TikTok chrononauts, a new category of seers?

by Sofia Lincos

On 30 December the CICAP published his annual report on astrological predictions, going to verify the prophecies made by astrologers and psychics for 2022. In recent months, however, we must record the appearance of an “emerging category” of visionaries, which is somewhere between entertainment, drama and the paranormal: the alleged time travellers that depopulate on TikTok.

Self John TItor – the self-styled chrononaut arrived from 2036 who in 2000 attracted the attention of mystery enthusiasts for a while – he launched into prophecies that should have occurred in a few years – TikTok time travelers prefer predictions a short term and on a fixed date. So much, in the world of social media, Panta Rei

We are perfectly aware that these “appointments with the future” are to be taken lightly: for those who watch the videos, it is a harmless pastime not to give too much weight to; and for i content creators it’s now almost a race to see who shoots the biggest ones. Definitely more curious is when the “prophecies” cross the border of TikTok and are also relaunched by information bodiesincluding radio and newspapers.

Let’s see some of the funniest outcomes of the activity of the merry chrononauts-seers.

World Cup 1 – Chrononauts 0

Given the interest that football arouses in every part of the planet, it has had some success @football2go which, second Radio 101had correctly predicted the results of the European championships of 2020. Indeed, he had done better: before the fateful match, he had posted a clip of the victory of the Italians over the English, in which Jorginho embraced Di Lorenzo. Too bad that the short clip actually came from a previous match, the one between Italy and Switzerland.

However, the timer for future games had thrown one new prophecy for the World Cup in Qatar: this time saw France and Brazil in the final, with the South American team winning on Blue for 2 to 1. In another universe, perhaps: in ours Argentina won instead.

Space disasters and tunnels to travel in the cosmos: nothing done

The prophecies of the TikToker Eno Alaric are funnier (@RadiantTimeTraveler), “a true time traveler from the year 2671”, relaunched in October by I read and The weather. According to him, on November 30, 2022 the James Webb space telescope would have found “a planet that must have been a mirror version of the Earth”, while on December 8 a large meteor “containing new types of metals and alien species” would have affected our planet.

If these are the premises, let’s wait lightly too tsunami expected to hit San Francisco in 2023 and the wormholes – a space-time tunnel – which would be about to open in the archaeological ruins of Mexico.

Likewise, we are eagerly awaiting the occurrence of the events announced for 2022 by another self-proclaimed time traveler, @timevoyagingwhich comes directly from 2906. His technique consists of bombard followers with dozens and dozens of predictions, quite unlikely. Among other things: a lockdown in Australia due to climatic reasons, Antarctica made habitable and a megameteor that was supposed to destroy a European capital. But also, according to The morninga sensational revelation by the US government, which would have been made on December 25, 2022: the Egyptian pyramids they were built by aliens. Erich von Däniken fans will be disappointed.

@timevoyaging has already dictated theagenda for 2023: February 25th two stars will collide causing a light in the sky that will remain visible for years, on April 6th an alien will carry off 4000 human beings to another planet, on August 15th a category 6 hurricane will hit the east coast of the United States… All we have to do is wait

Definitely more cautious @miketravels2569 (which comes precisely from 2569): in its first prophetic video announces, for 2022, the death of Queen Elizabeth II for a tumor kept hidden for three years, the arrival of a Covid variant called Omega four times stronger than all the other strains (we are on the name, no on mortality) and the attempt by the Russia to attack Sweden (this at least did not happen). In the second videoon the other hand, he too launches into fixed-date appointments and prophesies the revelation that “they” (the aliens) are among us, on June 21, 2022. Too bad, he had started his career as a time-seer quite well…

The beast that came from the sea: narrow escape

Equally imaginative are the prophecies of Aery Yormany (@Aesthetictimewarper), reported by Yahoo Finance and fun week in August. The chrononaut, who claims to come from 2714, had announced for 2022 the appearance of a new strain of the Covid-19 virus “five times more powerful than the others”, and the advent of the first human-chimpanzee cross on March 11, 2022. We should also have witnessed, according to Treviso today, the discovery of Atlantis and the curious “mutation” of eight boys, who allegedly received supernatural powers directly from the sun. And a meteor shower would have carried one with it, too alien spacecraftready to unleash the “first Nozic war” (whatever that means).

Predictions taken from some sci-fi movie? Not only. On 17 September we should also have witnessed the discovery of a super sea monster, the largest living creature in the oceans, four times the size of the blue whale. Overall, the term used by the chrononaut to identify the super-beast is interesting: Cerine Croin (although there are several variations of the name).

It’s about a mythological creature of Scottish folklore, a kind of sea serpent sung in various rhymes in Gaelic. A creature so large that it could easily swallow seven whales, according to legend:

Seven herrings can fill one salmon,
seven salmon satiate a seal,
seven seals fill a whale,
seven whales fill a Cìrein Cròin,
and seven Cìrein Cròin are the meal of the devil himself.

According to the stories, the Cìrein Cròin he is able to deceive fishermen by appearing in the guise of a tiny silverfish. Only when they drag it on board does the monster assume its real size, the size that allows it to bring ships and entire crews to ruin. In short, a kind of shape-shifting beast that pretends to be weak in order to better hunt its prey.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) at the moment there is no registration sighting or striking discovery about the creature. If you too have not read anything about it in the newspapers, know that you are in excellent company. In short, making predictions is always difficult, even when you come from the future.

TikTok chrononauts, a new category of seers?