Uri Geller, the man who bended spoons: illusionism or power of the mind?

In 1975, half of Spain hallucinated in front of their televisions watch a spoon bend with the power of your mind. And not only that, the TVE switchboard collapsed due to hundreds of calls that ensured that their abandoned clocks were working again. The creator of what seemed like magic was a man named Uri Geller. From Tel Aviv (Israel) and speaking in that English that, at that time, seemed to the Spanish spectators to be a language from another galaxy, it was not very difficult for him to fascinate an audience receptive to all kinds of supernatural phenomenaavid for this type of shows.

The program was called very direct (for obvious reasons) and was presented by José María Iñigo. On the other side of the television, millions of children were forever marked by those images and Geller’s enormous capacity for suggestion. According to his version, At the age of 4, Geller saw a powerful beam of light in the sky that hurled energy at him and knocked him unconscious.. He also suggested that this was an encounter with extraterrestrial beings. After that, he noticed how his body was charged with energy. Over the years he would use it to bend spoons (with his mind), but not only that.

Uri Geller in Straight Outta (1975)

Man does not live by bending spoons alone

I got famous using spoons, but I can also heal, find gold and oil”, he stated in an interview on TVE about his abilities. Geller defended that in our brain there are spaces that remain asleep, but, if activated, they could allow us to read the minds of others if they are trained. Well, he could read minds (he said he), but he only dedicated himself to destroying household items, moving the hands of a clock or guessing pictures.

Beyond dazzling children and naive Everywhere they were fascinated with him. The situation reached such a point that according to declassified CIA documents, Uri Geller was invited by the US intelligence agency to test his powers. They locked him in an armored room and asked him to repeat drawings made thousands of kilometers away by some agents. They concluded that he did have paranormal powers and worked for the CIA. even the magazine Nature, dedicated an extensive article to him in the 90s, with pages and pages analyzing his case. The only thing they did in is admit their power, without knowing how to explain how it works and without having “scientific” proof.

The power of Uri Geller is in all of us… or not

“When I did my television shows, it worked as a catalyst, as a lever,” he commented almost 20 years later in an interview offered to Edward Punsetfor the program networks. “Sometimes the children were so agitated that even if they went to bed, their minds are still on the air. Once, in Germany, some women told me that they put their children to bed and the next morning, all the spoons were bent”, she added in the interview.

But then, was the power Uri Geller’s or was it in everyone?

That talk between Punset and Geller took place in 1998. By then, the boom of the “New era”, the philosophy that believed the existence of a high extrasensory consciousness in the human being, had vanished and it had become more than evident that their supernatural powers were not such.

In the interview, Geller shows some contradictions, first he talks about it being his innate gift, but he claims that everyone can have that energy. He then appeals to his religiosity and asserts that he believes in God and is a religious man. “Most of the time I am convinced that I receive this power, I am a kind of receiving channel”, he comments. Later, leaving aside the deities, he turns to science and quotes Einstein: “We only use 10% of our brain.” A phrase that serves to appeal to the power of the mind. On one occasion he said that he was going to stop Big-Ben and it didn’t happen. He said the same thing about the Puerta del Sol clock and nothing happened either. Even so, many people in the world continue to believe in him and, in fact, he continues to appear on television and reiterate that he has great supernatural powers.

What happened to Uri Geller?

At the end of the 80s, Uri Geller surprised with a revelation: with the help of his powers he had found several oil wells and had become a millionaire, so he was going to retire from public life. The truth is that Uri Geller never fully retired. He wrote books, he even participated in a horror movie in 2001 called sanitary. He also worked as a reality show host in the Netherlands and in Germany (one of them, successorhe was trying to find people with the same powers as well) and, in 2013, he starred in a documentary about his life, ‘The Secret Life of Uri Geller: Psychic Spy?‘.

In the year 2000, Uri Geller sues Nintendo for copyright. Apparently, the Japanese company had designed a Pokémon called Kadabra with what he considered “unauthorized appropriation of his identity.” The Israeli then asked for 60 million pounds sterling (about 90 million euros). For two decades they failed to reach an agreement… until last year. This same year, Geller apologized to the Japanese brand and announced that the beloved character will return to the Pokemon Japan collections.

An advertisement in Spain… for ice cream!

In 2007, Uri Geller returned to Spain… as the face of a well-known ice cream brand. In the ad, we see the famous mentalist say that he doesn’t want to bend spoons anymore, because he’s discovered some ice cream that he’s “worth giving up.” Without a doubt, a self-parody of himself.

At 76 years old, Uri Geller is very active in networks and does not cease in his efforts to make his alleged psychic powers come back to the fore. He is also dedicated to promoting the Uri Geller Museum, which he recently opened in Tel Aviv.

Uri Geller, the man who bended spoons: illusionism or power of the mind?