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Strange supernatural events bring a divorced couple together seven years after the tragic disappearance of their five-year-old son. It is the general plot of Together after deaththe dramatic film that you will find among the programs on tv tonight – 1 December 2022 – on Rai 4. It is a 2019 film produced by the Blumhouse studio and directed by Karen Moncrieff, starring Lee Pace, Carrie Coon, Amy Smart. Here is some info to know before seeing the film: from trama to the explanation of the ending (tearjerker) down to the coordinates to follow him tonight on TV or streaming.

Together after death, the complete storyline

The film opens with a wedding. Mark and Elizabeth they have been together for 8 years and for about 5 years they have Jacob, their first and only child. Now, they think it’s time to make their relationship official with a happy ceremony attended by all the people they care about. Subsequently “Together after death” resumes the story moving forward in time, exactly six years after the couple’s divorce. Elizabeth and Mark split a year after the death of their child in a tragic car accident for which they both feel guilty. She now has a new husband, two children and has written a best-selling book on coping with a major loss. Mark remains alone and immersed in his work as a lawyer in a large company, until he learns that the tenants to whom he has rented the former home of his former family have decided to leave the house in a hurry. Mark then returns to that empty house once shared with Elizabeth and their son to discover that it is not uninhabited at all: the man, in fact, meet Jacob. She quickly concludes that what she is seeing is real and realizes that she can talk to the baby but cannot touch it. Jacob tells him that he wants to see his mother, but getting Elizabeth there takes some convincing from Mark. Janiceone sensitive mediumwarns the couple that their son does not belong to the world of the living and urges them to find out the reason why he returned to this dimension.

Together after death (Rai 4 film): ending and explanation of the last scene

Jacob came back because he wanted to let his parents know the truth, i.e. that they have no fault in the accident which resulted in his death. But he returned above all for another reason, much more dramatic. The child also knows that when he leaves this time, his mother will go away with him. Mark discovers that Elizabeth has terminal leukemia. Before her death, Jacob asked his father for a train, so Mark buys one now that he’s back. As soon as he receives it, Jacob starts assembling it. The train platform serves as a metaphor for the journey he knows he and his mother will soon be taking. He appears before Elizabeth when she is on her deathbed hospital. The Finale of the film Together After Death show what time the woman can embrace himor, indicating that she too is dead.

Where to see it tonight on tv and streaming

The film Together after death is broadcast on Rai 4 tonight on TV – December 1st – at 21.25. The film is also visible on the platform RaiPlaylive streaming and on demand.

Together after death, film on Rai 4: trailer

Together after death, film on Rai 4: plot, ending and explanation • IMTV