Tv series in May 2022 on Sky and NOW in streaming

The entertainment of Sky and NOW in May 2022 he takes us on a journey with the girls Mara Maionchi, Sandra Milo and Orietta Berti, flying with Kaley Cuoco and the second season of The Flight Attendant. In May we will begin to find out how the adventures of the Pearson family will end with the sixth and final season of This is Us and we will return to investigate with the teams of Law & Order: SVU and to save lives a Chicago. In Italy we will find out how to live at Block 181 from Milan.

NOW and Sky May 2022, the news of the month:

News and highly anticipated returns also in May 2022 on Sky channels, with all the titles as always available also on demand and streaming on NOW. Let’s see the news that arrive during May:

1 Sunday
Law & Order: SVU s.23B: after the break, from the seventh unreleased episode with two episodes a week, the investigations of the team led by Mariska Hargitary resume. On Sky Investigation / NOW

2 Monday
This is Us s.6: on Fox the sixth and final season of the intense family dramedy from which the Italian fiction Noi was based.

9 Monday
The flight attendant s.2: Cassie Bowden returns, the flight attendant who this season collaborates with the CIA to round up, when she finds herself witnessing a murder, she ends up in a new international intrigue.

10 Tuesday
The Son – The Son s.2: last season for the western with Pierce Brosnan based on the novel by Philipp Meyer; in the center the bloody rise and fall of Eli Mccullough’s oil empire. On Sky Atlantic / NOW

19 Thursday
The Crimes of the Black ForestGerman TV films with two detectives at the center who investigate some suspicious deaths in the mountainous region of the Black Forest, an evocative and sinister scenario steeped in legends that, at times, arouses unusual behavior in its inhabitants.

20 Friday
Block 181 s.1: Sky Original production, with Salmo among the protagonists and creative producer and music supervisor; at the center the story of three young people, Bea divided between loyalty to her family and her gang and the desire to change her life and two friends Ludo and Mahdi united as brothers. On Sky Atlantic / NOW

24 Tuesday
One Chicago night: Chicago Med s.7, Chicago PD s.9 and Chicago Fire s.10 are back with the remaining unreleased episodes; on Sky Series / NOW

Sky and NOW May 2022, the TV series that continue

Like every month, also in May, various TV series continue and often end on Sky channels and streaming on NOW, thus ending up available with a complete box set on demand. Let’s see what are the series of which we will see new unreleased episodes during the month of May.

  • Friday 13 ends the second season of Devils, the third, although unofficial, seems very likely
  • Tuesday 17 ends the sixth season of Outlanderthe seventh is already in production
  • Thursday 19th ends Halo s.1 in the original version; Monday 23 last episode dubbed, the series has been renewed
  • Wednesday 25th ends Ordinary Joe, the series was canceled
  • Sunday continues Magnum PI. s.4 on FOX

Sky and NOW May 2022 entertainment beyond fiction

Entertainment di Sky and NOW in May 2022 will see the return of a much loved title like 4 Restaurants with Alessandro Borghese. From 15 May on Sunday the challenges between restaurateurs return under the watchful eye of chef Borghese, ready as always to overturn the result with his own judgment. The May 19th on Sky Uno and NOW in streaming debuts Those Good Girlsthe story of a trip to Spain by Mara Maionchi, Orietta Berti and Sandra Milo.

Also on Sky Uno the much awaited May 21 the concentrate of Radio Italia Live, on the occasion of Radio Italia’s 40th birthday. Luca Bizzarri and Paolo Kessisoglu lead the event held in Piazza Duomo in Milan starting at 20:30 on 21 May. From 23 May at 5:30 pm from Monday to Friday on Sky Uno the new edition of Matrimonio a Prima Vista Australia.

Among the titles of Sky Art on May 3 La Maddalena, a documentary dedicated to the exhibition on Mary Magdalene in Forlì; on May 6 The Law of the Earthquake, docu-film by Alessandro Preziosi very young witness of the earthquake in Irpina, which will tell about various earthquakes that have upset Italy. Sunday 15th May Van Gogh – The Sunflowers a docufilm that explores the mysteries surrounding some of his paintings; on May 18 Franco Battiato – The Tribute, the filming of the concert of the Verona Arena in September 2021; on May 23 Art vs Mafia.

On Sky Documentaries on May 1st the documentary Conor McGregor: Notorius; Saturday 14 A team documentary film on the Italian tennis team that won the Davis Cup in 1976; on 17 May for the International Day Against Homophobia, Cured a film that through archival material tells the campaign that led to the elimination of homosexuality among mental illnesses. Among the programs of the month of Sky Nature, Hurricane a journey in pursuit of the devastating phenomena that hit the earth; Borealis on 22 May a journey into the heart of the boreal forest.

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