scoundrels and more scoundrels, Clic The 80s in the cinema and Clic Ennio Morricone.

  • Click San Sebastian Festival (Dial 200)
  • Click Partners in Action (Dial 201): a channel dedicated to buddy movies and other films that exalt friendship as the main theme.
  • Clic Scoundrels and more scoundrels (Dial 202): a channel dedicated to those lovable movie antiheroes, those with a most peculiar character, but who quickly become our favorites.
  • Clic Jewels of the Year (Dial 203): continues this channel from the previous month, with a review of the most successful and/or best valued films of this 2022.
  • Click Parallel Worlds and More (Dial 204): a channel for those who love fiction and the supernatural.
  • Click Cold Sweat (Dial 205): the channel for lovers of intrigue and suspense movies, with a good collection of thriller.
  • Click The 80s in movies (Dial 206): It is often said that the cinema of the 80s was better. See for yourself on this channel dedicated to must-see movies released in the 1980s.
  • Clic Cult, don’t miss them (Dial 207): pretty self descriptive. Show off those perhaps not so well-known gems, cult works that you shouldn’t miss if you’ve never seen them, or that you shouldn’t miss another day to get to know.
  • Click Video Game Culture (Dial 208): The channel will continue to show the highlights of the union of these two worlds, with a large selection of films that have adapted some famous video game with greater or lesser success.
  • Click Ennio Morricone (Dial 209): the channel dedicated to a personality on this occasion will show us the highlights of the career of this great composer, winner of an honorary Oscar in 2006 and an Oscar for best soundtrack in 2016 for the film The Hateful Eight.

In addition to the ten thematic channels, dial 29 is also a Clic channel, but with generic cinema content.

Special program of the San Sebastian Festival

In addition to the Dial Click Channel 200, Movistar Plus+ is at its best with a program dedicated to one of the main film festivals of our country and probably the one with the most repercussions at an international level.

San Sebastian Movistar Plus+ Festival

Movistar Plus+ and the San Sebastian Festival are more united than ever on the occasion of this 70th editionwith films from this edition in a premiere room as if you were there and some of the most outstanding films in the festival’s history that can be seen on the platform, an exclusive channel that celebrates 70 years of showings and a daily program with everything what happens in Donostia.

These are the 5 new channels that arrive at Movistar Plus +