Top 10 most viewed series and movies in October |

The month of terror left us spectacular and very entertaining productions. For this reason, at Panda Ancha we present the Top 10 most watched series and movies in October for you to prepare the popcorn, put together a marathon and spend hours of fun.

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Top 10: most watched series in Mexico in October 2022

1. the house of the dragon

Set 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones, the series tells the origins of the Targaryen house, which fled from Valyria to settle on Dragonstone. Do you consider yourself a true fan? Find out with which character House of the Dragon identify yourself more by answering our funny quiz.

two. American Horror Story

Through its 11 seasons, AHS It will immerse you in terrifying and shocking plots completely independent of each other, with new protagonists and places, as well as supernatural events so lurid that they will make you close your eyes.

3. The Walking Dead

The human race has succumbed to a contagious virus that turns people into zombies or, as the rest prefer to call them, ‘walkers’. For this reason, Rick Grimes will embark on a journey to look for his wife Lori and his son Carl, who meet a group of survivors along with his best friend Rick.

Four. rick and morty

Considered one of the 11 Best Adult Animations on HBO Maxthe series follows the countless adventures of Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty, filled with interdimensional travel, criticism of popular culture, chaos and raw humor that you will love.

5. chucky

Charles Lee Ray is back and he will try to get a teenager named Jake to kill the people who make fun of him, torment him and make his life complicated. Although at first he seems to want to help him, it is all part of a very well elaborated plan of the doll to achieve something bigger.

6. The Handmaid’s Tale

Based on the homonymous play by Margaret Atwood, it portrays a dystopian reality in which the United States government was overthrown and, in its place, a religious dictatorial group known as ‘The Sons of Jacob’ established the Republic of Gilead. By having a regime with a very low birth rate, women become the property of the state and are classified according to their reproductive capacity.

7. The vigilant

Through its 7 episodes, you will witness how the Brannock family lives hell in what is supposed to be the house of their dreams, as they begin to receive macabre letters from a strange person, who calls himself ‘the vigilante ‘. As if that were not enough, they will soon discover that the neighborhood also keeps dark secrets.

8. Bear

Carmen ‘Carmy’ Berzatto is a high-ranking chef in New York who is forced to return to Chicago after the death of her brother to run the family business: a sandwich restaurant. In this way, her goals and ideals will change radically, so she will try to give the place a new direction while she deals with the loss of a loved one.

9. Bleach: The Thousand Year Bloody War

This is a direct sequel to the 2004 anime titled bleach. For this reason, it will focus on the final arc of its respective manga: The bloody war of a thousand years. The best of all? There will be no censorship of any kind.

10. The periphery

Year 2032: Flynne Fisher and her brother Burton earn money by overcoming the demanding levels of the popular simulator of the sims. Thanks to his ability, a company sends Burton the beta of a mysterious game for him to test. However, Flynne impersonates him and learns that the title is more real than it seems, putting himself and her family at risk.

Top 10: most viewed movies in Mexico in October 2022

1. Coraline and the secret door

Little Coraline has just arrived at the pink palace, her new home. Although the house is beautiful, the girl misses her friends a lot and she feels extremely bored, because she does not know anyone in the neighborhood.

However, he soon discovers a mysterious door that, during the day, appears to have nothing behind it except a brick wall; but, at night, it becomes a passageway through which she is able to travel to a parallel world and meet an alternate version of reality.

two. Halloween

It has been 50 years since Michael Myers perpetrated his last massacre. In the present, Louis Strode, the only survivor of the massacre, turned her house into an impenetrable bunker due to the traumas caused by the events of the past.

For his part, the murderer is in a mental asylum without saying a single word. However, Louis’ nightmares come true when Myers escapes from a bus carrying him and other inmates after murdering the driver.

3. Abracadabra 2

Nostalgia is back after the success of the first installment of Abra Cadabra in 1993. On this occasion, the fearsome Sanderson sisters seek revenge 29 years after someone lit the candle with the black flame in order to resurrect them. Can three simple high school students stop them before dawn on Halloween day?

Four. Top Gun: Maverick

Maverick has seen it all in his 30 years serving in the military. Due to his experience, he is now a flight instructor who shares his knowledge with the new generations. However, one last mission and one final sacrifice will test his abilities, open wounds from the past and awaken his deepest fears.

Get to know our review without spoilers for you to be encouraged to see it!

5. barbarian

Tess is visiting Detroit, so she decides to rent a house for the night. When she arrives, she will realize that the house is not alone, but that it is already inhabited by a stranger. Despite this, the protagonist does not give it any importance… a serious mistake, because the strange man is not the only danger in that mysterious place.

6. Bullet train

A bullet train leaves Tokyo for Morioka with five hitmen on board. While it all seems to be a mere coincidence, their goals will let them know that their destinies are intertwined. What awaits the passengers at the final station? Learn more about this impressive film in our review without spoilers.

7. Everything everywhere at the same time

In a parallel universe, you are what you always wanted to be: a famous soccer player, a superstar, or the multiverse’s only hope against a threat of colossal power. The latter is the case of Evelyn, who must stop the fearsome entity known as Jobu Tupaki. You want to know more? check out our review without spoilers.

8. The angel of Death

Hospitals can hold very dark secrets. So nurse Amy Loughren is stunned to learn that a seemingly normal co-worker has murdered 300 patients at nine hospitals in two different states. Worst? It took 16 years before the culprit was discovered.

9. black phone

Finney’s life is a nightmare, as his father mistreats him and his sister and suffers bullying at school. However, things take a turn for the worse when a serial killer kidnaps him and locks him up in a ghoulish basement. There, the only thing that will be there will be a black telephone through which the previous victims of the murderer will try to help him.

10. X

A film crew decides to shoot an adult movie in a house in rural Texas. However, they will soon have to fight to survive after a couple of lonely old men, who are the owners of the compound, discover them carrying out the project.

Top 10 most viewed series and movies in October |