This ultra creepy horror film is a hit on Netflix

Was there a touch of thrill missing from your TV evenings? For horror movie fans, we’ve got you covered. In second position of the top 10 Netflix films of the moment, we find Brightburn: the child of evil, by David Yarovesky. A horror film as we like them, with a cursed child who comes from elsewhere.

Brightburn: The Child of Evil, the horror film of the moment on Netflix

If you are a fan of horror movies with a background of paranormal and extra-terrestrial history, then Brightburn: The Child of Evil should please you. This film produced by james gunn, to which we owe the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy, climbs to second place in the top 10 Netflix movies for a good reason: it features a child with evil powers. In the genre Insidious or even Eli, horror films with children are terrifying. Brightburn: the child of evil, released in 2019 at the cinema, tells the story of Tori Breyer, camped by Elizabeth Banks and her husband Kyle, who dream of having a child. Unfortunately, after years of trying and praying, they don’t succeed.

But one evening, a sort of red meteorite crashes into the forest next to their house. The couple will find a baby within them. Tori and Kyle babysit the little boy, Brandon, and raise him as their own son. But the older Brandon gets, the weirder he acts. He doesn’t make any friends, and is always alone. His mother finally realizes that he has certain powers… Destructive and evil powers. Brandon begins to become violent, committing crimes to quench his thirst for blood. What monster does Brandon turn into?

Horror movies to watch on Netflix

Want even more? This is good, since Netflix is ​​full of cult horror films, but also less known. At the moment, in the top 10 films of the moment, in addition to Brightburn: the child of evil, we find The Turning, in fourth place. The story is about a young woman, Kate Mandell, hired to become the nanny of two orphans, Miles, camped by the star of Stranger Things Finn Wolfhard, and Flora, played by Brooklyn Prince. But Kate will very quickly realize that the huge mansion in which they live is haunted… A synopsis which reminds us of the Netflix series The Haunting of Bly Manor.

At the ninth position of the top Netflix, we also find Without a sound. In this horror movie, the world has been invaded by aliens who attack humans whenever they hear a noise, even the sound of a whisper. Evelyn and Lee Abbott, played respectively by Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, will do everything possible to protect their children from these horrible monsters.

This ultra creepy horror film is a hit on Netflix