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Halloween night is almost here, and one way to celebrate it, beyond parties and costumes, is with a good marathon of horror movies, so that you “die of fear”.

Cuban News 360 recommends some for this October 31, many already classics within the seventh art, which you will surely have seen, but it is always good to feel the suspense, tension and mystery that these films leave you with. One has slipped in, that beyond the terror, you will laugh a lot. Find out what it is.

1. The Stranger

It is a reality: only Koreans know how to mix horror and police thriller so well. We start with this film from 2016, where a humble rural police officer investigates the strange deaths in a small village. The plot is full of curses and pure witchcraft.

“Rumors and superstitions spread because of the presence, for a short time, of an old foreigner who lives like a hermit. Faced with the incompetence of the police to find the murderer and without having a rational explanation, some inhabitants of the town look for a shaman. Jong-Gu, a policeman whose family is directly threatened, also believes that these are supernatural crimes, ”says one of the many reviews of the film.

2.Monster House

Some media define this Gil Kenan film as “the first true horror film for children.” What is remarkable is the combination of adventure, horror, comedy and family cinema that displays ‘Monster House’.

DJ Walters, a twelve-year-old boy who has gotten it into his head that strange things are happening in the house across the street. And, precisely, on the eve of Halloween, they decide to investigate what it’s all about.

3. The return of the witches

There are classics that cannot be missing and this is one of them. ‘The return of the witches’ is surely one of the movies that we will have seen dozens of times on Halloween. It has all the necessary ingredients: child, magic book, talking cat and a good helping of adventures. But we also recommend the second part.


We continue with classics and it is Casper’s turn, who with his three hateful uncles, Látigo, Tufo and Gordy, are part of the memories of several generations.

What we like most about the movie is the relationship Kat has with her father and the sad story of Casper. A glimpse of loss, nostalgia, drama and death opens. A portrait of what family means and the relationship between parents and children. An ideal film to watch with the family.


An alien ship lands on Earth and, after doing some research on the planet, it forgets one of its crew members. A ten-year-old boy named Elliott finds the missing Martian and decides to hide him in his house.

His influence resonates today, 40 years later. “ET marked the beginning of a new kind of cinema, but it also issued a prolonged farewell cry to its own brand of films: those primarily governed by emotion, and in which action, fantasy, and the extra-planetary are only held together. consider whether they can reveal something about real human lives ”, refers to a BBC article.

6. John of the Dead

“When the dead rise up and attack the living, Juan starts a business in which he kills zombies, until he has to save his small band so that they are not devoured,” says the description of this Cuban film that you should see .

“Zombies have been treated so much in the cinema that, instead of frightening as in the times of our parents and grandparents, they make us laugh. And this Spanish-Cuban production bets on laughter. It is based on references from the horror genre (Night of the Living Dead and others), and also on martial arts cinema”, Cuban critic Rolando Pérez Betancourt said about this film.

7. The Exorcist

Without a doubt, William Friedkin’s masterpiece on demonic possession. The performances are of extreme quality and it is one of the most terrifying things that has been seen in a movie theater. Turn off the lights and hit play.

“Regan is a twelve-year-old girl who is the victim of paranormal phenomena such as levitation or the manifestation of superhuman strength. Her mother, terrified, after subjecting her daughter to multiple medical tests that did not offer any results, goes to a priest with psychiatric studies. He is convinced that the evil is not physical but spiritual, that is, that the girl is the victim of diabolical possession. For this reason, with the help of another priest, she decides to practice an exorcism ”, reports La Vanguardia.

8. Halloween Ends

It is a horror film directed by David Gordon Green and written by Green in conjunction with Danny McBride. Released on October 12, it ranked first at the US box office. A complete success for the last film in the saga. A lot of fear, screams, blood and murders. In short, everything we like for a good Halloween night.

9. The hole

The hole is a Spanish science fiction horror film directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia. This 2019 feature film is a Netflix original production that has achieved enormous success with international audiences.

“Distressing, with violent passages that border on the genre gore, the film is a dystopia that provokes multiple reflections on our reality. Labeled both great and disturbing by the public, The hole It has a surprising ending and leaves many questions hanging in the air”, says a critic from Cultura Genial.

10. Vampires in Havana!

We close with this movie, where a vampire scientist has created the Vampisol, a revolutionary potion that allows vampires to walk in the sunlight. As soon as the news reaches the ears of the great vampire clans, they all travel to Havana to take control of the formula: the stuffy and sinister European vampires, and the American vampire gangsters.

Vampires in Havana is considered Cuba’s most emblematic cartoon film and one of the best-selling ICAIC films. It was selected by Ibero-American critics as one of the best Spanish-American films of the 20th century, being the only animated one on the list.

To die of fear: 10 movies to watch on Halloween | Cuban News 360