Trial of the ‘Santo’, the Sevillian who claimed to be the reincarnation of San Francisco Javier

Francisco Javier SM called himself the Saint’. She presented herself as reincarnation of Saint Francis Xavier. Together with his wife and his daughter, he took advantage of the situation of vulnerability of a family from Seville, with a boy and a girl who are minors, to settle in their family, manage their money and decide for their parents on aspects such as their children’s education. The main accused, among other crimes, faces 20 years in prison for continuously sexually abusing the daughter of the couple.

This is how the Prosecutor’s Office collects it in its qualification brief against Francisco Javier SM, his wife, Inmaculada RC and their daughter Inmaculada SR, as well as against Esther BT and Antonio DL, the marriage that fell into the networks of the first three for a family abandonment crimeby not protecting their children.

This story, which has been on trial since Monday at the Court of Seville, dates back to 2015. Francisco and his wife met Esther at work in a department store in the capital. So, the marriage went through a situation of emotional vulnerability because she had a severe depressive disorder and he was emotionally overwhelmed and overwhelmed, both because of the severe depressive condition his wife was suffering from, and because, furthermore, the couple was living a severe marital crisis.

So, the defendants Francisco Javier, Inmaculada and their daughter, “took advantage of this situation of emotional vulnerability” to, with the excuse of helping them overcome their marital problems, go little by little gaining the trust of this marriageinfluencing them in a process of “coercive persuasion” that is to say, a form of influence characterized by the application of “abusive strategies in a planned and deceitful manner, in a graduated manner, which makes it difficult for the people who receive them to detect the aggressiveness and the damage they entail, thus managing to exert a capital influence about the family nucleus.

Both Esther and José Antonio developed pathological ideas regarding the dimension, capacity for influence and spiritual value of Francisco Javier. They lost “any kind of critical capacity.” The three main defendants interfered in such a way in the normal development of the life of the couple and their children that in 2016 they began to present behavioral changes such as no longer interacting with their relatives, picking up the phone or visiting them.

A year later Francisco Javier, his wife, his daughter and other relatives settled in the domicile of the allegedly deceived couple in the neighborhood of La Oliva. Apparently it was a temporary move so he could take care of Esther. The new tenants occupied the main bedrooms of the house. The child victims went to sleep on the floor. From being temporary, it became permanent. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, they completely annulled the capacity of the marriage. They did not decide about their children, they did not control their own money or their household expenses.

The religious “purges”

To all this, according to the Public Ministry, it was added that Francisco Javier carried out various types of rites, with the celebration of sessions, supposedly religious overtones, in which he resolved to administer what they called “purges” and which could consist of, for example, in which the members of the manipulated family were compelled to place hands over a candle flameeven getting burned.

The parents of the minors tolerated everything, including the mistreatment that the three main defendants exercised on their children: slaps, blows for any reason and punishments of all kinds.

They also subjected minors to psychological and emotional abuse, such as beating the minor’s dog, or threatening to kill him, as punishment when she did not submit to their wishes. Another form of psychological abuse was to prevent her from accessing the house or pseudo-religious indoctrination. He punished the best son by threatening to send him to a place he called the “order,” where he would be separated from his parents.

To the minors too they were forbidden to have friendsbeing subjected to interrogations about their relationships and friendships in order to have absolute control over their activities.

The ‘Saint’ and his emails from the “beyond”

Francisco Javier, his wife and daughter made the manipulated family see that the first was the reincarnation of Saint Francis Xavier, causing them to address him as the ‘Saint’. Inside the house, some sessions were held that the two minors had to attend, in which, presumably, the ‘Saint’ entered “in a trance” and, through him, San Francisco Javier spoke.

They were made to believe that the ‘Saint’ received emails from the “beyond”, and that he spoke with dead people. He also forced minors to pray in front of the television looking at the screen, convincing them that supernatural phenomena were taking place. This is how the Prosecutor’s Office collects it in its writing.

The main investigated did not pay the water bills, which Emasesa ended up cutting off. For this reason, they forced the minors to go and collect the water. in five liter plastic bottles. If they refused, they were threatened and punished. The situation of “absolute submission and abuse” of the minors reached such a point that, even when they complained about the physical overexertion they had to carry out as humiliation, the defendants emptied the bottles full of water they had brought, throwing them at them contemptuously so that they would go back to fill them.


Thus until 2019. His parents, omitting the most basic parental functions and the function of guarantors of the safety and well-being of their children, “had completely disregarded fulfilling the legal duties of assistance to them inherent to parental authority.” The minors were subjected to a coexistence marked by violence and the authoritarianism of people outside his family.

To all this is added the abuse that the ‘Saint’ subjected to the youngest daughter, whom they began to nickname “the poison”, when they did not make references to the fact that she had “the evil one” inside. They insulted her.

The abuse and touching began in August 2016 during a trip to Navarra to visit the places related to the life of San Francisco Javier. The girl was then 14 years old. The excuse for being alone with her was that he had to “clean” her.

In 2018, the main defendants prevented the girl from continuing to study. So she decided to go to work. She did it, despite being a minor, a house in Marbella as assistant. She told the owner what was happening in her house. She advised him to transfer it to her family. And then came the complaint.

The first trial session was held today. It has been behind closed doors so the media have not been allowed to enter. The Prosecutor’s Office, for crimes against moral integrity, habitual mistreatment and sexual abuse, requests 20 years in prison for the ‘Santo’. For the first two crimes, he requests five years in prison for his wife and daughter. For the parents of the minors, due to family abandonment, he asks for eleven years of supervised freedom, a ban on approaching the main defendants, participating in a therapy program for people subjected to psychological abuse and family custody of both defendants. The Public Ministry appreciates in the case of the parents the complete exemption.

Trial of the ‘Santo’, the Sevillian who claimed to be the reincarnation of San Francisco Javier