Wednesday: 9 TV series to watch in anticipation of the second season of the Netflix series with Jenna Ortega

With 341 million hours watched in its opening week, the series of Tim Burton Wednesday is on its way to becoming one of Netflix’s greatest hits of all time, breaking its record by Stranger Things 4 for the most hours watched for an English-language series in a week. Viewers were presented with the completely outlandish adventures of Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) while trying to solve a mystery, she finds herself in a peculiar love triangle and clashes with authority figures at Nevermore Academy.

If you’ve finished Season 1 and are counting down the minutes to Season 2 of the series, here’s something similar for you to watch. These TV series handpicked by fans of Wednesday they share many traits with what Tim Burton brought to Netflix.

Here are 9 TV series to watch if you enjoyed it Wednesday

1) The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

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Netflix has canceled the teen supernatural horror drama Chilling Adventures of Sabrina in July 2020 and Wednesday was announced in October 2020, making Sabrina’s cancellation make perfect sense. Sabrina and Wednesday are so similar that Netflix couldn’t make them both at the same time. That’s not why Sabrina was canceled as covid was the main reason, but Wednesday is Sabrina with more benefits.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is based on the comics by Sabrina the Teenage Witch and follows the young half-human, half-witch (Kiernan Shipka) as she attends the Academy of Unseen Arts, a supernatural school just like Nevermore Academy, and solves mysteries, faces conflicts with classmates, authority figures, and family, and becomes trapped in a love triangle. They have similar whimsical and macabre sensibilities, and charismatic lead performances. If you have loved Wednesday but you didn’t look Sabrinayou are about to find your second favorite series.

2) Legacies

wednesday legacy

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Legacies is a spin-off of the Vampire Diaries which ran for four seasons. In LegaciesDanielle Rose Russell plays Hope Mikaelson, half vampire, half werewolf and half witch, who begins attending the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted, a boarding school for supernatural teenagers who can’t adjust to any other environment. It lacks much of the humor and flair of Wednesday – Tim Burton surely didn’t direct any of this – but if the world of a school for werewolves and vampires sounds intriguing to you, Legacies is the series for you.

3) The Order

wednesday the order

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Another Netflix teen series, The Order is set in a school (Belgrave University) where a new student (Jack Morton, played by Jake Manley) finds mystery, danger and romance in the same place, while learning the magical secrets of the school. The students are a little older, the budget is smaller and the tone is more serious (although there is a lot of humour) than Wednesdaybut if you want to watch another series dedicated to a supernatural school without leaving Netflix, it’s the right option.

4) The Umbrella Academy


The Umbrella Academy. Universal Cable Productions, Borderline Entertainment, Dark Horse Entertainment.

The Umbrella Academy follows a group of super-powered siblings who come together to solve the mystery of their father’s death. It is based on a comic series by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá. The Umbrella Academy And Wednesday they’re not very similar plot-wise, but they’re definitely related in a way that’s hard to describe. For example, the Umbrella Academy had a great dance scene in season 1 and also Wednesday it had, that’s because Netflix knows people love iconic and memorable moments like this. They are some of Netflix’s most Netflixiest TV series.

5) The Midnight Club

Wednesday The Midnight Club

The Midnight Club. Intrepid Pictures.

The Midnight Club comes from co-creator Mike Flanagan, Netflix’s master of emotionally heavy horror, and is a full-on teen horror drama, as opposed to teen horror comedy Wednesday. It’s about a group of teenagers, terminally ill, in a youth hospice getting together every night at midnight to tell each other scary stories. It is a heartbreaking, sometimes scary and morbidly funny series based on the atmosphere of Wednesday.

6) Buffy the Vampire Slayer

buffy wednesday

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The Addams family existed long before Buffy the Vampire Slayerbut Buffy basically invented the teen supernatural drama genre, hence Wednesday got inspired. Sarah Michelle Gellar plays the Slayer, who has to balance slaying monsters with normal girly stuff. Sunnydale High isn’t technically a wizarding school, but it might as well be, with all the demon principals and werewolf classmates… She’s even involved in a love triangle with two vampires, sweet Angel (David Boreanaz) and bad boy Spike (James Marsters).

7) Smallville

kristin kreuk arrowverse

Much of the credit for the success of Wednesday it’s down to the showrunners Alfred Gough And Miles Millarwho perhaps know more than anyone about how to make a TV series about a beloved character that has been a part of pop culture for decades. Created Smallvillethe Superman high school series that aired for 10 seasons. Tom Welling plays young Clark Kent, the superpowered being from the planet Krypton who tries to pass for an ordinary American high schooler. Clark Kent is such a different character than Wednesday Addams initially, but the architecture of Gough and Millar’s fish-out-of-water story will feel familiar.

8) You


You. Berlanti Productions, Alloy Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television, A&E Studios

If more Jenna Ortega is what you want, plus Jenna Ortega is what you will get. Despite not showing up until season two of Youthe first season of the series about the dramatic stalker is worth catching up. The series stars Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, a man who hides his tendency to stalk and obsess (and, usually, eventually kill) behind an unassuming persona. Ortega plays Joe’s wily teenage neighbor when he moves from New York to Los Angeles to start his life over. You it is much less family friendly than Wednesdaybut balances its darkness with dry humor in a way fans of Young Addams might recognise.


Yellowjackets review

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The presence of Christina Ricci is enough to earn a Yellowjackets a place on this list. It’s aa thriller series about a high school girls soccer team, who gets stranded in the wilderness after a plane crash and splits its timeline into two different time periods. One takes place in the past, slowly revealing the slow descent into chaos that occurred during the 19 months the girls were stranded, and one 25 years later, catching up with four of the survivors as they are haunted by a mysterious presence.

The series builds on its time by revealing the mystery of what really happened after the accident and what sinister secrets the women are hiding after all these years. Teen timeline will tell fans about Wednesdayand similarly to the Tim Burton series, Yellowjacktes ends its first season on a cliffhanger. For her part, Christina Ricci plays the adult version of one of the survivors, Misty Quigley, who hides a ruthless nature here too.

Wednesday: 9 TV series to watch in anticipation of the second season of the Netflix series with Jenna Ortega